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How Trump Can Win or Lose in 2020 – Plus, Hillary is Running

admin June 20, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on How Trump Can Win or Lose in 2020 – Plus, Hillary is Running

Trump speaking at RallyWe’ve seen exciting elections in the past, but has one in your lifetime ever felt like this much fun? MAGA champions camped out two days ahead of time for the chance to attend Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign launch. Tailgate parties. A sea of MAGA hats and signs. The very first day of Trump’s new campaign, a record-setting $25 million in donations poured in for the first “people’s president” we have had in a generation.

You know what really rankles the busload of circus freaks running against Trump? The thing that really sticks in the craws of his enemies is this: We like the guy. We genuinely like him. He’s racked up an unimaginable streak of wins for the American people. He’s beholden to no one, he never apologizes, and he fights and wins for us.

In return, he has the admiration, respect and love of millions of Americans. He’s rich, but he has the one thing that no career politician can buy with any amount of money – the people like him.

Does anyone like Kamala Harris, for example? Sure, if you’re a socialist dope, you might be in support of her policies about slavery reparations, but how is anyone supposed to like such a bitter scold? No one likes her, respects her or admires her. We all know how she got her start in politics.

Imagine how Mean Girl Pete or Bad-Touch Biden must feel whenever they walk on stage to see the *snicker* TENS of people who showed up for them. Meanwhile, every Trump rally looks like it’s Black Friday at Best Buy. The lines are miles long, everyone is celebrating, and we show up days early.

The 2020 election is Donald Trump’s to win or lose. A Democrat could still win in 2020 through vote fraud, which they are always eager to attempt. But mainly, 2020 is all about the president and his choices between now and then.

How could Trump lose the race in 2020? Simple. Follow the advice of his enemies. Right now, for example, every Jeb! neocon, every Democrat, and every warmonger in DC who voted for Hillary and has been trying to remove Trump from office – illegally – for the past two years, is advising him that America must go to war with Iran immediately.

We must send American troops into another quagmire in the Middle East because *checks notes* Iran has attempted to sink a Japanese tanker ship!

Let me check my list and see if those are two countries I do not care about at all. Yep! They’re on the list! If Iran truly attempted to bomb a Japanese tanker ship, how about if, oh, I don’t know… JAPAN deals with it?

The next big stunt: Iran shot down one of our spy drones!

Uh huh. Sure they did.

Let me get this straight. Iran, which is a s***hole country, suffers 60,000 or more casualties every time it has an earthquake, because they’re too incompetent to build anything well. They tried and failed to sink a Japanese tanker that was moving slower than one of those Walmart putt-putt scooters for disabled or obese shoppers. They tried six times to sink the tanker with mines and torpedoes… and failed.

But then they suddenly shot down one of our most sophisticated, near-invisible spy drones while it was 30,000 feet up in the air. Sure they did.

All of Trump’s enemies are trying to goad him into going to war with Iran now.

If he follows their advice, rather than his own instincts, he will lose in 2020. They will hang this new war around his neck like an albatross and they will strangle him with it. Fortunately, Trump is no dummy and he’s studied history a lot more than anyone believes. Reagan didn’t launch us into a war with Lebanon when 212 American Marines died in the barracks bombing in 1983. But Trump is supposed to launch us into a war with Iran… over a piece of machinery that anyone can buy from Amazon? A drone?

Trump can win in 2020 by doing two things. The first is to keep doing what’s he’s doing, which is winning. The second is to sow as much chaos as possible into the Democrat primaries. He’s already promising to do that, and I for one am eternally grateful for it.

The Democrat debates are about to get underway. As a chronicler of political events, I was seriously thinking about jumping off a bridge as an alternative to having to sit through those boring three-hour marathons. Yippee, it’s Pocahontas, Bernie Marx, Bitter Scold, Mean Girl Pete, Creepy Sleepy Flip-Floppy Bad-Touch Biden, the Other Castro Communist, the Asian Guy, Spartacus, the Guy Who Watched Porn with His Mom, the Skateboarding Pothead, and the other 13 mutants running for the nomination trying to out-socialist each other. Anything but that.

But here comes President Trump to the rescue! He’s threatening to live-tweet the Democrat debates. Hallelujah! Now that is going to be some hilarious chaos sown into the Dem primary. I’ll be glued to the President’s Twitter feed for every single debate now. It’ll be just like the rallies. Trump’s Twitter following will dwarf the ratings of CNN, MSNBC or even Fox News as they host the Dem debates. Can’t wait!

One last thing to note about Trump’s campaign launch: Many media outlets hammered him and suggested that he’s living the past because he referenced Crooked Hillary and her numerous crimes so many times. “Why was he so focused on Hillary?” his enemies in the media sneered.

Because she’s still likely to run. As we’ve noted several times previously, Crooked Hillary could still jump into the race – maybe even through September – and run the table. She even sent out an ominous tweet after Trump’s campaign launch, claiming that she has “incredible stamina.”

What a weird thing for a crusty, evil old witch to say… unless she’s still planning to run in 2020.

Trump knows and understands this, which is why he focused on Crooked Hillary so much in his campaign launch speech.

Bring it, Hillary. We beat you once and we’ll do it again. As long as Trump continues to not follow the advice of his enemies.

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