Mr. President: Nuke the Tech Companies Before It’s Too Late

Mark ZuckerbergIt’s time to give the multinational, America-hating tech companies in Silicon Valley a choice: Sign a loyalty oath to the United States and abide by it, or they will cease to exist.

Based on the totalitarian vision of social control that our “betters” in Silicon Valley want to impose on us, these are the only options we have left if we want to keep America. We must make them behave, or we have to shut them down.

And I’m not even talking about their snarky, petty, childish censorship of conservatives on social media this time. I’m talking about the extrajudicial rule-by-tech-oligarchs system that we now know they’re establishing in America.

Communist China’s “social credit score” is now very much operational in 40 Chinese cities, with plans to expand it to cover the entire population. They have surveillance cameras in all public areas to monitor the people through facial recognition.

The Chi-Coms monitor everything that the Chinese serfs do online in their free time. Citizens are also allowed and encouraged to narc on their neighbors and co-workers for social infractions.

But this system isn’t targeted at cracking down on rudeness or creating a more polite society. It’s about controlling the actions and thoughts of the people, and brutally cracking down on anyone who says or does something government views as “subversive.”

If your social credit score drops too low, your life in China becomes a sort of living hell. You can’t rent a hotel room, you can’t leave the country, you can’t take the train to visit your family several hundred miles away, you can’t enroll your kids in good schools, you can’t get a good job and you can only sign up for ultra-slow-speed internet. No more funny cat videos for you, subversive capitalist pig-dog!

Oh, and the government doxes you if you have a low social credit score, by putting your face and personal details online so everyone can know what an awful person you are for public shunning purposes.

Those punishments can be imposed on you and there’s no appeal. Your social score goes up or down based on whether you are behaving as the government wants you to. According to an article in Fast Company, you can be punished for things like, “Failure to pay debts, excessive video gaming, criticizing the government, late payments, failing to sweep the sidewalk in front of your store or house, smoking or playing loud music on trains, jaywalking, and other actions deemed illegal or unacceptable by the Chinese government.”

Religion is also high on the list of things that can wreck your life in China.

I think we all remember the time when the Chi-Coms asked America’s tech zillionaires to help set up this control grid over the Chinese people. It was awesome when Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Google’s Sundar Pichai all issued a public joint statement to the Chinese government, which read:

“Hell, no. As patriotic, freedom loving Americans, we are horrified by your evil, totalitarian social control scheme. Because we are Americans and value the human freedoms endowed upon us by Almighty God, we would rather forfeit our own lives than volunteer our time and money to participate in a system that seeks to hold the human conscience captive to a one-sided ideology. In sum, stuff it sideways and spin on it, Chi-Coms!”

Oh, wait, sorry, that didn’t happen. That’s what American companies would have said to the Chi-Coms. But because the tech companies are multi-nationals that are loyal to no nation, the tech zillionaires all said:

“Okey-doke! Where do we sign? And um… don’t tell the American government we helped you do this, okay? By the way, we’re all flying on Jeffrey’s private jet down to his island this weekend. You should come – it’s super fun! We’ll vouch for you!”

The reason why Silicon Valley eagerly jumped in to help the Chi-Coms was not just for the money. They did it because they view it as a test-run for what they want in America: A tech oligarchy that controls your thoughts and behavior, and which can punish you in the public square without having to worry about colloquial concepts like the rule of law or the Constitution.

If they can control your life by threatening your children’s future or your job prospects, then they don’t have to worry about pesky things like elections. They’ll be in control and since they already know that they are our “betters,” they will keep doing this to us in secret until it’s too late.

Here are some of the tech control grid systems they’re already experimenting with. When you read these examples, keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg for what they have planned.

The Uber ride system is secretly rating passengers. This is totally up to the discretion of the drivers and you have no way of knowing how a driver is rating you. If a creepy immigrant Uber driver sexually harasses a young woman for the entire drive and she rejects his advances, she gets a bad rating and no method of appealing it – and then she can’t use Uber anymore.

Life insurance companies in New York can scour your social media pages to determine your monthly rate. If they look at your social media page and see actions or lifestyle choices they deem a risk or simply don’t like (those photos you posted from the gun range, for example), they can then gouge you. This is already legal in New York.

Restaurants and bars across Canada and the US are starting to use an app called PatronScan. They scan your driver license when you show up, and if they kick you out for some reason, you’re banned from every other participating restaurant or bar. They say they’re using it to keep “unruly” customers or “obnoxious drunks” out. But what’s to stop them from banning you for some other reason, such as wearing a MAGA hat? Nothing.

We also know that all the tech companies in California have a conservative blacklist that they share among themselves. Trump supporters who leave one company can’t get a job at another company, because they’re on the list. And let’s not kid ourselves. They’re sharing this blacklist with other likeminded “woke” CEOs. Chase Bank, for example, is canceling the personal checking accounts of prominent Trump supporters.

We like to complain and point at the Chi-Coms’ social credit score, but let’s not kid ourselves. Silicon Valley is doing the same thing to us. They’re just less open about it. President Trump needs to wreck these companies with a regulatory sledgehammer now, while he still can.

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