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How to Teach Your Way to a Fortune

You can make money a ton of money with online education.


I recently taught a course online and received $150 for two hours of work.

Actually, there was a bit more than two hours involved because of the prep work and research. But it was still quite easy and a lot of fun.

The market for online learning is growing like wildfire.

And the best part is….

There are several ways to grab your share of the online education cash flow.

In this issue I’ll focus on becoming an online instructor…but believe me, there are a ton if ways to make money in this market.

The first thing people usually say is “I’m not qualified”.

That’s what Steve E. said to me at lunch recently at a historic deli in Camden Maine.

Steve is a high-end graphic designer.

He works for the biggest companies in his field.

Steve’s been honing his craft for more than 20 years and he’s qualified to teach and train others.

I showed him nine online instructor opportunities he could take advantage of immediately…as in the next few hours.

He checked out the opportunities, applied and sent me an email confirming two schools were interested in his services.

The Online Education Market is the Fastest Growing Segment on the Internet

The reason online education is growing so fast isn’t money.

But actually it’s the lack of it!

People are weighing the pros and cons of traditional schools versus online and distance education.

Most people have realized there’s no comparison when it comes to cost.

The cost of online education is puny when compared to what you’ll pay to attend a “traditional” school.

A Masters Degree in 14 Months…..Instead of Four Years

Online education and distance learning is changing the way people learn.

If you’re online for any amount of time each day you know it’s true.

What’s more, online education can slash the amount of time it takes to get an education.

For example, at most traditional colleges and universities it can take up to four years to earn a Master’s degree. You can earn a Master’s Degree at accredited online schools and distance learning centers in as little as 14 months.

On top of that, traditional schools require students to be in a classroom at specific times and days.

Time and physical location are irrelevant at most online schools and distance education centers. A student can work at his or her own pace!

Granted, most people go to traditional colleges and universities for more than education. Students go to college for camaraderie, sports, for a new adventure and to get away from mom and dad.

Oh…and don’t forget the parties. But let’s not go there!

Huge Demand Presents a Profit Opportunity!

Traditional colleges and universities are nervous because people are turning to the Internet for their education.

But don’t shed any tears for the “big boys.”

Colleges and universities have themselves even embraced the Internet and distance learning.

One thing colleges and universities could do is lower the cost of their courses.

The cost of a college course today is ridiculous. More than 80 percent of the tuition goes to tenured professors, administrators, management, overhead, taxes, fees, etc.

The online learning market is huge.

The demand for online teachers, instructors, and tutors is skyrocketing, according to Ken White, author of the Online Teaching Guide.

Help Wanted: Web-Savvy Entrepreneurs and Teachers!

Online education offers exciting opportunities for Web-savvy entrepreneurs and people who can teach.

I recently accepted an assignment as a guest instructor for a distance learning program called Understanding Internet Search Engines. I was paid $2,500 for about three hours of work.

Granted, most traditional colleges and universities have steep academic requirements for online instructors.

The good news is you don’t have to work at top colleges and universities to make money as an online instructor. But traditional schools may be an option worth considering too.

Look….it’s simple…the way people are learning has changed.

The “classroom model” of instruction for the past 300 years is dying.

Today, you can receive instruction on your iPhone, iPad or Droid.

On top of that, online education is becoming intertwined with online gaming… much to the chagrin of “old world” tenured professors and teachers.

My oldest son was homeschooled. He received his high school diploma online, as well as his certification in four programming languages. Much of his learning came by way of online gaming!

Here are some of the biggest online colleges and schools with web-based curriculum:

•    DeVry University

•    University of Phoenix Online

•    Walden University

•    Capella University

•    ITT Tech

•    Baker College

•    AIU Online

•    University Alliance

•    The Art Institute Online

•    Keiser University eCampus

•    Jones International University

•    ECPI – College of Technology

•    Clayton College of Natural Health

•    Everest University

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning gives people the option of earning college credits off-campus, via television, the Internet, satellite classes, web-conferencing, correspondence courses, and other means.

Today, most major colleges, universities, and technical school have distance or online learning divisions.

