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Democrats Want to Criminalize Supporting Trump While Being American

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Candace Owens_2The appearance of conservative firebrand Candace Owens in a House Judiciary Committee hearing went viral last week, and well it should. It’s always entertaining to watch someone fearlessly apply a verbal club to the heads of Members of Congress. Most Democrats are now so emotionally and intellectually neutered that they don’t even know how to react when they come in contact with a person who is black, patriotic and a supporter of President Donald Trump.

The conservative blogosphere has been giving Ms. Owens a lot of well-deserved props, but in the midst of that, everyone has failed to notice the horrific contents of the hearing when she was not speaking. It was incredibly bad.

The hearing, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), was titled, “Hate Crimes and White Nationalism.” It’s nice to see that the Democrats have settled on a 2020 campaign slogan. It even fits on a bumper sticker: “WE H8 YT.”

For everyone who missed the memo, the term “racist” to describe conservatives is not polling as well these days. It’s still used a lot. You can hear CNN and MSNBC hosts calling President Trump and his supporters “racists” every single day, in fact. But the term just doesn’t have the same effect any longer.

Most Americans are not racists and they see through the rhetoric. The term “white supremacist” has also lost its strength as a spooky term used to scare low-info voters. No one has encountered an actual white supremacist in more than 50 or 60 years. Even David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan boogeyman (and avowed Democrat) whose name is trotted out every four years in an attempt to smear Republicans, describes himself as a “white separatist” and not a nationalist or supremacist.

Therefore, Democrats have settled on “white nationalist” as the new term to smear all conservative Trump supporters. The Democrats and the media never actually define this term, so we’re left to glean the definition from context. As near as anyone can tell, a “white nationalist” is characterized as having some or all of the following characteristics:


  • Belief that America is a nation with borders
  • Belief that other countries are not America
  • Belief that people in other countries are not Americans
  • Belief that America has sovereignty as an independent nation and is not subject to the laws of the UN or other nations
  • Belief that legal and illegal immigration rates are too high
  • Does not believe in man-made anthropogenic global warming
  • Does not believe Bruce Jenner is a strong, beautiful woman
  • Did not vote for Hillary Clinton
  • Is aware of FBI crime statistics
  • Did vote for Donald Trump, or came to support him since 2016 due to his America First priorities


You probably noticed that there is one characteristic of “white nationalists” that is curiously missing: actually being a white person. That’s because Democrats and the MSM also vigorously apply the label to everyone regardless of skin tone, so long as they hold any of the beliefs on that list. Therefore, Candace Owens is labeled a “white nationalist” by the left, despite being darker than Barack Obama.

Countless Hispanic, black and Asian Trump supporters are likewise labeled “white nationalists,” along with the Nigerian bodybuilders who took money to beat up Jussie Smollett.

Aside from Ms. Owens, the witness list at the hearing was a Who’s Who of Soros-funded thinktank sinecures. The Anti-Defamation League, the Equal Justice Society and about a dozen other groups sent their mouthpieces to the hearing, with all of them making the same points: Hate crimes are on the rise, it’s all Trump’s fault, and only Congress can save America from the growing threat of white nationalism through vicious, unrelenting censorship of all non-Democrat opinions on the internet.

Wait, what?

We’ll get to the censorship in just a moment, but first – even assuming that “hate crimes” are a real thing and are somehow different than just regular crimes, are “hate crimes” on the rise? The Anti-Defamation League claims that in 2017, the first year of Trump’s presidency, murders committed by white nationalists skyrocketed to 17.

Independent researchers took a look at the ADL’s numbers and determined that most of the murders which they were attributing to “white nationalism” were phony. Only one murder in 2017 – out of 17,000 homicides nationwide – was confirmed as being authentically committed by some dude who identifies as a white nationalist. Just one.

The ADL fudges the numbers adding the Parkland school shooting to the “white nationalist” category, along with other incidents that had nothing to do with white nationalism. You know, the mass shooting where the killer was a deranged psychopath with a long history mental illness? Nothing about that attack was race-based, but according to the ADL, the shooter was probably a Trump supporter.

If you haven’t noticed the massive increase in white nationalist hate crimes in America, then you probably lack the necessary training. Detecting white nationalism is similar to being able to hear a “racist dog whistle.” Only liberals can do it.

How is this massive increase of white nationalism in America being facilitated? According to the witnesses before the House, white nationalism is being spread by Trump’s Twitter feed, and also your Twitter feed if you support Trump.

Other methods include using Facebook, wearing a MAGA hat or simply voicing your pro-America opinions out loud. This is dangerous, according to the witnesses in Nadler’s hearing – and government needs to put a stop to your ability to spread your insidious white nationalism.

Active, aggressive censorship of social media is only the first step. The government should probably assign a person to listen to all of your phone calls and read your emails, to make sure you’re not spreading dangerous beliefs like “America is a country” to other people. Because if you spread those beliefs, it causes violence against the poor, oppressed illegal aliens and other minorities.

This is what Democrats have planned for America if they can defeat Trump in 2020, retain control of the House and gain control of the Senate. They want to impose rampant censorship of the internet, to prevent Americans from ever getting an election “wrong” again. It’s scary enough that every Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee nodded sagely as their witnesses called for internet censorship.

But aside from Candace Owens, only one Republican on the committee even bothered to try to defend your free speech rights. (That was Rep. Tom McClintock of California, so props to him as well).

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