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Dr. Fauci Has Been Ruining High School Proms Since the 1980s

admin April 10, 2020 News Comments Off on Dr. Fauci Has Been Ruining High School Proms Since the 1980s

We should all have a bit of sympathy for high school kids this spring. These kids are missing out on a lot of our American rites of passage due to the current craziness and stay-at-home-or-else orders. Spring track meets, graduation ceremonies and a lot of other social activities are canceled. Kids are also missing prom this month.

I know it won’t help many high schoolers to feel better about it, but if it’s any consolation, a lot of us in Generation X had our high school proms completely ruined by Dr. Anthony Fauci as well!

Dr. Fauci, who we’re seeing every single day on television during President Trump’s Chinese coronavirus updates, has been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984. High schoolers today certainly aren’t old enough to remember, but back then, we had another little public health scare known as HIV/AIDS. It’s worth looking back to see how accurate Dr. Fauci’s proclamations were about that previous “crisis,” since he’s now advocating the insane idea that we shut down the American economy entirely until September of 2021.

As the head of the NIAID, Fauci was one of the loudest and most insistent voices in America that AIDS was a public health emergency that affected everyone. He said – with a straight face – that anyone could get AIDS and that this new disease was transmitted by “routine close contact.” It was important that we not stigmatize any particular group of people (can’t have that!) because literally anyone could get AIDS at any time. “Routine close contact” under Dr. Fauci’s definition included shaking hands, kissing, and sitting down on a public toilet seat after an AIDS patient had used it.

Anyone could get AIDS, according to Fauci – young or old, male or female, adult or child. Wives could pass it to their husbands on date night, kids could pass it to each other by roughhousing on the playground, etc. I have a vivid memory of a high school assembly where a guest speaker from a health institute told all of us:

“Look at the person sitting to your left. Now look at the person to your right. By the time you are all 20 years of age, one of them will have AIDS. And if they don’t have it, YOU will be the one that has it!”

No one even wanted to slow-dance together at prom after that little chat. We just played Billy Idol’s “Dancin’ with Myself” on a loop for three hours and then everyone went home – in separate cars. Disaster!


Year after year through the 1980s, Fauci continued publicly proclaiming the falsehood that 10% of all AIDS cases would be heterosexuals by 1991. The media played along with this Fauci fib for years, scaring the American public and ruining countless high school proms. Instead of telling the public what was actually happening – that this new disease was spreading almost exclusively through the gay community through unprotected sex – the press went out of its way to find the extreme outlying cases. If a blond-haired, blue-eyed Mormon wife and mother of four in Utah contracted the virus, she was on TV!

The message was clear from Dr. Fauci and the enemy of the people media: Anyone could catch this deadly virus, and it spread just as rapidly among heterosexuals as it did among gays.

In 1987, George Will accused Dr. Fauci of lying to the public. Will said that it was primarily a disease being spread by homosexual men to other homosexual men, and that the numbers were not in fact exploding among heterosexual husbands and wives. Fauci huffily proclaimed again, “That’s not correct. The percentage of individuals who have gotten AIDS by heterosexual transmission is about 4% now. It is projected that that number will be up in 1991 to about 10%.”

Of course, that never happened. We later learned that the blond, blue-eyed Mormon housewives and other straight people who contracted AIDS in the early days caught it almost entirely from tainted blood transfusions, or from sneaky husbands who were creeping out of the house to go to a public men’s room late at night.

Strangely, none of Fauci’s public health advice during this terrifying time included, “Do not shoot heroin into your arm with a dirty needle and then have unprotected gay sex with 20 to 30 strangers in a San Francisco bathhouse.” Maybe he was asking patients the wrong sorts of lifestyle questions.

You have to wonder how many lives could have been saved back then if Fauci and the media had had the courage to say that AIDS was primarily a disease among the gay community and heroin addicts and that both groups were going to have to make some lifestyle changes to protect themselves and others.

Fauci and others are also telling us, today, that we shouldn’t stigmatize anyone over the coronavirus. What are they not telling us this time?

We have Dr. Fauci making the same equally false, misleading or just flat-out wrong proclamations about the Chinese coronavirus that he made about AIDS years ago. In January and early February, Fauci publicly said that the coronavirus was no threat at all to the United States, even as President Trump was banning travel from China.

By March, Fauci was telling us to shut everything down because 2.5 million Americans would die. Then the number dropped to 1 million, then to 200,000, then to 100,000. Today, Fauci is predicting 60,000 deaths – no more than a bad flu season, which I first predicted back in January – but only if we continue to follow his shutdown advice!

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