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The League of power

"Freedom by Friday"

Everything you’ve been taught about money is exactly what’s keeping you poor.

You can see the Great Wall of China from space! We’ve all heard this before, right?

Don’t swallow your gum! It stays in your body for years. Well that’s true…isn’t it?

Your hair and nails continue growing even after you die! You were grossed out by this notion, but you still believed it didn’t you?

You’ve inevitably heard one, if not all, of these statements before and believed them. You’ve accepted these premises as facts. Even now as you read this you’re scratching you’re head and saying to yourself, “So these things aren’t true?”

In fact none of these statements are true. They are all common misconceptions. They are all things we have believed for most of our lives about the planet and our bodies. Even though they sound incredible and far-fetched, we accepted them hook, line and sinker.

There are a lot of lies we’ve been told our whole lives that we believe to be true. These three statements are not the only myths we were lied to about.

Goldfish can’t remember anything for more than 3 seconds!

A penny thrown from the top of the Empire State building will kill someone if it hits them.

Am I blowing your mind yet? Neither of these statements is true either. Goldfish can create lasting memories. One study found that goldfish could remember a particular sound that they equated with food up to five months after being first conditioned.

Penny’s thrown from the top of the Empire State building will not kill someone if it hits them, even if it hits them in the head. Penny’s weigh so little and tumble through the air that it can’t gain enough speed to be deadly. It might hurt if you get hit by a falling penny, but you won’t be seriously injured or die from the collision.

There are quite a few commonly accepted myths out there that simply aren’t true. Take wealth and wealth building for example. There are a number of lies we’ve been fed throughout our lives about making money.

These lies are so deeply ingrained in our belief system that we believe we cannot overcome them. We accept these myths as fact and blindly accept them. What’s worse is that this blind acceptance keeps millions of Americans trapped in the rat race and addicted to the financial struggle.

What lies specifically am I referring to? Let’s take a look at what’s keeping all Americans from getting rich and achieving financial freedom…

Money Myth #1: There will always be a job for me.

Entitlement…often we think of government programs like food stamps and Medicaid as a form of entitlement, but somewhere in the last few decades we all have developed an entitlement mentality as it relates to jobs. We believe that we are owed a job. We have the right…not responsibility…to work and that there should always be somewhere for me to work.

This lie is especially dangerous because it keeps you stagnant. You stay in your little shell and never break free. You stay in the rat race, collecting your paychecks and act shocked when you get let go.

When you can’t find a new job, it’s the government’s fault or the economy’s fault or big corporations fault…it’s everyone else’s fault but your own.

The truth is no one owes you a job. You can work at the same job for 20 years and still be fired. You can become obsolete if you stay stuck in your own little world believing that this won’t happen to you. It can and it will.

The only person who can pick you up is yourself. If you don’t improve yourself you’ll find yourself being made redundant and out of a job that no longer exists. You have to branch out and take a different path…who knows you just might find that the grass is greener on the other side.

Money Myth #2: High paying jobs make you rich.

You’ve been taught your whole life to work hard so you can advance and make more money. Working any job or working for someone else will never make you rich. The only person that gets rich in that equation is the guy that owns the company. He pays other people to make him richer.

Sure as the years go by you might make more money, but the rise will be gradual and before you know it more than half of your life will be gone. You’ll never fully achieve wealth by trading that much of your time for a paycheck.

The only way to get wealthy is to be the guy that hires other people to make him money. This way you can sit back and enjoy life while other people put in hard work to make you rich.

Money Myth #3: Save your pennies and you’ll get rich!

We’re taught that if we follow the path laid out before us and diligently put money aside each paycheck that over time it will blossom into wealth. That won’t work for most people because they make too little to ever become wealthy, no matter how much they save.

You will save 10 percent of all the money you make and still end up poor and struggling in retirement. You can’t expect to get rich on your current income…no matter how disciplined a saver you are.

In reality the only way to get rich is to make more money. You’ll never make enough money at your job to become rich. You need to break out of this line of thinking and see that the path to real wealth isn’t lined by corporations or benefits packages or employee handbooks…the path to wealth can only come from you and your action.

Money Myth #4: You have to be smart to get rich.

There is absolutely no correlation between your IQ and your ability to make money. It’s been studied a dozen different times and the results always come back the same. Some smart people are rich and some are not.

Schooling has nothing to do with your ability to become rich either. Schools teach you that you need to go out and get a job, work hard, save your pennies and you’ll get rich. Not true. If that we’re true there would be literally millions of construction workers, train operators, trash collectors and nurses walking around with million dollar bank accounts.

To get wealthy you’re going to have to do more than work for someone else. Most wealthy people leave their jobs so they can make more money, work less and have more freedom to do what they want.

Money Myth #5: It takes money to make money.

Information is power. The internet allows you to transfer that knowledge to others for virtually nothing. Take this letter for example. It cost me nothing to write and email you this, yet I will earn my wealth from it.

You can do the same.  Your skills, knowledge and expertise can be packaged, sold, and earn you a handsome income online. People all over the world are searching for information on how to do things. You can be the one that teaches them how to do it.

The internet has leveled the playing field. It created a new marketplace in which there are virtually no barriers to entry. You can sell and bring in an income without spending a lot of money…something that couldn’t be done before.

Money Myth #6: These are tough economic times, now isn’t the right time to start a business.

Are you kidding me? Recessions are a great time to start your own online business. People are scared they are going to lose their jobs so there is a constant search for alternative ways to make money. You can be the one that teaches them how to get rich.

The truth is that the only people who are being held back by this recession are the ones who are still asleep at the wheel, the ones that keep churning the hamster wheel.

The rest of us are thriving. Those of us who have broken out of our conventional wisdom and said, “No more will I be a wage slave! No more will I be a corporate drone!” are achieving financial freedom.

If you want to join those of us who are seizing the unprecedented opportunities in this new economy then I encourage you to take action right now.


Mark Patricks

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