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Good Grief, They’re Actually Serious About This ‘Joe Biden for Prez’ Thing

admin September 17, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Good Grief, They’re Actually Serious About This ‘Joe Biden for Prez’ Thing

Joe Biden speakingI was re-watching that clip of Joe Biden’s dentures falling out for the 7,000th time the other day when I suddenly remembered the interview that Matt Drudge did with Alex Jones back in 2015. And then it hit me: This “Joe Biden for President” thing is not some hilarious sitcom being written for my personal enjoyment. The lunatics in the Deep State are actually serious. They want Joe Biden to be president.

If you don’t remember the Drudge-Jones interview I’m referring to, that’s okay. It’s been a while. It was a long time ago, before Matt Drudge turned his website into the Official Campaign Blog of Elizabeth Warren for President.

Drudge remarked in that interview that the elites would do anything necessary to maintain power in DC, including putting “Hillary’s brain in a jar” in the Oval Office.

This is what we’re watching happen in real time as Joe Biden’s brain disintegrates on the 2020 campaign trail.

Joe Biden is not making “gaffes” every time he opens his mouth in a debate or a public appearance. Let’s be real. He’s a doddering old man who is sadly slipping into dementia right in front of us.

Biden should be happily retired and stumbling around in his bathrobe and slippers while feeding some ducks and forgetting the names of his own grandchildren. Instead, the Deep State is running him through a grueling presidential race because they need a puppet back in the White House – so they can return to the status quo in which they’re in power and all of us uppity Americans can go back to being serfs who are not in control of our own destiny.

Let’s look at the “gaffes” that Biden has committed just in the past week, so we can put to rest the notion that these are “gaffes” at all.

I already mentioned his dentures falling out in the most recent debate, but that wasn’t the only Biden action that took place. How about that wildly racist record player rant? Biden was asked a question about reparations and how he would heal the wounds of slavery in America, as if that is somehow a real thing.

In Biden’s rambling 80-second response, he talked about institutional segregation, redlining, banks, tripling school funding for Title I schools, giving every teacher a $60,000 raise, ensuring that every child sends their 3-,4- and 5-year old children to school, his current wife, his dead wife, sending a social worker into every home to teach poor people how to raise their kids, and putting the record player on at home every night so that poor kids will hear enough words to function in society. No mention of reparations in that answer, by the way.

Biden has referred to both Corey Booker and Bernie Sanders as “president” during the debates.

At a stop in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden recounted a tale of his summer adventures working as a lifeguard at an all-black public pool 50-some years ago. With a totally straight face, Biden regaled the audience with a tale of how he personally and single-handedly went to a gang fight – with a chain wrapped around his arm. He says he faced down a straight-razor wielding gang led by a man named “Corn Pop.”

Joe Biden says he had kicked Corn Pop out of the pool for misbehaving. But because Biden apologized to Corn Pop for misgendering him (he called him ‘Esther Williams’ as he was kicking him out of the pool), Corn Pop closed up his straight razor and his gang walked away instead of murdering him. That was the day, according to Joe Biden, that he earned the respect of the black community in Wilmington.

At a campaign speech over the weekend, Joe Biden forgot the name of that mechanized staircase thingy that Donald Trump walked down at Trump Tower when he announced his candidacy in 2015. You know, the “escalator.”

At that same event, Biden was asked about the Obama administration’s track record on deporting illegal aliens. Joe Biden ducked behind a palm tree to avoid answering the question. No, really. He ducked behind a palm tree.

Another big giveaway during the most recent ABC News debate happened when the Democrats were boring everyone with their health care plans. Biden noted that 10 million people would have to “buy in” under his plan to revamp Obamacare. (Must have felt awkward for Barack and Michelle watching at home as Biden talked about how health care is a disaster in America right now.)

Then Julian Castro started blathering about his socialist health care plan is way better than Biden’s socialist health care plan. Biden interrupted Castro, stating that those 10 million people (whoever they are) would not have to buy in. Castro pounced, asking Biden, “Did you forget what you just said 2 minutes ago?”

The audience gasped at Castro’s response. They were stunned that somebody came right out and said it. Biden’s mind is slipping fast and yet, no one is supposed to say this out loud. Prediction: That was the last time we’ll see Julian Castro in a debate, because he went off script.

“Permanent Washington” doesn’t need Joe Biden to actually be President of the United States. They just need a candidate that they think can beat Donald Trump. Then, they can just stick Biden away in a room – like a brain in a jar – and then they’ll go back to running the country they way that they know it should be run.

Iran shoots down a US military drone? “President Joe Biden” will start a war, which is what America really needs. Economy struggling? “President Joe Biden” will broker a new trade deal to ship more jobs to China. Too many illegal aliens coming in? “President Joe Biden” will tear down existing sections of the wall to make it easier for the illegals.

If Biden lives long enough to win the Democrat nomination in 2020, it will be very telling when we see who he chooses as his running mate. Because again, the Deep State doesn’t need Joe. When he picks a running mate, that will tell us exactly who the Deep State wants to be the actual officeholder.

Joe Biden is simply a “brain in a jar” to help the Permanent Washington Establishment recapture its lost power from Donald Trump and the American voters.

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