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Epic: Everyday Citizens Show How Easy It Is to Stop a Soros Mob

admin June 12, 2020 News Comments Off on Epic: Everyday Citizens Show How Easy It Is to Stop a Soros Mob

Does everyone realize that the mobs will come for us if we don’t stand up to them? If they cannot stand the sight of depictions of historical people, such as statues, paintings or their very names being printed on buildings, it’s only a matter of time before they run out of things to destroy and move on to people.

What’s going to happen when we try to attend Trump rallies in a few weeks and the mob shows up? Will we cower? Will we run and hide in fear that we will be called racists? Please don’t do that. A group of ordinary citizens just stood up to the mob in one city – and the mob backed down. All it took was two simple things that seem to be lacking in America right now: courage and integrity.

George Soros backed revolutions that overthrew the governments in several countries while Barack Obama was in the White House. It probably rings a bell. This happened in Egypt, Libya, Syria and a host of African countries that never made the news. Soros later sparked another successful revolution in Ukraine. Snipers positioned in buildings around Kiev Square murdered protesters and police, and 24 hours later a regime was in power that would allow Joe Biden’s son Hunter to get a sweet deal with a Ukrainian gas company.

Now Soros has set his sights on powerful western nations, and we are going through our own revolutions here. Soros has Black Lives Matter and Antifa doing his bidding here in America, and he’s doing it in the UK and other countries as well.


In the UK, a website from a Soros-backed entity sprang up overnight. “Topple the Racists” identified 78 statues of white people in the UK (imagine that – no statues of tribesmen from Papua New Guinea?!). Topple the Racists has deemed that those statues must be torn down immediately to atone for slavery.

BLM has been wrecking statues over there and here in the states. One of the statues identified in the UK for social justice destruction is a monument to someone named Lord Robert Baden-Powell. Who?

Baden-Powell was a British officer who fought in Britain’s wars in India and Africa in the late 1800s and early 1900s. One of the battles that Baden-Powell won is still taught at War Colleges here in the US. He successfully held off an army of 5,000 Boer soldiers in the Siege of Mafeking. Baden-Powell successfully defended the city for 217 days, despite being outnumbered 5 to 1 and having an “army” that was partially comprised of young local teenage boys (many of those boys were black and were defending their city and their families under Baden-Powell’s leadership).

After his military career, Baden-Powell founded the international Scouts organization, and helped his sister Agnes co-found the Girl Scouts. George Soros wants Black Lives Matter to tear down the little statue of Baden-Powell in the town of Dorset to strike a blow against racism. A man who literally saved the lives of black children and families during his military career is too racist to have his statue remain standing, apparently.

Forget about the fact that the Scouts are currently being bankrupted due their disastrous decision to cave to mob demands a few years ago. The Scouts used to be a great organization, when it was following the vision of Lord Baden-Powell. It instilled kids with outdoor skills, self-confidence and other important things like duty, honor and Christian values like the importance of family and doing good works for your community.

And it looks like those values stuck for a lot of British people who went through Scouting programs as kids. When word of Soros’ impending attack on Baden-Powell’s statue got out, former Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts traveled from miles around to protect the statue. The City Council in Dorset had already caved to the mob and voted to tear the statue down. But the former Scouts said “No.” A group of middle-aged and elderly, normal, everyday people formed a ring around the statue and told the rage mobs to go pound sand. The British press admirably called them a “ring of steel.”

They won. They didn’t need Bikers for Trump or a militia club armed with AR-15s. All it took was guts. They simply stood together and told the mob, “You don’t get to destroy this important piece of our heritage and history. No.” And they won! The City Council backed down, the rage mob left, and the statue will remain. Scouts are still out there protecting the statue.

Remember this when the mobs come for Trump rallies in a few weeks, or for a statue in your town. They are coming for us. What they don’t expect, because they’ve been allowed to run wild and unchecked for two weeks now, is for people to stand up to them and say, “No.”

Go to the Trump rallies. Be brave. Stand up for your community. We have to stand up to the mob now, just like the Scouts in Dorset. As Benjamin Franklin said, “We must all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately.”

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