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Media Can’t Hide These Links Between Soros and the Whistle Blower

admin October 3, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Media Can’t Hide These Links Between Soros and the Whistle Blower

George SorosAbout a week ago, Democrats started up this impeachment frenzy. They claimed that there was clear evidence of a quid pro quo between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. According to that impeachment effort, President Trump leveraged military aid to force Ukraine into investigating a political rival.

That was less than a week ago, and they’ve already abandoned that premise. Now, they’re pushing impeachment on the grounds that President Trump has obstructed justice in the investigation of said quid pro quo. Seriously.

This is completely unhinged, and in the craziness, it’s easy to miss extremely important facts. One of those is that George Soros might be driving this whole crazy train.

Who Is Joe diGenova?

Joe diGenova served as a U.S. attorney from 1983 to 1988. He has been a political pundit since, and recently, he has been one of the loudest voices against the deep state. He called out the Russia investigation from the start. He was a thought leader showing how the investigation had nothing of real substance and was in fact a witch hunt against the President.

He was labeled a hack and conspiracy theorist for his efforts (which is a label still attributed to him on Wikipedia), even though all of his claims proved true.

Now, we have a new controversy, and diGenova is once again ahead of the curve on pointing out holes in the narrative. Rather than just another voice claiming that the Democrats are corrupt and trying to scapegoat President Trump for their own crimes, diGenova found hard evidence that slipped past the notice of the masses.

The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight

This bit is crazy, because it really is in plain sight. If you have read the whistleblower complaint, you may have noticed the ample footnotes. These footnotes work as effective citations for the many claims within the complaint. They range from referencing “people in the intelligence community” to news reporting. How a whistleblower bases a complaint on news reports is still unclear.

Regardless, there’s a damning truth hidden among all of those footnotes, and diGenova was the first to point it out. Multiple references are made to a group identified only as “OCCRP.” According to the complaint, OCCRP has identified some key points of potential corruption that actually serve as the backbone of the whole thing.

Well, diGenova did a little homework, and it turns out that OCCRP is actually the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. On the name alone, you might be able to guess the next part. This is another ‘watchdog’ group funded by George Soros.

Like Bloomberg’s Every Town for Gun Safety, OCCRP is a propaganda machine that only exists to try and sway public opinion towards liberal viewpoints.

Now, it’s entirely possible that a propaganda group funded by Soros could stumble into real, relevant information that could at least partially justify the whistelblower complaint. Soro’s money doesn’t automatically disqualify the claims by OCCRP.

Of course, that’s not what happened. When you dig at all, you see that OCCRP was just one cog in a larger machine that coordinated propaganda efforts in this Ukraine scandal.

It’s easy to see when you look at an OCCRP claim that appears in the whistleblower complaint. According to the project, Rudy Giuliani had his associates work with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Democrats.

At face value, this sounds pretty shady, but the truth is far less nefarious. It turns out that Giuliani happens to know (in a professional capacity) two of the people appointed by IG Barr to investigate Ukraine.

Do you remember when Barr publicly announced that he was going to look into the origins of the Russia investigation? These two guys are on that project. Their job is to see what exactly transpired between the DNC and Ukraine back in 2016. That they have met Guilani is purely coincidence, and unsurprising considering his career and position with President Trump. None of this is remotely illegal or even hidden knowledge.

The Deeper Plot

The problem is that OCCRP is more than just a group that made up dirt that was then cited in a whistleblower complaint. Well, that’s actually a huge problem, but this all runs deeper. In reality, OCCRP is part of a coordinated propaganda effort that included multiple Soros projects and contacts within the deep state.

While OCCRP was doing its thing, Soros outlets were publishing articles that accused Ukraine of all kinds of corruption. Do you remember the prosecutor who Biden had fired? It turns out that allegations of corruption actually originated with Soros’s projects. We now have to wonder if there was any validity at all in those accusations.

It could be that Soros used his resources to give Biden an excuse to fire a prosecutor and protect his son. This conspiracy is woven through the entire fabric of our government.

There are still tons of unknowns, and that’s the whole point. We can’t be sure who is on a payroll and who is a sincere government employee. We can’t fully separate fact from fiction. We might be tempted to wait on IG Barr’s investigation to reveal some truths, but the Soros propaganda machine is working overtime to try and discredit that investigation on every front. If they succeed, it could be that Barr reveals all of the dirty details to no avail.

Here’s the most important point in all of this. Soros isn’t the entire problem. His money creates headaches for everyone, but ultimately, his ability to corrupt our country is rooted in the masses of people who will believe the lies.

The key to fighting corruption and overcoming this ridiculous mess we’re all in is to serve the truth. Look at everything with a skeptical eye, and when reliable facts finally come to light, share them far and wide. Anything less will effectively deliver our country to the corrupt Democrats on a platter.

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