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Good for Him: Carter Page Sues DNC Over Fake Russian Potty Dossier

admin January 31, 2020 News Comments Off on Good for Him: Carter Page Sues DNC Over Fake Russian Potty Dossier

Patriotic American Carter Page has filed a federal lawsuit against the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie over the fake Russian potty dossier. He’s suing to clear his good name, rake in a boatload of vengeance cash against the Democrat snakes who smeared him, and for the right to punch James Comey in the gonads as hard as he can. (Actually, on that last point, not really. That was my suggestion, but Page’s legal team has stopped taking my calls for some reason.)

Carter Page was smeared as a Russian agent by his own government, thanks to Deep State efforts by the Hillary Clinton campaign. You probably already know much of this history already, but here are some of the many reasons why we hope that Carter Page prevails in his lawsuit, even if he doesn’t get to punch James Comey in the gonads.

Page was a Naval Intelligence officer earlier in his career. He lived and worked in Russia from 2003 to 2007 and acted as a CIA informant that whole time (his cover job was working as Merrill Lynch’s Moscow branch manager).

He was a patriot serving his country and has remained so throughout his career. Because of his knowledge of Russia, he joined the Trump campaign briefly in 2016 as a foreign policy advisor. The Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and the Deep State used Carter Page’s Russia ties as an excuse to smear him as a “Russian agent” in the infamous Russian potty dossier, compiled by Christopher Steele of Fusion GPS.

Hillary and the DNC paid millions of dollars for that fake dossier by using law firm Perkins Coie as a cutout. This was done intentionally to make it appear as if the information was compiled in an “organic” fashion by intelligence agencies and not orchestrated by the DNC and Crooked Hillary’s team of spooks.

One of the big contentions of the fake Russian potty dossier was that Carter Page traveled to Moscow in July of 2016 to give the keynote address at the New Economic School. Collusion kooks will tell you that Page must have been meeting with Russian spooks to get Trump’s marching orders from Putin!

As I’ve written about previously, there is absolutely nothing unusual about speaking at the New Economic School in Moscow. Russia is a poor, struggling nation that is still trying to shrug off the effects of decades of communism (and endemic public corruption as a result of communism) after the fall of the Soviet Union. They invite Western speakers all the time to teach up-and-coming business students how to adapt the ideas of capitalism and to overcome the effects of communism.

I personally know a couple of people who have given speeches to the students there. Hell, the school even invited Barack Obama to give a speech there in 2009, before figuring out that Obama’s economic model wasn’t exactly in line with that whole capitalism thing.

There was nothing nefarious about Carter Page’s trip to the New Economic School. Here’s a fun fact that I’ll bet you’ve never seen reported in any mainstream news outlet:

In Carter Page’s keynote address to the New Economic School in Moscow in 2016, one of the topics he discussed was regime change… in Russia. In other words, Carter Page recommended that it was time for Russia to move on from living under Vladimir Putin in order to reduce public corruption and increase prosperity in Russia.

After he got back from his Russia speech, the mainstream media began reporting (no doubt at Hillary’s request) that the Trump campaign was cozying up to Russia. The Trump campaign immediately distanced itself from Carter Page and removed him from the campaign staff.

This only added fuel to the fire. The same Yahoo! News reporter who received all of the James Comey leaks throughout 2016 and 2017 reported that intelligence officials “suspected” that Carter Page had opened a back channel with the Russians during his Moscow trip. You know, the one in which Carter Page gave a speech about removing Putin from power in Russia.

The new ammunition provided by the Inspector General Report and FISC court, which states that at least two of the FISA warrants against Page were completely groundless, will hopefully be enough to keep Page’s suit from being thrown out. Here’s hoping that Carter Page gets a Trump-appointed judge to hear his case. We also hope that he wins a settlement from the DNC and Perkins Coie that is so large that he never has to work again. Unless these crooks pay a painful price for what they did to Page and other members of the Trump campaign, they’ll just do it again.

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