Freedom by Friday

The Ingredients to Becoming Wealthy, Powerful and Free

Freedom By Friday takes a contrarian look at the world. You won’t find the same information in this weekly letter as you would in newspapers or the nightly news. FBF works to lift the proverbial veil on government cover-ups, mainstream media lies and market fluctuations. Every Monday you can expect to receive instructions from Kevin Raymond on how to profit from these events. Kevin Raymond goes against the grain to bring you the very best information to help you survive and prosper in any economic envirionment.

FBF was formed by Mark Patricks after being tired of always being fed lies and mistruths by the government and mainstream media. Kevin Raymond worked at traditional financial institutions learning the conventional ways to profit and make money. It was not until he flipped the script on Wall Street that he achieved real wealth.  Kevin Raymond now works exclusively on projects that shed light on the real ways to achieve ever-lasting wealth.

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