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Hillary: Hope You Don’t Slip on a Banana Peel, Sleepy Joe!

admin May 1, 2020 News Comments Off on Hillary: Hope You Don’t Slip on a Banana Peel, Sleepy Joe!

It looks like they’re actually going to take Joe Biden out and replace him with Hillary Clinton. Biden has a serious #MeToo problem now that the former employee accusing him of sexually assaulting her in a dark hallway in the US Senate in 1993 has produced corroborating evidence.

The media-enforced cone of silence around the Biden sexual assault allegations is starting to show some cracks. And Hillary Clinton would like to take this moment to remind everyone that she’s very experienced and not really doing anything right now. She’s not busy. You know, if you need her for anything.

Former Biden staffer Tara Reade has been trying for weeks to get the media to give her case the same attention that hoaxer Christine Blasey-Ford and all of Harvey Weinstein’s victims received. After all, every elected Democrat and celebrity on the planet believed Blasey-Ford, despite Ms. Ford’s complete and total lack of corroborating evidence. Even “witnesses” that Blasey-Ford tried to use to smear Brett Kavanaugh ended up admitting that they never saw anything like what she accused Kavanaugh of doing. Blasey-Ford didn’t have a shred of evidence, but they all believed her outlandish smears against Brett Kavanaugh.

Harvey Weinstein’s victims had so many common victim statements that prosecutors had to take them seriously. And while Harvey Weinstein was friendly with a lot of Democrats – especially Bill and Hillary – he was an ugly person and expendable enough that the establishment let Weinstein take the fall in hopes that there wouldn’t be any more embarrassing-to-the-left incidents. #MeToo was invented to take out Trump and Republicans, after all!

But the victims of powerful Democrats just keep coming forward. Tara Reade is one of them. And compared to Blasey-Ford and Weinstein’s victims, Tara Reade has a mountain of corroborating evidence.

She told her own family about Biden’s “alleged” assault right after it happened. She told her brother and her mom. She also told a friend outside of her family about what happened, and how conflicted she felt about it because she didn’t want to make a powerful Democrat look bad. It’s reminiscent of the woman who told Portland police that she was raped by Al Gore; her friends told her not to press charges because it would damage the global warming movement, so just shut up about the fact that you were raped by a prominent Democrat.

And in another bombshell, Tara Reade’s now-deceased mother called in on Larry King Live back in 1993 to complain about the assault. CNN and Google summarily took that archived video off the internet, but isn’t it remarkable that the Media Research Center found that video and not CNN? Great investigative journalism, China News Network!


The Biden campaign and the DNC spent weeks compiling just the right talking points to address Tara Reade’s allegations. If you turn on your TV right now, you’ll find one of the prominent Democrat Senators repeating those talking points on air. Biden’s campaign instructed all of them to say that “The New York Times investigated these claims and concluded that Joe did nothing wrong. Nothing happened. These baseless allegations are NOT TRUE.”

But then a curious thing happened. The New York Times ran a piece stating that they didn’t investigate Tara Reade’s claims (why would they?) and more importantly, that they had therefore NOT REFUTED her claims.


So, now all of the Democrats are saying “multiple media outlets” have looked into it and disproven her. That’s hilarious, because no media outlet has touched the story with a 10-foot pole. The closest they’ve come is to tepidly mention that Democrats are struggling to cope with vague allegations against Biden.

Just to be clear, the allegations against Biden are not vague. In fact, they’re so detailed that they sound like they were ripped from the pages of one of failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ hilarious softcore porn novels.

The media is doing something right now that we’ve never seen in any of our lifetimes. They’re starting to turn their backs on the Democrat nominee for president. John Edwards was the media favorite in 2008 when he was taken out of the race by his mistress and love child – but he hadn’t secured the nomination yet. Biden has. Everyone else has dropped out of the race.

This is unprecedented. Which tells us that something else is afoot. And here comes Hillary for her big Town Hall appearance with Joe Biden, talking about her resume!

Picture this: Biden chooses Hillary as his running mate and then drops out of the race in a few weeks for “health reasons.” Hillary moves into the top spot, which she’s been angling for ever since her defeat by Donald Trump in 2016. Sounds plausible, doesn’t it?

I keep going back to Joe Biden’s excuse for not running in 2016. As Obama’s vice president, that would have been the perfect time for Biden to run. A lot of vice presidents do run and they make formidable opponents. But Biden didn’t run, and as he told people at the time, it was because the Clintons would “destroy him.” There was no way he was going to run against Hillary and have his legacy ruined.

Serious question to think about: Is Tara Reade, a devout Democrat, operating as part of the Clinton team?

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