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If Only Someone Had Warned Us About the Importance of Borders

admin April 3, 2020 News Comments Off on If Only Someone Had Warned Us About the Importance of Borders

Democrats who called President Trump a xenophobic racist Hitler clone in January for shutting down non-essential travel from China are suddenly demanding that their governors ban all interstate travel in the US. The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that 67% of Americans support closing their own states’ borders to all non-essential out-of-state travel.

Rhode Island and other blue states are quarantining New Yorkers who cross their borders. Cape Cod residents are seriously considering blowing up the bridges to keep the Chinese virus out. Who would have thought that borders are so important!

All around the world, governments are suddenly realizing that people within their borders view the lives of their own people as being more important than the lives of foreigners. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Before this is over, Mexico might be building new stretches of wall along its northern border to keep those diseased Americans out. Hey, a boy can dream, can’t he? (By the way, if you think that Trump is a racist for calling it the “Chinese virus,” you should definitely not Google the term “Mexican coronavirus pinata.” Just saying.)

And while President Trump is doing everything he can to save American lives right now, it seems that many states are determined to destroy their own economies in order to grab more power for Democrats. It’s mindboggling to watch, especially when we’re dealing with a virus that we don’t fully understand at this point.

Why is this virus rampaging through New York right now? Many cities along the West Coast that had direct daily flights from China coming in are doing better, while New York City is falling apart. It’s almost as if we’re talking about two different viruses. Coronavirus cases and total deaths have been dropping in California and Washington state all week.

You might think that the sunny weather and warmer temps in California are sanitizing things, but how do you account for the numbers dropping in Seattle, a dreary, wet, rains-every-day city?

As of this writing, San Francisco has 434 new cases and seven total deaths. It looks like new cases peaked there in late March and they’re almost out of the woods. Meanwhile, Fredo Cuomo of CNN is hallucinating in his New York basement with the virus.


Weird trends are popping up now that we’re starting to get some more reliable data. In New York City, they have more per capita cases popping up in the lower-income neighborhoods such as Queens. But in Los Angeles, the swankiest neighborhoods around Hollywood and Beverly Hills have more cases, while the poor neighborhoods are healthy.

The virus is barely a blip in the state of Oregon, but the liberal Democrat Governor Kate Brown seems determined to wreck the lives and economy of its 4.2 million citizens. All of Oregon’s state models predict that if the state keeps its economy fully open, with no business shutdowns, they would have roughly 90 patients in ICU units by May 1. But with the state’s economy on lockdown and 200,000 citizens unemployed after just the first week of Oregon’s shutdown, they expect to reduce that number to 30 ICU patients by May 1.

Billions in economic damage, hundreds of thousands out of work… and they expect to reduce the number of serious cases by 60 over the next month? I hope the voters of Oregon remember this in November.

New York is turning into a nightmare on our television screens, while things appear to be getting better on the West Coast. In my county, we suddenly have “three cases” after having zero all this time. That doesn’t mean the virus is suddenly spreading here. Those three cases were asymptomatic, non-serious patients. The only reason why we suddenly have three cases is that some widespread testing has finally become available for the general public.

How do you account for the wide disparity between the coasts? I have no idea, but historian Victor Davis Hanson, who you’ve probably seen on Fox News in recent months, has posed an interesting theory. This virus may have been around on the West Coast months earlier than we knew about it. California in particular had an early, nasty, brutal flu season. This bug may have been brought here directly from China months ago, and we never realized it. And as a result, the West Coast urban areas have developed pretty good herd immunity already.

I hope he’s right, and I hope everyone out west can get back to work sooner as a result. Because right now, the totalitarian cure is proving much worse than the disease.

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