Monday, September 21, 2020
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Liberals Aren’t Defunding the Police – They’re Stealing the Money

The new rallying cry of the mainstream media, the Democrat Party and the pothead mayor of New York City is, “Defund the Police!” Oh, really? Off the top of your head, name all of the other times when Democrats have wanted to reduce spending on anything since that time when JFK cut taxes. We’ll wait.

Oh, right. Defunding things happens NEVER when Democrats are allowed to be in charge of something. Democrats aren’t going to defund the cops. They’re just trying to steal all of that sweet, sweet taxpayer money that is normally allocated for public safety.

Pothead Bill De Blasio in New York City, with the help of the city council, is cutting $1 billion from the NYPD budget. The idiots in charge of Los Angeles are running a similar bait-and-switch with the taxpayers. Their plan is to try a “new approach to community justice,” in which they’ll send a social worker to your house when a hulking criminal or mob of protesters break in and hold a gun to your womb as he and his accomplices steal everything from you. The social workers will just talk to the guys holding the gun on you and help them to see the errors of their ways.

Now… do you think for one second that the “leaders” in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis or any other Democrat-run city are actually giving a massive break to people on their property taxes? Really? Pothead Bill is taking a billion dollars from the NYPD so that he can give it to liberal institutions that will help the Democrats solidify their one-party rule even further.


Democrats are infuriated because one of the few remaining institutions of public life in America that is still somewhat conservative… are the police. Heaven forbid that any taxpayer money should go to an institution that doesn’t fully support the Democrat Party’s communist, woke social justice policies!!

Think of any other institution in American life, and chances are it has been almost fully captured by communists. Public schools? Colleges and universities? Your local museum? Professional sports? Ha!

Even our military has become pathetically woke at the management level. A lot of the troops are still fairly conservative – but not the generals! As China has been loudly preparing for war with American and Australia for the past 30 years, our generals have had American soldiers wearing “pregnancy vests” and high heels in humiliating struggle sessions to feel what it’s like to really be a woman. When President Trump swiftly and decisively put an end to the looting and rioting in Washington, DC, his own Secretary of Defense held a press conference to denounce his boss.

“I didn’t know that he was going to do that icky Bible Jesus thing at a historic church! Blech! Please don’t disinvite me from the next cocktail party with all the guys from Yale! I promise I don’t have Trump cooties!”

One of the few remaining conservative taxpayer-funded institutions you can find is the police unions. They frequently endorse law-and-order Republicans for office. This enrages the Democrat Party, which relies on corrupt public sector union dues to help them win elections (since normal people don’t donate to Democrats).

One of the reasons the police (as an institution) tend to be more conservative than other public agencies is because they have to deal with real people, real problems and liars every single day. They have no illusions about the fact that some people are just scummy and need to be kept in line. You will never meet a Libertarian police officer, because cops understand there are actually a lot of scoundrels in the world. We don’t live in a utopia, and someone has to deal with the scoundrels on a regular basis.

Discussing the latest academic theory that Trump supporters are all heteronormative cisgender fascists listening to Trump’s dog whistle instructions to attack minorities is all well and good. But when there’s an actual naked guy swinging a samurai sword around on a playground, woke social justice policy becomes pretty irrelevant in a hurry and you have to do manly stuff to stop the guy with the sword.

Under the scary future that Democrats have envisioned for us, the cops would never conclude that Jussie Smollett could have lied to them. The Chicago PD would still be looking for two white guys in MAGA hats. There will still be police and law enforcement – which are absolutely necessary – in New York, L.A. and Minneapolis after the liberals defund them. But it will be partisan law enforcement. Any officer who wants to keep his or her job will have to renounce the former organization and adhere to the new woke social justice form of policing that Democrats are making up right now.

If you defend yourself against a minority criminal in those places, as the St. Louis couple did last week, then you will be charged with a felony by the new woke social justice police that have replaced the traditional police units. That’s a version of American that none of us should want to live in. And that’s exactly why the Democrats are trying to “defund” the police.

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