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Epstein Pal Prince Andrew “Fends Off” FBI Investigation

admin March 13, 2020 News Comments Off on Epstein Pal Prince Andrew “Fends Off” FBI Investigation

I hope that I get to eat these words one day, but it looks to me like President Donald Trump’s greatest mistake was appointing Bill Barr to be the US Attorney General. Off the top of your head, list the accomplishments that Bill Barr has achieved in the past 14 months he’s had to run the entire Department of Justice. Talking tough to reporters on occasion and smirking for the cameras doesn’t count.

Now Prince Andrew is refusing to cooperate with the FBI in its investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s human trafficking ring, despite a public promise to do so. What’s the Department of Justice doing in response? I’ll give you one guess.

According to friends of Prince Andrew who are talking to the press in England, Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell talked the Prince out of cooperating with the FBI. Uh huh. I’ll bet she did. I wonder if her argument involved showing him photos of Epstein’s jailhouse murder as it was taking place.

Andrew has reportedly hired the most formidable extradition lawyer in Europe for $1,300 an hour in order to “fend off” the FBI. From where the rest of the world is standing, it doesn’t look like the FBI actually needs to be fended off. The FBI seems to be fending itself off in a corner someplace while the members of an international child kidnapping and rape ring walk around free.

Good grief! This is America! Of all the nations where we’re going to hand out special favors to royalty, Britain should be last on the list. The only proper response to Prince Andrew’s refusal to cooperate should be for Bill Barr to hold a heavily televised press conference in which he says something like this:

“We are Americans and we bow to no man. Prince Andrew, you may be considered royalty in your own country, but under the eyes of the law in America, you’re just a guy. More importantly, you’re a guy who has been credibly accused of three counts of rape by an American girl. While you are certainly considered innocent until proven guilty under our system of law, we’d like to ask you some questions about your knowledge of Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activities. Therefore, I’ll give you 48 hours to appear in Washington, DC. You may have an attorney present, but you will be sworn in and asked questions under oath. If I don’t hear Your Highness knocking on my office door in Washington, DC within 48 hours, I will be issuing a warrant for your arrest and sharing that warrant with every nation on earth that America has an extradition agreement with. See you soon, Andy!”


While we’re on the subject, why is Ghislaine Maxwell still walking around intimidating witnesses on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates? Child victims who were raped by Jeffrey Epstein have told the authorities that Ghislaine Maxwell participated in the rapes. Don’t blow our minds with your sense of urgency about this case, Bill Barr!

And where did the money in Jeffrey Epstein’s accounts go after he died? The only law enforcement figure in the entire world who seems to be unafraid of Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplices is the US Attorney for the Virgin Islands. She’s brought a civil case against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, in order to financially compensate some of Epstein’s known victims. Unfortunately, the trial has revealed that all of Epstein’s money vanished (much like the computers on Epstein’s Pedophile Island) sometime after Epstein was murdered in prison.

You’re supposed to be this big, honorable law-and-order G-man, Bill Barr. Is your “spidey sense” tingling at all about this case?!

Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirators deserve to be tied to a fence post and then all of their victims deserve to get to play “pitchfork piñata time” with them for a few hours. That’s what they deserve. But we’d all settle for public trials, humiliation, destruction of their careers and life sentences for international crimes against humanity. A credible case could also be made for a few targeted drone strikes.

As I have noted previously, Donald Trump is the only wealthy person who ever knew Jeffrey Epstein and fully cooperated with the authorities who were investigating Epstein back in the early 2000s. It now appears that Trump was the only person who knew Epstein that didn’t have anything to hide. Everyone else is running scared from Ghislaine Maxwell and whoever she represents. As for Attorney General Bill Barr… I’m not sure that guy is actually doing anything.

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