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Friendly 2020 Reminder: Leftists Want Trump Supporters Dead or Enslaved

admin June 11, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Friendly 2020 Reminder: Leftists Want Trump Supporters Dead or Enslaved

Antifa_3We’re just a few months away from Donald Trump kicking his 2020 reelection campaign into high gear, so it’s a good idea for all of us Trump supporters to remind ourselves now that leftists are deranged and violent. Democrats believe that the only good conservative is a dead conservative, an enslaved conservative, or a fake conservative toiling as a house eunuch like CNN’s Ana Navarro or Fox News’ Shepard Smith.

Sure, everyday Americans have been having a great time with President Trump in office. We’ve been reintroduced to the dignity of work, the ability to support our families financially, a booming economy and burgers stacked a mile high. We have a president who is a very stable genius, and who uses the best words. There’s been so much winning that we’re running around like a bunch of kids on a sugar high.

But seriously, it’s time to put on our game faces once again, because Democrats want to kill or enslave us all.

In one of the latest examples, Kaitlin Bennett and her camera crew were assaulted at a Pete Buttigieg 2020 event in Iowa a few days ago. Bennett was attempting to shoot a segment before the rally, when two leftists walked up behind her and began giving the cameras the finger (mature adulthood being an obvious identifying marker for leftists). When the petite Kaitlin turned around to ask the two leftists if they always treat women that way, it got ugly.

First, the leftists had the gall – after walking up to Kaitlin – to tell her not to walk up to them. Within a few seconds, one cameraman had been punched in the face, one of the leftists threw a full bottle of water (unopened) at Kaitlin’s face and tried to knock her microphone out of her hand. A bystander then chased the leftists away.

The ugly incident was reminiscent of all of the myriad violent attacks on Trump supporters at rallies across the country in 2016. Remember those?

Teenagers chased, punched and tackled in the streets. Housewives in MAGA hats being pelted in the face with raw eggs. Freeways shut down to try to prevent Trump rallies. Children pepper-sprayed in the face for attending a Trump rally. All of that ugliness and more is coming back to America within the next few months.

And the whole time, the Democrats’ media sock puppets will pretend that it’s not happening, that Trump’s speeches filled with secret code words for white supremacists are the real problem, and that if violence should somehow take place, it’s actually because Trump supporters had it coming.

Exhibit B in our case against violent leftists who want to kill us all for having the wrong opinions is a super-hot new play being performed in London. It’s called “Kill Climate Deniers.” Real subtle, leftists.

In the play, “sexy but dangerous” eco warriors take England’s environmental minister hostage at a Fleetwood Mac concert inside the Australian parliament building. Because global warming!

Ever notice how leftists always portray themselves as “sexy but dangerous” in fantasyland movies and plays, but in real life the “eco warriors” turn out to be purple-haired cat ladies with an aversion to armpit razors?

Anyway, guess what happens in the plot of “Kill Climate Deniers?” Yup. Everyone who holds the wrong opinion on global warming is murdered in an orgy of blood, set to a rousing routine of song and dance numbers.

The Guardian reports that “Kill Climate Deniers” is a great comedy, with lots of biting social media satire. Hardy-har. Truly funny, guys. Does anyone get the distinct impression, whenever they hear Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speak about her Green New Deal, that “Kill Climate Deniers” is actually viewed as a how-to guide by the left?

In the minds of the weather cultists, there is no hope for you if you disagree with their weather forecasts for the year 2267. You just have to die if you won’t agree with them.

After all, your death is good for the environment because you are a bipedal carbon emitter who destroys the ozone layer every time you exhale. Your death is for the greater good of the cultists’ mother earth. If four decades’ worth of failed climate doom predictions aren’t enough to convince you that global warming is real, you must be a science denier. Conform or be composted!

And no description of the left’s burning desire to murder us all would be complete without noticing that they also want to get rid of President Trump. The media has spent almost three years declaring that Trump committed “treason” – a death penalty crime – by engaging in fake Russian collusion that never happened. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t just want the president impeached for fake Russian collusion that never happened. She wants him in prison for fake Russian collusion that never happened.

In their ongoing efforts to destroy President Trump, the House Judiciary Committee is running a dog-and-pony show this week in which they call John Dean to testify. Dean was an unethical, nearly disbarred leftist lawyer who was involved in the attempt to impeach Richard Nixon almost 50 years ago.

Dean has literally nothing to do with Donald Trump or Russian collusion, but Democrats in Congress drag him out of a bar every few years when they attempt to impeach a Republican president.

During Iran-Contra, Democrats called John Dean as their star witness to talk about all of the awful reasons why Ronald Reagan should be impeached, because everything that Reagan did was worse than what Nixon did. In 2004, Democrats called John Dean as their star witness to call for the impeachment of George W. Bush, for the awful war crime of liberating Iraq.

So today they’re calling on John Dean, who is starting to look as old as Bernie Sanders, to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The left believes that if they can destroy President Trump, or intimidate him into submitting to their will, that the rest of us will just fall in line. They still don’t get it. This is a movement. Trump is just the tip of the spear. The old-world order of globalism that gutted America’s economic engine has been derailed, and we will never go back to the fake conservatism, free trader-ism or open border-ism again. We see the results, and the left knows there is only one way to put a stop to our movement: Violence.

Therefore, be careful out there, folks. If you thought 2016 was a crazy and violent ride, you ain’t seen nothing yet. 2020 is going to be even crazier than the last election.

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