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Joe Biden Is Not a Moderate

admin September 19, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Joe Biden Is Not a Moderate

Joe Biden caricatureAnyone who isn’t a rabid leftist is watching the Democratic primary race in horror. These people are having a contest to see who can be the most radical, and it’s the American people who suffer for it.

As you bear witness to this debacle, you’ll inevitably find yourself rooting for one of the more moderate, less crazies to pull ahead of the rest. It’s human nature. But, before you decide that Joe Biden is the moderate in a sea of extremists, you should read this.


Let’s not pull punches. Support for the right to kill babies is an extremist position, no matter how it’s painted. Biden’s had a long career, and throughout it he has supported Roe v Wade. He tries to straddle the fence by saying he’s personally against abortion, but the policy is what matters.

More importantly, Biden has radicalized his position on abortion over the last year. In the past, he supported the notion that federal funds shouldn’t be used to pay for abortions. He no longer holds that position. He is now officially in favor of federally-funded abortions all the way up to birth. In fact, he has defended the New York law that allows outright infanticide.

The worst part of all of this is how Old Joe flipped his stance. He could have happily lived in retirement after his terms as vice president. Instead, he has embraced radical abortion policy to try and finally get a longshot chance at being President. He sold his soul for a few votes. That’s not moderate, and it’s not something we should look past.

Gun Rights

There has never been a time when Biden defended the 2nd Amendment. While he served in Congress, he was a leader among those pushing for the assault weapon ban in 1994, and this is emblematic of his entire view on guns.

He champions the method of legislating firearms in ignorance. It’s why he supported cosmetic bans in ‘94, and it’s why he’s currently in favor of banning magazines that hold more than one bullet. Yes, he literally said that.

Biden seems like a moderate compared to other frontrunners on this issue. He recently stood up to Kamala Harris and explained that the Constitution forbids presidents from unilaterally confiscating guns. That’s not actually a moderate position; he’s just less stupid than Harris. He still very much wants to infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights. He’s just the only leading Democrat who remembers how the legislative process actually works. A vote for Biden is still a vote against your own freedom.


Economic policy is probably the most important to a lot of Americans. We traded Obama for President Trump, and things instantly improved. No one wants to go backwards. Historically, Biden’s economic policy is right along the lines of what you saw under Obama. It’s over regulated and restrictive, but it isn’t outright socialism.

Unfortunately, Biden’s trend this election cycle is to move far to the left. On his official website, he embraces a $15 minimum wage. That’s despite clear evidence that even the wealthiest counties in the country struggle at such a wage. This policy would destroy rural America, and it would push Puerto Rico even further into irretrievable poverty.

Biden also supports a public healthcare option. This is another time that he seems less extreme than he really is. He might be the only Democrat who isn’t pushing for the abolishment of private insurance, but his healthcare proposal would still cost taxpayers an extra $1 trillion every year, and it would only help about 15 million Americans. That’s bad math.

He’s also with the far-left on carbon taxes. He’s fully willing to kneecap the U.S. economy in the battle against climate change. That’s why he supports the Paris Agreement, an end to fracking and abandoning our recent achievement of being a net energy exporter. In all of this, he’s ignoring the most important fact. If the United States never emitted a single molecule of carbon dioxide for the rest of history, it would have no meaningful impact on global emissions or climate change models. He wants to cripple our economy for nothing. Is that extreme enough for you?

Criminal Justice

This is actually where Biden is at his most extreme. On the campaign trail this year, Biden has announced his stance that the United States should not have prison sentences for nonviolent crimes. He wants to release every nonviolent prisoner, and he wants to abolish prison as a punishment for nonviolent crimes.

That means we shouldn’t lock up people who traffic children as sex slaves. We should ignore illegal drug distribution rings. Trafficking weapons is perfectly fine with Old Joe. All of that is to say nothing of tax evasion, property theft, white collar crime and a whole host of issues that don’t involve one person physically attacking another person. This is insanity, and it’s actually the most extreme criminal justice position of any current Democratic candidate. On this issue, he’s pushing the envelope for crazy Democratic policy.

It’s one thing to look at Biden and think he’s less crazy than Bernie Sanders or Robert O’Rourke. That’s probably a fair assessment. But, the sanest person in the looney bin is still someone who should never be the leader of the free world. Hoping Biden wins the nomination is like hoping the crocodile beats the anaconda in the death match. Either way, they’d both happily devour you for a meal, and that’s the case with the Democrats. They want your money and your freedom. It doesn’t matter which of them is ultimately the face of the platform. Don’t forget that.

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