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If You Don’t “Get” Trump’s Daytona Triumph, You Never Will

admin February 18, 2020 News Comments Off on If You Don’t “Get” Trump’s Daytona Triumph, You Never Will

Air Force One buzzed the Daytona 500 crowd from just 800 feet above the ground over the weekend. President Trump took a lap around the track in the presidential limo, “The Beast.” The people loved it, delivering thunderous applause to a president who adores Real America and our pastimes and traditions. The Enemy of the People media took turns being baffled and horrified by the whole thing, once again proving that the mainstream press knows absolutely nothing about the country they’re supposed to be reporting on.

After the president attended the LSU-Alabama college football game last November, the media complained that Trump doesn’t go to enough sporting events. Sure, Trump had just been to Game 5 of the World Series that month, followed by a trip to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship 244, and then the football game. But whatever.

Trump’s motives were obvious to the mind-readers in the liberal media (like always). He doesn’t go to many sporting events because of his desperate and clingy need for “adoration” from people. Trump knows he’ll get booed if he goes to any of those icky sports-ball thingies that the deplorable hicks in flyover country enjoy.

Trump’s visit to Daytona Beach over the weekend can only be described as an epic triumph – for America, for NASCAR fans and for the president. The media knows this and couldn’t hide it, so they immediately turned into fiscal hawks.

Reporters who never bat an eyelid over a multimillion-dollar Mueller investigation, or a taxpayer-funded study of the dating habits of transgender prostitutes in Brazil, are suddenly concerned about all the money Trump “wasted” by visiting Daytona.

NBC’s White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell made sure to note that Trump’s pace lap at Daytona was “paid by taxpayers.”

Sarah Reese Jones, a writer at PoliticusUSA, said Trump’s lap around the track was illegal: “Donald Trump didn’t make history on Sunday. He broke another law.”

Another journalist who no one has ever heard of, Maureen Antonio, wrote that Trump had stolen food from poor kids to visit Daytona, “He just cut more food stamps from Americans, including Children & the Elderly.”

Because that’s how the American government works: Anytime a president does something, he has to pay for it by looting food stamp programs.


Hold up! I just had an idea for my campaign platform if I ever run for office!

Presidents have been attending sporting events in their official capacity for more than a hundred years now, dating back to at least 1910 when President Taft threw out the first ceremonial pitch of baseball season. But as always, things that were norms and traditions for past presidents are suddenly a treasonous betrayal of norms and traditions when Trump does it. During his eight years in the White House, Barack Obama spent more hours attending college men’s basketball games than he spent with his own wife and children. (Go ahead, Snopes – fact-check me!) But it’s suddenly a big waste of taxpayer funds for Trump to go to Daytona, because the Secret Service has to protect him.

Compare Trump’s epic triumph at Daytona to Bernie Sanders’ campaign event in Nevada over the same weekend. The socialist Democrat frontrunner was giving his boilerplate “workers of the world unite” speech when a bunch of animal rights wackos stormed the stage and took the microphone away from him. Then, the women stripped off their tops to protest… uh… dairy farms. I watched the video for research purposes, of course. It was udderly ridiculous.

But what was really striking about the video was that no one even attempted to protect Bernie Sanders during the incident. He just throws his hands up and walks away from the podium while the exhibitionist protest takes place. No one from the crowd of Bernie Bros comes to help him. None of his staff helps him. Everyone just waits for the venue security to roust the troublemakers. Poor Bernie!

Imagine if some triggered leftist tried to rush the stage at a Trump event carrying a gun or a knife or a stick of dynamite. Actually, we don’t have to imagine it because triggered leftists try to rush the stage at nearly every Trump event. They never make it to the stage, because men, women, children in wheelchairs, veterans, grandmas in MAGA hats and other patriots always thump on them before handing them over to Secret Service for a trip to the emergency room. Keep your shirts on, leftists, because we’re never letting you get to our president or his microphone.

The love that President Trump holds for the American people and that they return back to him is baffling to the left. They just don’t get it. And they never will.

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