And hundreds of online “virtual” learning centers are being launched every month.

How to Make Money as an Online Instructor

There are basically two ways to make money as an online instructor.

•    You can apply for positions or projects at established colleges, universities, and learning centers. To do that, you submit your application to the Human Resources Department (which can usually be done at the school’s website).

•    You can teach as a freelance instructor. If you decide to go with this approach, you may have to forgo some of the benefits and perks that on staff teachers usually enjoy — but you will have more freedom and flexibility.

Do I Need Academic Qualifications?

Granted, most conventional colleges and universities require an academic background or qualifications in order to teach online courses.

But many do not!

Here’s a funny story…

A friend of mine stumbled upon an advertisement at an online college for an “Internet savvy entrepreneur with bricks and mortar expertise.”

Just for the fun of it I applied. But rather than submit my colorful academic qualifications (which are non-existent because I’m a college reject and drop-out), I submitted a powerful sales letter and a list of my dismal business failures!

But to be fair I included a brief overview of more than 30 business start-ups I launched.

On top of that, rather than submit the information online, I sent it to the appropriate person in a FedEx NextDay letter!

I was retained for the project within three days.

I realize some higher education centers, colleges, and universities require specific academic qualifications, and this doesn’t change with online instruction.

But the fact is you have (or can develop) specialized knowledge and the demand in this area is growing like wildfire!

Some online learning centers and distance learning programs compensate instructors on a “per student” basis.

For example, let’s say an online school compensates instructors $40 to $150 per student per course. And there can be anywhere from 5 to 75 students registered for each course. (Course lengths vary, but are generally from one to six weeks.)

Let’s do the math . . .

If you teach 20 courses a year (two per month, with summers off) with 32 students per course, and you are compensated $80 per student, you would earn $51,200 per year.

But let’s say you’re only willing to teach 10 courses per year, with only 20 students per course, and you only receive $50 per student. Fine – that’s still $10,000 a year doing something you love.

As you can see, this is an exciting opportunity and a great way to make a living (or a nice chunk of extra money).

More Ways to Make Money as an Online Instructor or Teacher

1. Become an online researcher.

2. Start your own online college, course search engine, or virtual learning center.

Starting an online college could be a substantial undertaking. But people are going online in droves to improve and enhance their education. And as an Internet-savvy entrepreneur, you can’t afford to ignore a trend like this.

One way to launch an online college or learning center would be to specialize and target a specific niche. For example, you could start an online college that specializes in network security, encryption science, or Web development.

A course search engine also has potential. The idea is to populate a search engine with thousands of online courses from hundreds of colleges, universities, and online learning centers around the world. Students could search for a course by title, keyword, phrase, or popularity.

This search engine would be free to users. Entering into partnerships with the colleges, universities, and learning centers would generate your revenue.

You could also offer “enhanced listings and links” to those that want to be featured “foremost” in the search results. It would be similar to the Google AdWords model.

As you can see, the potential for anything involved with online and distance learning is substantial.

******* Action Plan ********

If you want a job as an online instructor at a college, university, or distance learning center, submit your application on their respective websites.

If you prefer to work as a freelance online instructor, the process is similar, but you’ll have more choices. Stop by the websites listed in this week’s issue or browse the Internet for more resources. Follow the links for online instructors.

Believe me… the demand for online education, distance learning, and edutainment has just begun. New schools are being launched every day! This market will be HUGE!

“What’s The Deal with Edutainment”?

Edutainment is the combination of “education” and “entertainment.”

Online instruction and distance learning often incorporates both of these areas into the education process.

In other words, in order to make education and instruction more entertaining colleges are integrating high definition video, PowerPoint presentations, online tutorials, TV, movie clips, texting, live Internet, and teleconferencing into the presentations.

The more you can integrate these applications and resources into your presentations the better!

Either way, online education and distance learning is a trend that’s hear to stay and a very profitable market.


Marc Charles

“The King of Business Opportunities”

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” ….and for good reason. He should be known as “The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities”…because he’s launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities.)

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