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Media’s Anti-Trump Track Record Inspires Tons of Confidence

admin April 24, 2020 News Comments Off on Media’s Anti-Trump Track Record Inspires Tons of Confidence

If the media had consistently lied about liberal icon FDR the way that they currently lie about President Trump, FDR would have been locking reporters in internment camps with the Japanese. It’s been four years and ten months since Donald John Trump walked down the golden escalator and into American history. Has the mainstream media told the truth about him, even once, in those four years and ten months?

But now that we have a public health emergency and an economic emergency devastating the country, we’re suddenly supposed to think the media is filled with truth-telling integrity and honesty. Yeah, right.

The lame stream media and a lot of people in power have done nothing but continue to lie to us about this public health emergency. Trump was a racist for shutting down incoming foreign flights. Then he was a failure because he didn’t shut down the flights soon enough. Then he was a racist for speaking plainly about where the virus came from. (“It’s called Chi-nah!”) On and on and on.

The virus has supposedly claimed the lives of 47,000 Americans, but we can’t even believe that. I’m incredibly sorry to everyone who has lost someone from this virus. But if someone is plucked out of the ocean after their leg was bitten off by a shark and they happen to have had the coronavirus, that was not a coronavirus fatality.

If you want some actual facts and data about this pandemic, you cannot turn to the little boys and girls of the lame stream media who have been crying wolf for four years and ten months straight.


Here are some facts, and these will probably infuriate a lot of Americans who have had their lives upended and/or financially wrecked from the shutdowns:

Only 6% of the patients admitted to the hospital in New York City over coronavirus were healthy. The other 94% were people who were already sick with at least one other serious, potentially life-threatening illness. 88% of the people hospitalized were sick with two or more co-morbidities.

53% of people who ended up in the hospital due to coronavirus had hypertension. 42% were obese. 32% had diabetes. Coronary artery disease, kidney disease, congestive heart failure, cancer, HIV, cirrhosis, and so on. The average age at which people died of coronavirus in New York City hospitals remains at 81. Unless you were already very old or very sick, the chances that you would end up hospitalized from coronavirus are very low, and the chances of dying are even lower.

There are exceptions, of course, which brings us to our new patient zero – a confirmed coronavirus death that the lame stream media doesn’t want to tell you about.

Santa Clara County in California has confirmed that a healthy 57-year-old woman there died of coronavirus on February 6. That was nearly three weeks before the first known deaths started occurring at a nursing home in Washington state.

Health officials say the Santa Clara woman had recovered from a flu-like illness (now confirmed to be the Chinese virus) in late January. Since coronavirus has a two- or three-week incubation period before symptoms show up, the woman contracted the bug sometime during the week of January 5 through 10.

She had not traveled recently, so that means the virus was circulating around the Bay Area in early January. That was weeks before Trump shut down air travel from China, which surely saved many lives.

But it also tells us that there is literally nothing that President Trump or anyone else could have done to stop the virus from spreading in America. It was already here before anyone in the US was even aware that there was an outbreak in China. Multiple Americans had died from the bug before China even started lying about the outbreak. China didn’t quarantine Wuhan, the city where the virus either accidentally or purposefully escape from a laboratory, until January 23.

And what is our super non-biased mainstream media telling us about this? Nothing, actually. They’re repeating the Communist Chinese party line about the virus to this day. To this day they still won’t acknowledge that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan rather than an animal.

China does not want President Trump reelected in November, because he’s been too tough on them when it comes to straightening out our trade imbalance. The media doesn’t want Trump reelected because they want to go back to the halcyon days of their party, the Democrats, being charge. The China-Mainstream Media alliance is an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation.

They have the exact same goals, and they are both willing to lie to you if it helps them to “get Trump.”

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