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Media Suggest Trump Killed Iranian General to Get Reelected, But At Least They Finally Admit What Clinton Did 20 Years Ago was Bad

admin January 6, 2020 News Comments Off on Media Suggest Trump Killed Iranian General to Get Reelected, But At Least They Finally Admit What Clinton Did 20 Years Ago was Bad

Well, I guess we’re all going to die in World War III now because cowboy Trump with his finger on the nuclear trigger is being unpresidential or something.

It’s fun to watch all the wrong takes that the smart media people deliver every week after the worst disaster ever happens (until next week, when the next worst disaster ever will happen). Let’s review some of the greatest wrong takes that have happened in the past few days.

If you missed the news somehow, President Trump zapped General Qasem Soleimani of Iran when Soleimani stepped off a plane in Baghdad last week.

Apparently, this guy who none of us had ever heard of before was the leader of Iran’s Quds forces – you know the Iranian terror group that kills US soldiers, Jewish civilians and Sunni Muslims all over the world. The same Quds forces that attacked the US embassy in Iraq a few days ago.

Anyway, Soleimani was the boss of that group, until the real boss delivered the ultimate version of “You’re fired!” to him in the form of a drone strike.

The Democrats in Congress were shocked – shocked, I tell you! How dare Trump launch a drone strike against a foreign terrorist without authorization from Democrats in Congress!? This was just like Bill Clinton bombing that Sudanese aspirin factory to distract from his impeachment!

First of all, if they’re upset that Trump killed an Iranian “general” in Baghdad, why were they so silent when Barack Obama killed 2,800 people in drone strikes over an eight-year period in countries that we were not at war with? He never asked permission.

Plus, Obama’s aim wasn’t very good, depending on who you ask. Barack Obama killed hundreds of children and other civilians – usually Shiite civilians – in drone strikes that he personally ordered. And just because every adult relative of Barack Obama’s family is a Sunni Muslim doesn’t mean there was anything weird about that!

If Democrats want to complain about President Trump killing one terrorist – who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan – then Democrats are going to have to just put the whole genie back in the bottle. Pass a law banning presidential drone strikes against anyone. Until Congress does that, sorry, they’re just going to have to let the Commander in Chief command.

I’d also note that it is hilarious that Democrats are comparing this to Bill Clinton bombing an aspirin factory on the day he was impeached. This is actually the first time in history that Democrats have acknowledged that Clinton’s bombing of an aspirin factory was a distraction from his impeachment. So there’s that!

The media’s response to Suleiman’s death has been downright weird. I’m pretty sure some of the feminist writers at the New York Times called 911 to report a murder – murder most foul!

911 Operator: “911, what’s the nature of your emergency?”

NY Times Staffer: “Yes, I’d like to report a murder.”

911 Operator: “Can you describe the victim for me?”

NY Times Staffer: “Well… he was just… so… sexy. About 5’9”. Salt-and-pepper beard. Piercing eyes. Truly rugged and handsome!”

Sheesh! Take a cold shower, media lapdogs.

And the neocons and squishy Never-Trumpers in DC started twirling their evil moustaches in delight at Trump’s assassination of the terror leader. They thought they had finally gotten their big war with Iran, which they’ve been pushing for since 1979.

Instead, the Iraqi parliament just voted to expel all US forces from Iraq… which was Trump’s plan all along. So, now the Never-Trumpers are back to calling Trump the worst president ever and an existential threat who must be impeached because reasons.

I’m not a fan of philosopher/linguist Noam Chomsky, but the old socialist geezer did have a funny joke that he used to tell back in the 1990s. Groups used to try to book him to deliver speeches way in advance – sometimes years in advance. How was he supposed to pick a topic that would still be relevant several years out? He said that one speech topic that would always be safe to propose was, “The Current Crisis in the Middle East.” That seems just as relevant today as it was back then or even back a thousand years ago.

President Trump has not caused a crisis in the Middle East. It’s always in crisis. None of the countries get along with each other. We are an energy independent nation now thanks to fracking, so why are we still in the Middle East at all? If Trump can get us kicked out, that’s a win-win for America and for all the Middle Eastern countries that want to go back to killing each other without American troops getting in the way.

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