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IG Report: The Biggest Bombshells Explained

admin December 12, 2019 News Comments Off on IG Report: The Biggest Bombshells Explained

There were so many big events in the world of politics this week that it was difficult to keep track of them. It’s been one of those weeks. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Crooked Hillary jumps into the 2020 race before I finish typing this. The House is debating Articles of Impeachment against President Trump right now after Adam Schiff’s sham impeachment. And the long-awaited Inspector General Report from Michael Horowitz was finally released on December 9.

The IG Report is a bit of a whitewash. Don’t get me wrong. The report clocks in at more than 400 pages and it has a lot of heft to it. While only a single low-level FBI lawyer was referred for a criminal complaint in the IG Report, it does paint a fairly good picture for anyone who wants to fully understand the Russian collusion hoax. It’s a whitewash in terms of the fact that no one will be executed for treason as a result of Horowitz’s findings. But it does have a lot of useful info in it.

Perhaps the most important thing to note about the report is that it fully debunks Hillary Clinton’s paid-for Russian potty dossier. The information compiled by Christopher Steele, who worked for Fusion GPS, which worked for the Clinton campaign and the DNC, was completely false. Every word of it was false.

The FBI knew that it was false and even had information proving that all of the major points in the potty dossier were false. And we finally know, definitively, without any shadow of a doubt, that the potty dossier was the sole basis of the FISA warrants that were used to spy on former Naval officer and patriot Carter Page.

The inept, childish and tacky transparency of the entire Obama administration was on display in Operation Crossfire Bananarama Torpedo Hurricane, or whatever self-important name they gave their little coup attempt. The operation started out with George Papadopoulos chosen as the mark. It became clear to the plotters that Papadopoulos was not a mark that they could make “stick” on Russian collusion in early 2016. He didn’t know any actual Russians. No one would believe their little fictions if Papadopoulos was supposed to be the connection between Trump and Russia.

So, they shifted their plans on the fly and made Carter Page the new mark. Carter Page knew some Russian dudes. He had even been to Russia. Carter Page was perfect!

That was the moment in 2016 when Christopher Steele was tasked with putting together his dossier. Carter Page was the mark. They were off to the races with their insurance policy!

That was also the moment when all of the people who went to Yale and Harvard, but are actually pretty dumb, made their fatal mistake. Nobody on the team of coup plotters thought to actually check to see whether Carter Page was in fact a patriotic American intelligence source. Spoiler alert: HE WAS!

Carter Page worked for a different alphabet agency than the FBI (we still don’t know which one). That agency sent a memo to the coup plotters alerting them to the fact that Page is an important intel source for the good guys. When that memo arrived, it must have been similar to what my great-grandmother used to refer to as an, “Oh, sh*t!” moment – like when you’re driving down a steep hill and one of the wheels falls off your Model T.

The FBI hid that information from the FISA court. Every piece of information they had on Carter Page was exculpatory and had to be hidden from the FISA court. They made something like 17 blatantly “false” or “misleading” statements to the FISA court over the course of their bungled operation.

The second alphabet agency started to get PO’d. We know that this agency, whatever it was, could not have been the CIA, because we know that John Brennan was part of the coup attempt (maybe Page was working for Naval Intelligence?).

Anyway, after the mystery agency sent a second furious memo to the coup plotters, an FBI lawyer was ordered to falsify an email to say the exact opposite of what it said. That email originally exonerated Carter Page and said he was not a Russian agent, but was in fact one of the good guys. The email was falsified to say that Page was a Russian agent, and then the false email was given to the FISA court.

This is all established as part of the fact record now, thanks to the IG Report. One low-level FBI lawyer may or may not be prosecuted as a result. Perhaps Attorney General Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham will have better success in lopping some heads off in a few weeks, which is what the American people need to see in order to put this all behind us.

In the meantime, there should be a huge question lurking in the back of everyone’s mind when it comes to this entire plot against President Trump. James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Rod Rosenstein and Peter Strzok were all too dumb to have been pulling the strings of this coup attempt. Every single one of them is a glorified, low-IQ connected bumpkin. So… who was pulling the strings?

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