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Imagine How Quickly We’d Have a Wall If…

border wall constructionImagine for a moment that a nation in Central America was filled with capitalism-loving people, who appreciate gun rights, marriage, family values, low taxes and so on. In our imaginary Central American country, the families are poor but hardworking, and all of the ladies shave their armpits.

And then one day, a catastrophic natural disaster strikes – something like a massive volcano eruption or a meteor strike. Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of these freedom-loving foreigners are flooding the US-Mexico border. They are pleading for asylum as refugees, while also proclaiming that they love America and love our current President Donald J. Trump.

Imagine how quickly we’d have a wall on our southern border if that happened! Democrats in Congress would also pass a new Immigration Restriction Act that would look like it had been authored by Bull Connor.

Actually, we don’t have to imagine, because Democrats have already proven how ruthlessly nativist and exclusionist they are willing to be, any time an immigrant population proves to be a threat to their nationwide vote fraud scheme.

In the early 1970s, the Executive branch wanted to rescue hundreds of thousands of refugees from Vietnam when America withdrew its troops from the war. But the United States couldn’t possibly take in refugees from Vietnam! They were dirty, uncultured people who were used to living in huts with dirt floors. They got their water out of a river rather than the sink. They ate strange foods. Plus, they didn’t even speak English. Those filthy foreigners would be raping schoolgirls on the playground if we allowed them in.

Not to mention the fact that America was already really, really full. If we brought a bunch of jungle peasants from Vietnam, where would we put them? An influx of Vietnamese rapists would drive housing prices up for everyday American citizens, lowering their quality of life and standard of living. America was already the most generous nation in the world, so why should we do more just to help a bunch of filthy, stinking Third World aliens who don’t speak our language?

That wasn’t the rhetoric from a Trump rally in 1972. It was the official Democrat Party line when it came to Vietnamese refugees. The reason? When Nixon pulled the troops out of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson’s wildly popular Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese communists went to work executing approximately one million “collaborators” – i.e., citizens who disagreed with communism. This caused a huge flood of refugees to flee Vietnam.

If America took those refugees in, the Democrats reasoned that they would be grateful to Richard Nixon for saving their lives and would turn into lifelong Republican voters. The Democrats were quick to label an immigrant culture as a “rape culture” if there was a danger of them voting Republican. The second that any immigrant shows the slightest whiff of conservatism, the Democrats begin arguing in favor of a merit-based, English-only immigration system.

In the late 1970s, the communist Soviet Union began kicking out Orthodox Russian Jews, and the United States began taking in approximately 100,000 of them per year. This was a huge propaganda win for the US on the world stage. But when the Orthodox Jews who had been living under communism for decades made it to the US, they became incredibly outspoken about how awesome America was, compared to the USSR.

They also truthfully noted that the Democrat Party was collaborating with America’s biggest enemy on the world stage, both in policy and rhetoric. In other words, the Russian Jews were becoming Republican, pro-capitalist, pro-American people who didn’t want to see America turn into a communist country.

The Democrat response was swift and brutal. The pro-America zeal of the Russian Jews prompted Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) to immediately draft the 1980 Refugee Act. The act capped the number of admissible refugees to America at 60,000 per year, and they could only be drawn from a pool of refugees selected by the America-hating United Nations.

As far as the Democrats were concerned, those dirty Russian Jews could go back where they came from. They weren’t wanted here! But now that most of the nations of the world have fallen into varying flavors of Democrat-approved socialism, all immigrants are now welcome here.

Thanks to 40 years of liberal court decisions, we no longer have a system of immigration or refugee asylum laws in America. We only have a system of loopholes for aliens to fall through – they don’t even have to bother to jump through the hoops. Only the dumbest foreigner imaginable could miss one of the hoops and get himself deported.

If a Mexican rapist impregnated 15 middle school girls in a community, would anyone be surprised if an Obama-appointed judge refused to deport him? The excuse would be that the rapist can’t be separated from his “children” on moral grounds.

All of this highlights the fact that the globalist elites in America still haven’t figured out why the people elected Donald Trump. How dare he suggest that foreigners in the US Congress go back to their home countries?

National Review, the magazine for weak, ineffectual fake conservatives who are incapable of satisfying their wives, published a column over the weekend titled, “No One Really Wants to Send Her [Ilhan Omar] Back.”

Au contraire!

Picture a hotel guest who sets their room curtains on fire, cooks meth in the bathtub, plays Guns N Roses at high volume all night long, complains about the continental breakfast, defecates on the hotel lobby floor and then demands to stay in the hotel for free, for the rest of her life. The hotel owner would rightly have that guest put in handcuffs, escorted off the premises, banned for life and sued for damages.

But when Ilhan Omar comes to this country as a refugee, gets elected to Congress, and does the exact same thing to America, we get endless lectures from Democrats, the media and fake conservatives about how Ilhan Omar is inherently better than we are.

Sorry, National Review. I can think of at least one person who really does want to send her back! And I’m guessing that I’m not alone in that sentiment.

Maybe there is a bright side to this whole situation with Ilhan Omar. Since she is incapable of shutting up or even mildly curbing her tongue, she’s eventually going to let the cat out of the bag. When she finally admits on camera that she wants to exterminate white Republicans and Democrats in death camps, maybe we’ll finally get a wall on our southern border.

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