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Have Tyrannical Governors Cemented Donald Trump’s Reelection?

admin April 17, 2020 News Comments Off on Have Tyrannical Governors Cemented Donald Trump’s Reelection?
Photo Courtesy of Ninian Reid

“Bands of howling white supremacists, brandishing fully automatic AR-44 clip magazines, attacked the State Capitol buildings in six states. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. But the fact that none of the protesters were wearing masks means that all of the gains that we’ve made due to economic shutdowns have been swept aside. Millions will now die because the radical protesters were not properly social distancing.”

That’s pretty much how the lying Enemy of the People media will report the shutdown protests that happened on April 15 and 16. Meanwhile, the rest of us watching the protests thought, “Welcome back, America!”

Americans agreed to these shutdowns in order to allow our healthcare system to get ready for a national catastrophe that never materialized. Since then, we’ve been watching in stunned amazement as one state governor after another tries to one-up all of his colleagues. The lockdowns, which proved largely unnecessary in most of the country, keep getting stretched out further and further into the distance.

Indiana: “We’ll reopen April 20th!”

Colorado: “April 26th!”

Ohio: “May 1st!”

Rhode Island: “May 8th!”

Michigan: “Feel my power and bow before me, mortal weaklings! I will be Joe Biden’s running mate and then everyone will acknowledge me as the new Queen of Darkness!” [paraphrase]

California: “Uh… maybe we’ll never reopen? I don’t know. I’m too lazy to make a decision. Let me ask my Aunt Nancy Pelosi what she thinks.”

The protests were a beautiful thing to watch. Operation Gridlock in Michigan was a smashing success, where Governor Gretchen Whitmer has turned out to be one of the most power-mad feminist liberal lunatics in elected office in the entire country.

You poor Michiganders! Seriously, that’s like having James Comey as your governor! We had no idea how bad it was for you.


God bless every single one of you Michigan men who showed up with rifles and tactical gear. This Whitmer dingbat is crazy enough that she might have tried to have the National Guard open fire on all of the retail clerks, hairdressers, waitresses, flight attendants, personal trainers, bartenders, movie theater clerks, nail salon workers, tattoo artists, florists, department store workers, book store employees, jewelers and massage therapists that she threw out of work.

Out of all the images of the protests that have come out so far, my favorite has to be the one of the lady on the Capitol steps in Lansing that reads, “Heil Whitmer.” Awesome!

Runner-up is the image of the guy carrying an SKS on the Capitol steps and wearing a pink gas mask. Man, I love this country!

Honorable mention, of course, goes to the Ohio protesters screaming through the windows of their Capitol building with their unmasked faces pressed up to the glass.

The protests took place in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Utah, Wyoming and Virginia. It was a beautiful sea of MAGA hats, guns and furious Americans with protest signs and very, very few masks. That made the message clear:

“We will not hide our faces like our cowardly opponents. We are Americans and we will not bend a knee for anyone. End the shutdowns NOW!”

What did these governors think was going to happen? This is the same electorate that smashed the entire DC establishment in 2016 in order to send Donald Trump to the White House.

We helped Donald Trump mow down 16 Republican candidates to win the GOP nomination. We then helped him take on and defeat Hillary Clinton. If you think taking down Hillary Clinton was an easy task, just ask Jeffrey Epstein what happens to anyone who gets in Hillary’s way. Oh, right. Awkward!

But we did it. You think we’re going to lie down for you little governors after we proved that “we the people” are still in charge of this great nation?

These were all peaceful, if a bit raucous, protests. Imagine what will be happening in another six weeks if those same people are hungry and can’t feed their kids and decide it’s time to go down to their State Capitol buildings. It won’t be pretty, but that seems to be the trajectory that many of the politicians have decided they would like to try.

All of these petty governors must have thought that they were auditioning for Joe Biden’s running mate job by attempting to out-tyranny each other. Instead, they have awakened the sleeping dragon that tyrants have always underestimated.

Guess what, little governors? The dragon is awake. The dragon will vote this November. And you have now carved President Donald John Trump’s reelection victory in stone.

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