Media Tries to Give President Trump the “Thomas Jefferson Treatment” over Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Crimes Arrest

Cernovich got his man. Independent journalist, filmmaker, author, patriotic American and all-around nice guy Mike Cernovich won his case to have the records of the case against Bill and Hillary Clinton’s pedophile donor pal Jeffrey Epstein unsealed. The mainstream media knows that it now has to throw Epstein under the bus, so the lies attempting to tie President Trump to Epstein are coming fast and furious – as expected.

Any time a powerful Democrat gets caught in an indiscretion, the media tries to deflect the damage onto someone else. This is why millions of people to this day still believe the scurrilous lie that my boy Thomas Jefferson fathered children with one of his slaves. (Spoiler alert: Fake News)

One of Thomas Jefferson’s opponents tried to smear him in an election campaign a couple of hundred years ago, by claiming Jefferson was the biological father of all of slave Sally Heming’s children. No one believed it at the time and every reputable American historian debunked the tall tale for 200 years.

But in the 1990s, the GOP noted that a certain former Governor of Arkansas and then-President of the United States – Bill Clinton – had fathered a love child with a black prostitute.

Oprah Winfrey came running to Slick Willie’s rescue, putting on a one-hour special with Sally Heming’s descendants and claiming they had been proven to have Thomas Jefferson’s DNA. This was a lie, of course. But the media narrative, which many people believe to this day, was that Thomas Jefferson raped a slave girl (and therefore, how dare you judge Bill Clinton for his act of love with a black prostitute!).

Five subsequent DNA tests on the family after Oprah’s special proved that they were not Thomas Jefferson’s descendants. Meanwhile, everyone has forgotten that there is a living, breathing young man named Danney Williams who has Bill Clinton’s eyes, eyebrows, nose and teeth living in the USA. A simple DNA test would prove whether Danney Williams is actually Bill Clinton’s biological son, but Bill is too busy for a 23andMe test.

Bill Clinton took ‘at least’ 26 flights to “Lolita Island” with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Clinton even ditched his Secret Service detail on several occasions to run off with convicted pedophile Epstein and accused pedophile (and crappy actor) Kevin Spacey.

Details of wealthy, powerful elites who participated in orgies with underage children at Epstein’s private island are about to come out, thanks to Mike Cernovich’s efforts. Therefore, the media is furiously trying to give President Trump the “Thomas Jefferson treatment.”

The records in Epstein’s 2009 conviction for sex trafficking dozens – possibly hundreds – of underage girls were sealed to protect the wealthy elites that were possibly participating in Epstein’s crimes. All of that is about to come out. What the media will not report is what we’re about to tell you.

Trump knew Jeffrey Epstein – but that’s about as much of the truth that the media will tell you. Trump knows everyone in the jet-setting elite one-percenter crowd. He has the best hotels and golf courses, so all the hoity-toity elites stay there and play there.

When Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking in 2009, all of the elites who were friends with him ran for cover. They were worried that they’d be in a prison cell right next to Epstein.

The only person connected to the Epstein investigation that did not run for cover – because he had nothing to hide – was Donald Trump. Everyone else lawyered up. Trump picked up the phone without even having his attorney present and told prosecutors every rumor he had heard about Epstein.

Attorney Bradley Edwards represented Epstein’s child victims in 2009. He says that then-real estate mogul Donald Trump was, “The only person who picked up the phone and said, let’s just talk. I’ll give you as much time as you want. I’ll tell you what you need to know.”

The media and idiots on Twitter will be repeating another lie over the coming weeks as well. They’ll claim that President Trump flew to Orgy Island on the Lolita Express with pedophile Epstein. Totally false.

Bill Clinton is on the flight logs for ‘at least’ 26 trips to the island. Kevin Spacey is on a bunch of flight logs. So is England’s Prince Andrew.

Donald Trump is not listed on any flight log for any trip to Epstein’s private island. He hitched a ride back to New York on Epstein’s plane one time, but that was with Epstein’s son who hasn’t been accused of any wrongdoing.

Donald Trump was never friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Staffers caught Jeffrey Epstein continuously trying to “Joe Biden” a 14-year-old girl at Mar-a-Lago. Trump kicked Epstein out of the club, banned him for life and probably kept his deposit (Heh!).

Trump also volunteered every rumor he had ever heard about Epstein to the police when the creep was first arrested; cops noted that our current president could not have been more forthcoming.

Contrast that with the actions of the Clintons now that their donor pal Epstein has been arrested for sex trafficking children in New York. One America News Network reports that the Clinton Library is refusing to turn over any documents detailing Bill Clinton’s relationship and interactions with Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump voluntarily aided prosecutors. The Clintons lawyered up. Not that you’ll hear any of this from the mainstream media.

We probably shouldn’t judge the Clintons for their close personal friendships with Jeffrey Epstein. It’s not like all of your friends can be fine, upstanding, normal citizens like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Tom Sizemore, Russell Simmons, or Alison Mack and Keith Raniere of the NXIVM sex cult. Oh, wait… Sorry. Maybe not the best examples.

Headlines claiming that “Trump’s pal” Jeffrey Epstein has been rearrested are popping up all over on Trump-hating mainstream media websites this week. Don’t believe a word of it. Trump despises Epstein and he was the only one who stepped forward to help get the initial conviction against the guy. He never flew to Epstein’s island.

Trump has been the only wealthy person in the entire story who has acted like a normal person. Everybody else looks guilty as hell. Get your popcorn ready for when new details about the Epstein case and his ties to the Clintons come out.

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