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Media Whistleblower Learns That Snitches Get Stitches

admin November 8, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Media Whistleblower Learns That Snitches Get Stitches

art-1-4Based on the amazing work that Project Veritas has done exposing media hypocrisy and bias, it’s no wonder that the left wants to censor the internet. The last tiny bit of professional integrity that ABC News had has been ground into powder after Veritas released the Amy Robach performance theater piece.

Our media “betters” like to remind us all the time that that they are noble firefighters who are the only gatekeepers capable of determining what is true in a neutral and non-partisan fashion; but then out the other side of their mouths, they’re protecting pedophile Democrat donors.

Not a good look, ABC News!

If you haven’t seen the Amy Robach hot mic incident, it’s well worth taking a few minutes to soak it all in.

Apparently, Amy Robach is one of the morning anchors for ABC News. (I had no idea who she was, since that’s when Fox & Friends is on.) She complains for several minutes to people off-camera that she had the entire Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago. One of Epstein’s many victims came out of hiding after 12 years to describe to Robach how she was abused by the major Democrat donor Epstein.

Robach says she “had everything,” including information about Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. She complains that upper management at ABC wouldn’t allow her to run the story, due to pushback from the royal palace in Britain (and obviously, from the Clintons).

She says that ABC News kept telling her she needed better sourcing to be able to run the story. She concludes by stating that she believes there is “no way” Epstein killed himself, because too many powerful men had visited the private island with him.

Once ABC News was completely embarrassed by the Project Veritas publication, Amy Robach issued a cowardly boilerplate statement in response to it. She said that she was venting “in a moment of private frustration” because she – Amy Robach – had failed to find adequate sourcing to be able to publish the Epstein story. It was all her fault!

Some commentators have claimed that Robach comes out looking “pretty good” after this release. She was an “honest journalist trying to expose the truth.” I disagree wholeheartedly. Plus, her boilerplate statement makes no sense. This is an example of the media hoping that people will buy into their BS, because most people have never been a television news anchor. Having been a TV news anchor for longer than Amy Robach, here’s why I call BS on her “moment of private frustration.”

In the video, little Amy is on set at ABC News. She’s mic’ed up and her hair and makeup are done. This means she’s somewhere around 10 minutes or less from going on-air for a live or taped segment. In that “moment of private reflection,” little Amy has two or three camera operators, a floor director, the teleprompter operator, one or two co-anchors, the morning ABC News weather guy, and a couple of engineers standing around trying to look busy. And that’s just the people within earshot of her little rant.

Because she’s wearing a microphone, everyone in the Production Control room (PCR) can hear her as well. That small crowd will consist of the director, the chyron operator, the sound operator, a couple of producers, a digital technician, and two or three engineers trying to look busy.

Other people who can hear the anchors on-set will include the floor director in the newsroom who is wearing a headset, any reporters anywhere in the world who are about to appear on the show and have their IFBs in, any show guests who have their IFBs in, six or seven engineers trying to look busy, and so on.

At a minimum, little Amy has about 30 people listening to her “moment of private reflection.” So… no, that’s not a moment of private reflection. That’s Amy Robach being a passive-aggressive diva and trying to justify her personal cowardice to anyone who will listen to her. She’s not being brave or courageous.

Amy Robach could have done what Ronan Farrow did when NBC News didn’t want to air his incredible story on Clinton donor Harvey Weinstein. She could have fought to air the story. And if ABC News still wouldn’t let her air the story, she could have gone down the street and published the story elsewhere. She could still do that today.

Instead, she decided to keep her cushy, high-paying job and allowed children to be raped by Jeffrey Epstein for several more years before the Trump administration finally had him arrested. She chose money over girls being raped. Please spare me the Heroic Woman Journalist of Heroic Journalism platitudes.

And of course, based on the Awesome Journalism Rules of Awesome Journalism, the media tracked the whistleblower down and viciously punished her for leaking the video. Apparently, the staffer who had the Robach video no longer worked at ABC News when she gave it to Project Veritas. She had moved on to a new job at CBS News. No matter.

ABC News placed a courtesy call to CBS News, and CBS News fired her. No double standard there! Of course, the “whistleblower” who made up the fake quid pro quo claims about President Trump’s Ukraine phone call is a special whistleblower of specialness. He deserves to remain anonymous, even though every media outlet in the country knows exactly who he is. Even Fox News staffers have been banned from saying the whistleblower’s name on air (it’s Eric Ciaramella).

But when you’re a whistleblower against the media, boy howdy! You don’t get any media protections the way the anti-Trump whistleblower does. The media will sniff you out and expose you for the dastardly villain that you truly are, and they will get you fired from your job at a rival station just for whistleblowing. If you lose your job and end up having to live in a dumpster outside Edward Snowden’s apartment in Russia, well, it serves you right, you dirty whistleblower. Snitches get stitches!

It’s surreal. ABC News covered up for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. NBC News covered up for serial woman abuser and accused rapist Harvey Weinstein. And when a female employee tried to stand up for the children who had been raped by Epstein and his accomplices, by leaking the ABC News tape, CBS News fired her. You shall know them by their fruits.

Oh, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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