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Hero Clerk Criticized for Saving Lives

admin October 24, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Hero Clerk Criticized for Saving Lives

Another good guy with a gun saved the day. We hear that more and more. It’s not because the mainstream media has finally noticed that Americans love tales of heroism. It’s because we’ve all learned how to get information from other channels.

We’re seeing clear evidence that the CDC research was right. Americans save lives by carrying guns every single day.

In this particular story, true heroism was met with derision and lunacy. It wouldn’t be America if there wasn’t a leftist protest against everything that is good in this world.

The Burglary Gone Wrong

This story takes place in Dayton, Ohio. Just last week, a man entered a Dollar General. He pulled out a gun, pointed it at the clerk, and demanded money. It’s your usual armed robbery scenario.

Unfortunately for this robber, Dollar General was employing true patriots on this fateful day. Rather than submit to the armed robber, the clerk pulled his own concealed weapon and fired.

The shots rang true and hit the robber center mass. He stumbled outside where he died before help could come. It’s another open and closed case of a good guy with a gun saving lives.

This should all be pretty simple, but we no longer live in simple times. As you no doubt have surmised, this obvious case of self-defense was met with harsh scrutiny and public outcry.

Fallout From Self-Defense

Naturally, there are leftists who are enraged by the idea of a citizen protecting life with a firearm. The right thing to do in this scenario is to let the robber shoot you in the face and then rob the store. How is this hard?

These crazy leftists rallied behind the sister of our now-deceased robber. According to her, it was unjust for the clerk to be carrying a gun. Clearly, irony is a challenging subject. There was no sign of a sarcastic smirk when she made this public statement. She continued by explaining that the right thing to do in this scenario is to call the cops and let them handle it.

Let’s just discuss two problems with this line of thinking. We have a myriad of issues from which to choose, but two points will suffice. First, how many armed robbers stop and let people call the police? At what point is the man with a gun going to agree to a time out and wait for the 911 call to complete?

Second, what would happen if the police did arrive to deal with this situation. There’s a very real chance that they’re going to see a man with a gun and shoot him, just like the clerk did. Then, we’d have a bunch of protests explaining how the police are evil.

All of this is leftist B.S. What they really want is for you to have no agency in your own life. They hate the armed clerk precisely because he was able to save lives without waiting for the government.

It’s perfectly understandable that this woman was upset over the death of her brother. None of that changes the simple reality. A man threatened lives with a gun. His death was perfectly justified.

The Silver Lining

In the midst of radical nonsense, there were some positives to come out of this story. For starters, we got to see yet another everyday American rise in the face of adversity and display true heroism. That’s always inspiring.

We also get to see a positive response to responsible Americans. Dollar General hasn’t made any official statement regarding the shooting. Just in case, Kyle Reyes, of the Silent Partner Marketing, offered the clerk a job.

Silent Partner is one of the most pro-gun companies in the world. They don’t just encourage their employees to get a concealed carry license. They pay for the process and offer bonuses for employees who complete it. They also have monthly firearm training sessions where they pay for instructors and all of the ammo for the training.

Bad things happen every day, but in the United States of America, those bad things are often met by amazing people who triumph over the odds. We saw that with a brave Dollar General clerk. And, we saw that there are still sane, patriotic Americans who recognize and value that bravery.

The left will moan and wail, no matter what we do. It’s good to know that they haven’t destroyed everything good in this country yet.

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