Gold’s Not So Secret Upgrade

The presses are back on. Money’s cheap and there’s lots of it. You haven’t heard? The US Federal Reserve has taken on the role of the World’s banker as evidenced by the announcement last week of a coordinated action by World Central Banks to add liquidity to the system. Sure, the announcement said “World” central banks, but we all know that is code for the Fed, since the US is the biggest Central Bank in the world and owner of the world’s most circulated currency.


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The last time this type of liquidity measure was announced was in 2008…gold prices have doubled since that time. It’s a pretty simple equation, but one that many have not paid heed to. You print more paper with no assets to back it up, and that paper becomes worth less…right before it becomes worthless. It takes more and more of that worthless paper to buy things and that is why things go up in value and price. The thing that will do that the most will be gold.

It’s been a while since we recommended that you buy gold. In fact we said sell earlier this year when the metal neared its all time high. Good timing? Maybe. But, today there is an even more pressing reason to be buying bullion. By this time next year who knows how many more liquidity injections will be necessary to revive broken markets. Add to this the inevitability of more Euros being printed and the globe will be awash with printed paper.

In the past we have made money by buying gold stocks as they appeared and still appear extremely cheap in comparison to the price of the underlying metal. That’s a problem, frankly. They should be twice their current price, but they’re not. The implication is that they were overvalued in the past and are now fairly valued as the market is now using metrics like price/earnings ratio to value them. In the past there wasn’t much in the way of earnings so people bid up shares based on holdings in the ground and production. Strange how the market has decided to adopt a new valuation method. It may not matter much soon.

Gold prices are slated to take off on the latest move by Central Banks and the impending moves by the European Union. There really is not much choice unless by some miracle of finance these countries decided to pay back their debt by some other means that do not require printing money. Yep, not going to happen. This time however you may want to consider buying the gold or silver ETFs (GLD-NYSE) or (SLV-NYSE) instead of or in conjunction with gold and silver mining shares. If the past is any guide, the ETFs will outperform the stocks. If the old past comes back – you know, when gold stocks actually traded as if they had billions of dollars of assets in and above the ground, then gold stocks should soar in price as well. If you’re looking to the gold stock plays…the metal is kind of pricey…then your best bet is to look to the junior mining and explorers. Those companies have actually seen their values cut by 30% to 50% – again something’s don’t make much sense these days. Regardless of the direction or vehicle
that you choose…choose one!


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One Response

  1. Allistair

    Dear Mr. Kevin Raymond,

    Thank you for your article.

    Concerning the FED being part the “coordinated actions” to “flood” this crisis-ridden system with money (liquidity), we must not forget that they had already poured trillions into the system (using public money), in an attempt to restart the economies, with little or no effect. The World economic crisis is still surging ahead and it seems to me, it is only a matter of time before we are back into a recession/depression.

    The methods/measures implemented by the “Caretaker” Governments to try and save our economic system, would likely bring the World to a situation some call “Stagflation” (i.e. Stagnation AND Inflation). The two main “solutions” they use are – (1) Flood the economies with money (and that is what the “coordinated action” is mostly about – i.e. print more money than the economic development of the economy warrants) – which would devalue the currencies and bring on Inflation, and (2) Impose draconian austerity measures (like is happening in Europe, and the “cutbacks” we see in the USA are just getting started. Draconian “cutbacks” are on the way to the USA) – which would reduce spending/demands and bring stagnation or depression.

    So there seems to be no way out of the current economic crisis through economic means alone. This would bring the World to a desperate/dangerous point and I leave you to imagine what that danger would be.

    As far as I can see, the ONLY lasting solution to the USA’s (and the rest of the World’s) economic problems is a fundamental change away from the current system to a viable/sustainable alternative that (among other things)…

    a) Change the mode of production from being mainly a “for profit” basis to being mainly to meet peoples needs. Reasonable and good profits would still be made by “Free Enterprise” businesses, but the main driving force of production would be to meet the needs of society and less so for the profit needs of a FEW (as it is currently). This would also mean a general “ban” on vampirish monopolies and the end of “hostile takeovers”. This will allow Free Enterprise businesses to operate without the pressure/burden caused when you know you might be “bought out” (“hostile takeover”) on any given day.

    b) End exploitation of man by man and country by country. This includes having private businesses (Free Enterprise) operate on a REASONABLE “Profit-sharing” basis that allows for better distribution of wealth among the Workers/Producers – i.e. those who actually produce the surplus values from which profits are derived. This includes a strict ban on sweat-shop working conditions and the shipping jobs to low-wage areas (except when there is not enough people in the “local” area to fill the jobs). This also means a reduction in working hours (first to 6 hours per day, then even less) for the SAME or better pay (or same or better share of the surplus values (profits) the Workers/Producers created), as well as a reduced working week (for most jobs/production) to no more than 5 days. Production/services that necessitate shift-work and/or 24-hour/7-day operation would also be no more than 6 hours (and can even be less) per shift.

    A reduction in working hours, for the same or better pay (and/or reasonable share of the profits), would immediately increase the quality of life for ALL, since there would be more time for self, for Family, for Friends and for God (for those who are religious). Additionally, the usual Worker/Employee can also use the “extra” time to build his/her OWN “side” business. While some may use this opportunity to “overwork” themselves, this would likely not be the general case IF people are well paid (through high wages and/or profit-sharing) by their usual Employer.

    Now, get this, reduced working hours would NOT significantly reduce profits, since we are already at the stage of “over production” in which much products are not sold and are either dumped/destroyed or sold for far less than their true value. Also, a more reasonable distribution of profits among those who actually produce the surplus values is a right and proper thing to do. I am amazed by how much we tend to TALK about “caring and sharing” and being “considerate of others” – even for a Panda Bear. However, when it comes to even a rational/reasonable shearing of “profits” (i.e. after all costs are covered and a reasonable amount is put aside for expansion, etc.), so many seem to have problem translating this “caring” sentiment into habitual actions.

    c) Organise services that take proper care of the aged, the sick and the disabled. This is one of the areas that would require “Government” overseeing. This also includes services that are more NATURALLY suited for public endeavours (like Health, Education and Transportation). Any private interest/investment in “naturally public” services would be appropriately “regulated” to avoid EXTREME private speculation/profiteering that would cause the cost of such services to be prohibitive (like the outrageous Health Care cost in the USA).

    The above is a small list of the fundamental changes required to prevent the current economic system from bringing the whole World into massive poverty and starvation.

    Thank you for reading.


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