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Democrats Work Nancy Pelosi and Their Other Democrat Old Ladies to Death Rather than Relinquish Power

admin May 28, 2019 News Comments Off on Democrats Work Nancy Pelosi and Their Other Democrat Old Ladies to Death Rather than Relinquish Power

Nancy Pelosi GavelNo one in Washington, DC wants to acknowledge the massive elephant in the room right now. Lou Dobbs referred to the elephant on his show last week, and President Trump retweeted the elephant in his usual joking fashion.

But everyone on the left and in the mainstream media is circling the wagons to protect the elephant and pretend it does not exist.

I’ve mentioned the elephant briefly in passing before, but only because I felt kind of sorry for it. The elephant has grown so massive now, however, that it’s becoming a serious problem.

CNN and MSNBC are sitting in a giant pile of the elephant’s dung and claiming the elephant does not exist. “What are you crazy? There’s no elephant in this room,” declares Don Lemon while wiping a smudge of elephant dung off of his perfectly-coiffed eyebrows.

Everyone in Washington is more concerned with putting on their pink lady-parts hat and shouting their abortion, instead of acknowledging the elephant.

Since nobody else will come right out and say, I’ll do it.

In my non-professional, non-scientific opinion, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now sounds like every elderly person I have ever known who has had the misfortune of suffering a stroke. She sounds brain damaged. She cannot string two words together without slurring her speech. She looks and sounds like she should be in hospice care, with her kids and grandkids at the foot of the bed and a priest on stand-by.

Given that she’s technically the third-most powerful person in Washington, DC, is anyone in the Democrat Party concerned that Pelosi is a sick old woman who no longer has control of her faculties?

No. Of course not. The Democrats’ current leadership bench in the House is so shallow that it consists entirely of Pelosi.

If she kicks the bucket before 2020, the Democrats are toast and they will easily lose control of the House. “You’re not dead yet, so get out there and get to work, sick old lady,” says the compassionate compassion party of the compassionate people who totally have lots of compassion.

Instead of acknowledging the elephant – Pelosi is elderly, sick and possibly brain damaged – the mainstream media is using this as another opportunity to attack President Trump.

The narrative: Trump re-tweeted a “doctored video.”

Some pundits even claim that he re-tweeted the “doctored video” to “make it appear like Speaker Pelosi was intoxicated.” Talk about narrative shift! No one saw that coming!

And no one was suggesting that Pelosi gets drunk before every press conference these days. She doesn’t look drunk. She looks like a person who has had a stroke!

In the most catastrophic case of missing the point that anyone has ever seen, the Washington Post published an article over the weekend titled, “She May Not Acknowledge It, But Nancy Pelosi Is a Fashion Icon.”

I’m positive that that was a fun article for a professional reporter to write.

But the fact that Pelosi cannot dress herself without the help of a nurse – while she is third in line for the presidency – is perhaps a bigger story, no?

Speaking of sick old ladies who the Democrats are determined to work to death rather than relinquish power, how is Ruth Bader Ginsburg doing in her isolation chamber these days?

Did she take Alyssa Milano up on that offer to donate a kidney to keep her alive? Inquiring minds want to know! Supreme Court Justices are usually reclusive by nature, so it’s not too difficult to hide her from the public.

Unfortunately for the Democrats and the media, they don’t have a passable Pelosi lookalike that can wave to the cameras from across the street like they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

After the sick and ailing Mrs. Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 memorial in 2016 and had to be rushed to her waiting black ambulance, the lookalike sprang into action. Her campaign and the reporters were visibly upset as their ailing candidate had to be – in the words of one State Trooper who had the misfortune of helping to lift her – chucked into the vehicle like a slab of beef.

The refreshed, vibrant, energized Hillary then walked outside her hotel an hour later to wave to reporters. Because that’s what candidates normally do – they just walk outside and give an impromptu wave to reporters from across the street.

“Wow, Hillary just looks so alive!” marveled the reporters from across the street, who dutifully did not come any closer to her. “She’s sporting a brand-new haircut and… does she have… brown eyes now? It must be the light from this distance.”

Then, the perfectly healthy Hillary vanished from the public eye for two weeks. Nancy Pelosi has no such luxuries, however. She has daily press briefings Monday through Friday, and she gets visibly worse, on camera, every single day.

Her aides insist on propping her up every day and having her address the nation. If she retires for health reasons, they’re going to lose that corner office in the House of Representatives. I’m surprised that her family hasn’t tasered Pelosi’s staff and spirited her away in a white Bronco, OJ-style, by now. Maybe they don’t love her.

The Democrats have to keep propping Pelosi up, because we all know what happens next if she were to step down: House Speaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While that would be delightfully entertaining to the rest of us, the DNC is just not ready to go down that road.

Speaker Ocasio-Cortez: “As part of my Green New Deal, the Democrat caucus has passed a bill today that calls for the invasion and conquering of all colonial cauliflower-producing states. I’m excited at the passage of the bill, but I’m extremely frustrated that the army admirals and navy generals have not called my office yet to receive their battle plans, because the invasion is supposed to begin immediately! I’m the boss!”

Reporter: “Um… the president would have to sign that bill into law and before that, the Senate under Mitch McConnell would have to—”

Speaker Ocasio-Cortez: “Oh, I see. You’d rather be factually correct than morally right! This is why I’m introducing a bill to abolish the Senate and the presidency tomorrow. We need to get things done!”

Democrats: The party that would rather work sick old people to death than relinquish power.

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