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Eerie Deep State Similarities Between Watergate & Russiagate

admin January 2, 2020 News Comments Off on Eerie Deep State Similarities Between Watergate & Russiagate

I’ve been saying since the earliest days of the Obama “presidency” that history books are going to owe Richard Nixon a big apology. When you go back and read the Articles of Impeachment against Nixon, which were drafted but never voted on because he resigned first, the first thing you’ll notice is how mild his High Crimes and Misdemeanors were. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did far worse things than Nixon, on an almost daily basis.

Considering some new information that’s just come to light about the attempted impeachment of Nixon, you can’t help but notice the eerie similarities of Watergate and the Russiagate hoax.

A man named Geoff Shepard spent five years on Nixon’s White House legal team. Unlike most of the people involved in Watergate, Shepard is still alive. And he’s still trying to unravel what really happened during the witch hunt against Nixon.

If you’re a history buff, Shepard has written about some of his recent discoveries in The American Spectator. It’s well worth an hour of your time. I’ll try to give you the poor man’s version of his findings.

You might wonder, why are we just now learning new information about Watergate, which happened nearly 50 years ago? The answer is that the Deep State used to be able to cover its tracks much better before the internet age.

The first striking similarity between Watergate and Russiagate (or Ukrainegate, which we’re on now) is that back then, as now, the public was overwhelmingly opposed to impeachment. The public was much more concerned in all of the polling from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s with the fact that presidential contender Ted Kennedy had driven off a bridge at Chappaquiddick, most likely while drunk, and left a girl to die in his car than they were about the Watergate break-in. Nixon was reelected in a landslide a full year after the Watergate break-in.

Which of these was viewed by the public as a far greater threat to national security in 2016? The fact that Hillary Clinton’s homebrew Secretary of State server was easily hacked multiple times by China, North Korea, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and about 17 other countries; or, Donald Trump suggesting a Russia reset in foreign policy?

The similarities between Watergate and Russiagate are huge when you look at the shadow op that was conducted against Nixon by the Deep State. We now know this, thanks to FOIA requests made by Geoff Shepard which the DOJ has finally complied with.

The Watergate investigative team appointed by the DOJ was remarkably similar to the Mueller team. Special prosecutor Archibald Cox named his personal friend, a guy named James Vorenberg, to appoint the entire staff of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force. Vorenberg appointed 70 colleagues to the team. All were Ivy League grads and every single one of them had been fired and replaced when the Nixon administration came into office in 1969. Sounds very similar to the Clinton donors who padded Mueller’s team, doesn’t it?

Vorenberg bragged in his first press conference that the team wasn’t just going to investigate Watergate. They were going to probe everything that Nixon had done during his first five years in office. Where have we heard that before?

Most remarkable of all is the new information that Shepard has uncovered, which proves that the prosecutors and federal judges were working together, in secret, to undermine and remove Nixon. This was an incredible discovery.

According to documents Shepard finally obtained, Archibald Cox was meeting in secret with District Judge John Sirica. That’s the court where Nixon lost every one of his cases to impose executive privilege on certain documents or testimony. Cox was worried that because Sirica’s rulings were so “one-sided,” they might be overturned on appeal.

Cox then secretly met with Appellate Judge David Bazelon (a Democrat appointed by Truman), and discussed stacking the DC appeals court to ensure that none of the rulings against Nixon were overturned. Bazelon agreed, and instead of having a three-judge panel hear the Nixon team’s appeals, the entire nine-judge panel (with a one-vote Democrat majority) heard all of the appeals – and ruled against Nixon every time, like good little doggies.

The Deep State played dirty to remove Richard Nixon from office. President Trump, however, didn’t make the same mistake that Nixon did. Trump didn’t fire Robert Mueller, which was the Deep State’s goal throughout the Russian collusion hoax. Trump didn’t give the House grounds to impeach him, so here we are instead with a groundless impeachment that involves no crimes, no abuse of power, and no substance whatsoever.

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