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How to Make Your Boss Give You More Money

Looking at the world through ‘The Man’s’ eyes is like looking out the window of an aircraft…

When you look out the window of a plane you see the world from a whole new perspective. You feel something like that when you look out the window too?

You see the big picture. You see the masses scurrying around, not seeing the wood for the trees. You see things you wouldn’t otherwise see if you were at ground level.

It’s this gloriously inspiring view we aim to bestow on you each Monday morning. Listen, when you see the world from this perspective it’s hard for you NOT to be thrown towards freedom. The human spirit within you is just too powerful.

So take this week’s insider secrets to dig a few more feet into that escape tunnel and see the world the way I see it, not how 95% of the population does.

I want YOU to become ‘The Man’…

This week; I’ve got something you can profit from on your boss’s time WITH HIM/HER KNOWING ABOUT IT…!  But more on that in a second.

I love shortcuts when they work, don’t you? Can I take a guess as to where you’re at with the Internet? Okay, you either: a) Haven’t attempted to profit from it yet, or you: b) Have a website but don’t make much/any money from it.

Relax; I’m going to explain how to become a ‘cyber-guerrilla’ and hotwire the internet. “What’s this guy talking about?!” Put simply, there are a few little-known ways to gouge your share of profit from the internet without getting your hands dirty. This won’t get you listed on the NASDAQ, but should be good for a easy few hundred bucks a day.

I’m often asked what the best opportunity is to profit online. My reaction’s always the same; I pull them into a dark corner, make sure no-one can hear me, then whisper in their ear. “Telling other people how to profit online!”

The fear of internet marketing is caused by nothing more than a web of myths and misdirection. Here are the classic false assumptions most people make:

1. I have to be technically minded and know how to build a website.

2. I need an original idea and product of my own.

3. I need a huge advertising budget like all the big ‘dot-coms’.

4. I can’t compete against the big players.

That’s right, they’re all baloney… but that creates a big opportunity for you. Many people and corporations want to get in on the internet ATM but are frightened off. Where there’s fear of the unknown, there’s a need for consultants… internet marketing consultants!

“Me- an internet marketing consultant??” Yes, you! Listen, there are still many companies who are doing very nicely but don’t even have a website or even if they do, they certainly don’t do any online marketing.

You would be a no-fee consultant to existing businesses who have no interest or inclination to do internet marketing.

You would offer them a no-fee deal; you would just get 10% of whatever you made them online. I know people who make a 6-figure salary like this doing the most basic stuff which can be taught in a very short time indeed. A little networking, a few referrals and you’re on your way!

There are plenty of companies who’ve done all the hard work already- products, premises, stock, employees and all the other hassles- and don’t do anything online. They may have a website but don’t know how to drive traffic to it. You may not know how to either… until you understand only very basic internet marketing such as that explained in many of our courses like, Web Traffic Blueprint.

Start by making a commitment to discover such inside knowledge. Then, start opening your eyes for opportunities. Ideally you want to find larger companies selling physical items which are as close to the source of manufacture as possible and who either don’t have a website and/or are not directing any traffic to it.

People are used to being pitched with bogus promises by companies who submit their website to search engines- they charge for doing nothing more than that and is basically worthless- so make sure they understand you only want 10% of the online profit you make them.

Get yourself a webmaster. This is somebody who can put up and develop a website for you (and this is why you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to do this!). You then apply your internet marketing knowledge working through them.

I know it’s hard to believe, but there really are a great deal of companies who would rip off your arm for a service like this because they just don’t get the internet. People are still pretty clueless about it; including your own boss perhaps…

Here’s another tip on making money at work with your boss knowing about it.

Ask to have a meeting with the owner or CEO of the company (not your superior) and offer the proposition described above! You want 10% of whatever it is you make extra for them. How much money are they making online? Are they even making any?? What do they have to lose with this no-fee arrangement?

Being on the inside, you’re in a better position than most to know and because your boss is an entrepreneur (NOT the middle manager above you) he will listen. If an employee did that to me I’d probably promote them just for thinking this way!

Can you see how life-changing ONE simple action can be?

While creating a new life for yourself there are three words you need to remember. These are 3 words you can literally live by: “Perception is Reality.” Perception is a core function of your imagination; i.e. what you perceive to be true is effectively what you imagined to be true… and because you imagine it to be so, it becomes reality. Hence the expression: “The World is a Mirror”.

Clearly, if you see a person walk towards you, that is not perception, but rather reality- you didn’t imagine the event- it happened. But of course, life is full of far more complex situations, and that’s where our perception comes in. If that person walking towards you said something in a certain way, it’s about how you perceive, or imagine, their intentions, and you’ll act according to how you perceive the situation. And thus, whether we like it or not, we make important, often life-changing decisions based on our imagination.

What I’d like you to this week is consider how you are PERCEIVED by people. The truth about you- what you know about you- is irrelevant!

Look in the mirror. How do you dress? How could people label you? How do you WANT to be labeled? Decide then project that perception.

My Rant for This Week…

This issue has been a little different than some of our past issues.  Hey, it’s good to mix it up every once in a while.  With that said I’d like to end this issue with a brief rant.

Just recently in the news I read about a group filing a class action lawsuit against subway and their “$5 footlongs”.  Apparently after measuring the bread in several stores in turns out that the bread is actually an inch or two shorter than a foot.

Now I understand false advertising can be really bad especially when it’s things like predatory lending, bunk products, or companies who don’t honor their guarantees.  What I don’t understand is how anyone feels ripped off about a $5 sandwich.  Especially one that’s made right in front of them…

While technically a 10 inch sandwich that’s called a footlong can be misleading.  I understand that.  However, I consider this lawsuit to be frivolous and a disgrace.

Here’s the thing with class action lawsuits, let’s say they settle for something like $10 million dollars.  The lawyer who filed the class action lawsuit will get his 1/3 share or $3.3 million while the million other people who file will get something like $6.70 a piece.

This is clearly something designed to line the pockets of a lawyer.  Is the consumer any safer now knowing that a $5 sandwich is 10 or 11 inches?  This lawsuit doesn’t help or protect anybody except the lawyer.  Just my 2 cents, but its little things like this that can really tick me off.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.  Is this false advertising worthy of several multi-million dollar lawsuits?  Or is it a petty waste of time and resources?

Go to our blog at to share your thoughts.

Best regards,

Mark Patricks

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