Tuesday, February 25, 2020
League of Power

The League of power

"Freedom by Friday"

It Just Got Hotter in DC

The clock is ticking and the pressure is on. This past week saw the emergence of a new candidate in the Republican field of nominees for the Presidency of the United States. Texas Governor Rick Perry announced, or rather proclaimed, that he was running for the office. There are only three viable candidates for the nomination, Perry, Romney and Bachmann, with Ron Paul being a fourth long shot. Two of the three, Bachmann and Perry, are either on the fringe or in the fringe of the Republican Party. It should make for some interesting sound bites.


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The three are very strong candidates from the party – the result of having a very weak candidate the last go around in John McCain. But, the strength could hurt them, especially Bachmann and Perry. In order for them to capture the nomination they are going to have to attack each other, professionally and personally, and there is a lot of fodder for the gristmill for all involved. Perry’s strong religious leanings and abrasive style may play well for the far right, but in an era where the public is tired and looking for compromise, it may not play well to the center.

Texas is the most successful state in the Union as far as creating jobs in this slow growth environment, but the jobs being created are not the type that you send your kids to college to get. But, it will play well on sound-bytes, and give credit where credit is due – sometimes any job is better than no job.

Bachmann comes with more baggage. She has the religious fervor but accompanied by strong anti-gay leanings. In a year where places like New York and the military have acquiesced to gay rights, Bachmann stands out like a sore thumb. Her strong Tea Party affiliations may also prove to be a negative amongst more moderate voters as it puts her at odds with any type of compromise with the Democrats when it comes to fiscal actions.

Romney will come out as the centrist in the party, but his Mormon affiliation will again hurt him as will the fact that he was unable to secure the nomination the first go around. And, his ties to big business and healthcare reform in Massachusetts that was the model for  may prove to be massive hurdles to overcome.

There are five debates coming up for the candidates and they should prove telling, as will the prospective choices for running mates. While the no compromise platform plays well for the minority of voters, in the end this country has never fared well when allowed only one direction with no argument.

Times are tough, serious policy decisions have to be made. The government is bloated and dysfunctional right now. The next two to four years are going to make or break this decade and maybe the next one if the proper course of action is not found and taken. If you want evidence of what a lost decade or two looks like, just look to Japan which is still suffering from a market collapse and deflation dating back to the early nineties.


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  1. Garrett August 22, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    I disagree. Ron Paul is not a long shot, the media just keeps saying that. Do a search for the Jon Stewart video on Ron Paul and the media not covering him even though he’s won the NH poll and came in a close 2nd at the Iowa straw poll…he got 4,000 some votes…Mitt ‘Romneycare’ only got around 500 or so.

    2nd, Rick Perry is a slick talking shill…He talks a good game but that’s it. He got awards from Mexico, has been working toward a North American Union, tried to force shots and young women, defended (in the debate w/ govenor candidate debra medina) giving illegal aliens tax payer funded college tuition!

    Bachmann will continue the ludicrous foreign policy we have…nevermind the country is broke.

    They don’t talk about Ron Paul b/c he IS the REAL DEAL and will TRULY change Washington…

    Everyone else up there and the democrats are all just part of the dog and pony show to make us ‘believe’ we have a choice.

    Think about all the elections before this one, all the hooplah, all the pizzaz, all the ‘change’ all the ‘no new taxes read my lips’….yet government grows, liberties decrease, and the country goes more into debt, and more into other sovereign countries business…

    NOTHING CHANGEs…but this time around we have Ron Paul….and THEY are scared to death of him…..

  2. jejones August 22, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Rick Perry is a consummate liar just like Obama. Texas, through Perry took every penny of QE he could get his hands on. He is in the pocket of the big banks and big pharma and does not believe in healthcare freedom.

  3. Tracy August 22, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    I agree with Garrett. I was surprised to get an email like this from LOP…are you really only watching mainstream news?

  4. Patty August 22, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    Ron Paul is NOT a longshot. Watch him. He came in second in the Iowa straw poll, only because Bachmann bought votes. He just won the New Hampshire straw poll without even being there. The media is trying their very best to ignore him, hoping he’ll just go away. He won’t. He is the only one that will get this country back on the right track. Why every true American that loves this country and what it stands for is not lined up behind him in support is really beyond me. He is truly a grassroots candidate. If he doesn’t win nomination, we should all elect him as a write-in. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!

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