Five BIG LIES That Are Keeping You Broke

Five BIG LIES That Are Keeping You Broke

There is a very good chance accepted wisdom is damaging your wealth to one degree or another…

LIES embedded in everyday life have become so culturally ingrained they pass unquestioned as TRUTH — the hidden locus of POWER for the establishment and their self-serving political cronies.

Perpetuated by the media… advanced unknowingly by well-meaning individuals brainwashed by decades of CONDITIONING… like malicious thought memes worming their way into the public consciousness…

These GRAND DECEPTIONS are at the root of self-defeating behaviors that keep millions of people financially hamstrung, trapped in economic HARDSHIP and LIMITATION. Maybe even you …

At the top of the list:

BIG LIE #1 — It is the government’s responsibility to CREATE jobs.

This is like saying a job is a RIGHT rather than a RESPONSIBILITY. They’re going to pay you to exist.

Which means all of us (as taxpayers) are under obligation to pay for things we don’t want or need.

What happens if you believe this big lie even a little?

It robs you of your DRIVE and INITIATIVE. The poisonous pretzel logic goes like this: “If the government can’t make me a job, who am I to make one?”

You feel small, weak, and in need of being taken care of, EXACTLY how the politicians and power brokers want you to feel.

THE TRUTH: Nobody is responsible for anyone else’s job. Productive work is about finding unfulfilled desires and filling them. And the world is positively OVERFLOWING with unfulfilled desires waiting to be filled.

BIG LIE #2 — A good job leads to financial security.

Your whole life you’ve been PROGRAMMED to accept the notion that if you go to school, study hard, and follow the path laid out for you by the establishment you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Yet if you’re like most people you’ve already been declared REDUNDANT several times during your working life.
The reality is you were trained for a world that no longer exists. Rapid advancements in computing power and telecommunications have utterly disrupted the conventional pattern of commerce.

… First it was AUTOMATION and OUTSOURCING. (Your function was performed more cheaply by a machine, or by sending it offshore where the standard of living was lower.)

… And now it’s the OUTRIGHT DISINTEGRATION of the old economic order. (Work that used to be done under one corporate roof is now a complex global collaboration between dozens of smaller unrelated companies and independent entrepreneurs.)

THE TRUTH: The very concept of “job security” is an OXYMORON. Unless you BECOME one of those collaborating companies or independent entrepreneurs I just described, your financial condition will continue to deteriorate.

BIG LIE #3 — You need formal accreditation to succeed in the world today.

Let’s look at the origin of this wealth crippling fallacy…

In the beginning, knowledge was transferred orally from one person to another.

As knowledge deepened, craft guilds were established to ensure important skills were passed down efficiently from one generation to the next.

Those in the upper echelons of the guilds held enormous sway and influence over the rabble. They controlled who would and who would not gain access to the sacred halls of power.

And this continued for thousands of years until a disruptive new technology came on the scene — Gutenberg’s printing press.

Publishing flourished and it became more difficult for the elite to maintain absolute control of the arcane knowledge that elevated their social status.

And so guilds gradually morphed and merged into a more efficient means of COMMAND and CONTROL — modern government.

The transfer of knowledge became institutionalized in colleges and universities. And ever more elaborate rights, rituals and accreditations evolved in order to sanctify the elite’s authority as the only legitimate source of learning.

The clever ruse continues to this day.

Of course today, a new disruptive technology has emerged — the Internet. And with it, the barriers to information have come crashing down. The establishment’s stranglehold on the dispensation of knowledge and expertise is effectively OVER.

Now anyone can teach independently. And anyone can learn, apply and profit from any knowledge they please.

There is simply no need for intermediary bodies in most areas of commerce. Knowledge flows from peer-to-peer and can be immediately TESTED and VALIDATED in the real world.

And this new method of knowledge transfer is in fact infinitely superior to the outdated, outmoded method of institutionalized training and accreditation. It liberates and empowers, inspiring SELF-RELIANCE and INDEPENDENT RESOURCEFULNESS.

The old way pigeonholes the learner, encouraging DEPENDENCE and CONFORMITY. It lags reality. It churns out bewildered people ill suited to thrive in the new economy.

THE TRUTH: Education is all around you, and school is NEVER OUT. Endless ADAPTATION and INNOVATION are the new currencies. They now circulate directly from person to person. And you must learn to become both consumer and producer.

BIG LIE #4 — It takes money to make money.

Adaptation and innovation are the new engines of wealth. Knowledge transfer is the fuel that drives them. And knowledge can be transferred instantaneously at practically ZERO COST over the Internet.

You are reading my words. I paid nothing to get them to you. Yet I will earn handsomely from writing them.

Anyone can do the same. Your existing skills, knowledge and expertise can be sold, monetized and leveraged independently on the open market.

They can be transferred or applied anywhere in the world they are needed… from anywhere in the world you happen to be.

And the demand is INSATIABLE …

The Internet has basically annihilated the transactional friction that gave rise to big business. Collaboration is now easier, less costly and more efficient than incorporation. The result is an EXPLOSION OF OPPORTUNITY for independent consultants, coaches and freelancers.

Such entrepreneurs transact with almost zero overhead or expense. They collaborate with one another informally… assembling and disassembling shared resources at lightning speed…

…They easily run rings around traditional capital-and-employee-dependent corporations in many areas of the economy. Some even coach, consult and freelance within those same old guard corporations as they dis-integrate and downsize.

THE TRUTH: All of the resources you need to grow a thriving knowledge-based business are now within reach. They are out there sitting idle, underexploited, or underappreciated. You can put them to work for little to no upfront investment in today’s frictionless economy.

BIG LIE #5 —You have no right to expect more when everybody else is suffering.

The only people who are suffering from the big bad bogeyman in this day and age are people who are still asleep… brainwashed by the inane babbling of media talking heads.

Sadly, that’s most people.

  • Those who think it’s up to the government to create jobs…
  • Those who think a good job leads to financial security…
  • Those who think you need formal accreditation to succeed in the world today…
  • And those who think it takes money to make money…

The rest of us are thriving.

In fact, there’s a movement afoot — The Independence Movement.

… A movement of FREE THINKERS, who see through the self-serving lies of power hungry politicians who will say and do ANYTHING to perpetuate an outmoded economic mainstream that’s cracking at the seams …

… A movement of COURAGEOUS CHAMPIONS, willing to seize the unprecedented opportunities available to them in the emerging new economy… where anybody with a little GUTS, DETERMINATION and DISCERNMENT can claim their financial independence.

And I invite YOU to join.

Refuse to be held in bondage, a wage slave to the corporate elite… only to be repeatedly discarded and betrayed.


Mark Patricks

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