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Fake News Media Wonders Why Trump Won’t Just Resign Already

admin June 30, 2020 News Comments Off on Fake News Media Wonders Why Trump Won’t Just Resign Already

Here’s some obvious professional advice that you probably don’t need: If a highly placed “confidential source” burns you 700 times by feeding you false information, and you repeatedly embarrass yourself professionally by acting on that false information over and over again… it’s probably time to delete that source from your Rolodex. The media can’t seem to absorb this obvious advice. They’re suddenly all red-faced and huffy once again about Trump and Russia and treason stuff, based on an “anonymous source.”

The New York Times has breathlessly reported that the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) recently contained a disturbing report. Russia’s secret police – the GRU – were paying the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. The media is outraged that President Trump knew about this and did not start World War III by launching a bunch of nukes at Russia in retaliation for facilitating the murder of American soldiers. (Because we all know how much the media loves and respects our military!)

The noted constitutional scholars at MSNBC immediately declared President Trump to be guilty of treason. One talking head announced that because Trump had invited Vladimir Putin to the G7 Summit, it was “literally” a violation of the treason clause under Article III of the Constitution. The walls are closing in, people! Today marks the beginning of the end of the Trump treason administration!

The entire media has once again jumped all over a “bombshell” report from a single, anonymous source. I’m so old that I can remember the days when you needed to be able to verify scandalous claims from a single source before actually running a story in the news, but whatever. The media is demanding that Congressman Adam Schiff of California launch another investigation of Trump immediately. Perhaps they should give it a spiffy name, such as the “Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation!”

Oh, and of course, Trump will have to resign in shame before the election when people realize the level of Russian collusion treason he’s committed against American soldiers.


Naturally, the entire story has turned out to be as fake as Dr. Anthony Fauci’s coronavirus death projections. Katherine Herridge of CBS News (formerly of Fox News) reports that no one in the Trump administration has ever seen a Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) which asserts that Russia is paying bounties on American soldiers. Nor has that claim appeared in any intelligence report in any agency, as far as anyone can tell.

I would also note that in the four years of false media claims about Trump colluding and treasoning with his best-friend-for-life Vladimir Putin, Katherine Herridge’s sources have never been wrong.

This was a panic play from one of the Obama holdovers who is still lurking in the White House. Suggestion: Trump should fire anyone left on the National Security Council who has any Ukrainian heritage in their background. Sorry if that sounds racist against Ukrainians, but you guys are notorious Russophobes who need to lay off of the wild conspiracy theories about Vladimir Putin and Russia.

From the Vindman brothers (“That’s LIEUTENANT COLONEL VINDMAN!”) to the CIA “Ukraine whistleblower” who must never be named, the NSC has been a hotbed of Ukrainian nationalists who will gladly spout any insane conspiracy theory about Russia to the media. I know it seems like an eternity ago, but the House Democrats actually impeached President Trump over a wild conspiracy theory hatched by Ukrainian nationalists in the White House.

All of this, of course, is in response to the Biden house of corruption cards in Ukraine. We now know, thanks to that sheet of notes from disgraced and fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were calling the shots in the unlawful attempted prosecution of Gen. Mike Flynn. Former FBI Director James Comey told Obama and Biden that the investigation of Flynn had cleared him of wrongdoing. Obama ordered Comey to keep the investigation open with “the right people” on it. Biden suggested charging Flynn with the Logan Act.

Hunter Biden’s sweet deal with a corrupt Ukrainian gas company still looms in the background of the presidential election. “Ukrainian-Americans” who are more loyal to their birth country than they are to America continue to spout Russian collusion conspiracy theories to our gullible media. And the media just can’t bring themselves to admit that the Obama administration committed real treason, and not some logic-pretzel version of treason that involves the G7 and bounties on American soldiers.

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