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Facebook Shoots a Hole in George Soros’ Conspiracy Theory

admin March 6, 2020 News Comments Off on Facebook Shoots a Hole in George Soros’ Conspiracy Theory

It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that billionaire nation-wrecker socialist George Soros penned a zany conspiracy theory in the New York Times about the “friendship” between Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and President Donald Trump. That theory looks slightly inaccurate now that Facebook has begun actively censoring Trump campaign ads. Maybe Snopes can fact-check Soros for us!

Anyway, it’s a good thing that Congress took swift action to protect conservatives against censorship from Big Tech companies when they had the chance. Oh… wait.

Not only do conservatives cover the news better than liberals, but our conspiracy theories are also better than theirs. At least when conservatives posit conspiracy theories, the theories make sense and there’s a strong possibility that they could be true. With liberals, their theories don’t make sense and all you have to do to debunk them is briefly observe reality.

Soros claimed in his op-ed that because Mark Zuckerberg met with someone at the White House (possibly Trump, but whatever), a deal was struck in which Facebook would now help steal the 2020 election for Trump. Makes total sense, right? Especially after the 2016 post-election video of Facebook employees crying over Trump’s victory was leaked to Breitbart, and senior Facebook management types reassured the employees that they would “never” allow anything like Trump’s election to happen again.

That’s the same broken logic behind the left’s zany Russian collusion conspiracy theory. Trump bombed Russian mercenaries in Syria and imposed some of the toughest sanctions on Russia that anyone has seen since the end of the Cold War… therefore, he must be Putin’s puppet!!!!

I can make up way better conspiracy theories off the top of my head than Soros’ claim that Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg are now “besties for life.” Here’s one:

Perhaps George Soros is trying to tank the price of Facebook’s stock so that he can swoop in and buy a majority of shares at a bargain-basement price, putting him in charge of one of the scariest speech-restricting tech companies in the entire world.

See? It’s not that hard to come up with a plausible conspiracy theory. But it has to have at least a ring of truth to it, and it can’t be easily debunked by everyone’s lying eyes.

Maybe for his next trick, Soros will write an op-ed about how search giant Google is secretly dating Donald Trump, Jr.


At any rate, Soros’ conspiracy theory went up in smoke after Facebook just deleted the latest Trump campaign ad. The campaign ad invited users to take a survey; after filling out their answers in the survey and putting in their email addresses, the survey redirected users to a fundraising page – exactly like every internet campaign fundraising ad in history.

The ad even had all of the verbiage on it required by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), stating that it is a campaign ad paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee and the Republican National Committee. It was clearly a legal campaign ad under FEC rules, but Facebook called it “misleading” and took it down.

This pattern is only going to accelerate between now and the November elections. If only Republicans in Congress had listened to their base when they could have done something about it.

My second-favorite website (aside from this one) has now been completely been taken off the internet by… well, who knows? It’s just gone today, with an “Account Suspended” message where it used to be. That website was the Illegal Alien Crime Report, a clearinghouse site that gathered and published every report in the United States about the horrific victimization of Americans at the hands of illegals.

The site used to be updated daily with reports of the many dozens of murders, rapes, child molestations, drug trafficking arrests and other crimes committed in all 50 states by illegals. It was a tremendous source of information for Americans about just how dangerous illegals really are to our communities. And now it’s gone, just as Trump’s campaign ads on Facebook were summarily deleted.

If Republicans get clobbered in November because of Big Tech censorship, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. And that’s not a conspiracy theory.

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