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Mr. President: Stop Listening to Quacks & Reopen America

admin April 7, 2020 News Comments Off on Mr. President: Stop Listening to Quacks & Reopen America

It’s pretty clear by now that many of the federal employee doctors with 100% job security in Washington, DC are quacks. All of the scientific models that predicted mass hospitalizations and a catastrophic failure of America’s health care system were wrong.

Therefore, any advice from the quacks following those models to destroy the economy should be… “scaled back,” to put it politely. We need to find a different way to fight this crisis, and we need to do it now before the current “cure” turns out to be America’s funeral.

The first predictions from all the experts who were squawking at President Trump was 11 million Americans dead under a total collapse of our health care system. Hospitalizations across the country have been hundreds of thousands less than all the predictive models predicted.

The media keeps claiming that the US has the “most deaths” of any country in the world, but this is patently false. If you believe the lying liars running Communist China have fewer deaths than America at this point, please go sit down because the adults are talking here.

Why are things actually going so much better in American than in other “advanced” nations like China and Italy? Oh, I don’t know, gosh, let me think…

Maybe it’s not so catastrophic here because we don’t eat any weird stuff found in the forest, because we have enough food for all of our citizens, and no one goes hungry here. And unlike in Italy, no one greets every vague acquaintance at the grocery store by grabbing their face with both hands and kissing each other on both cheeks. Just metaphorically spit-balling here.



It doesn’t help much that the lying media and even hospitals are over-hyping the threat of this virus. There are still no children anywhere dying of the Chinese coronavirus. Every single media report, worldwide, of a person under the age of 20 “dying from coronavirus” is a fabrication. Here’s just one example.

In Britain, 13-year-old “Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab” became the youngest person to “die from the virus” in that country last week. The very next day, a 14-year-old boy named “Vitor Godinho” became the youngest person to “die from the virus” in Portugal, as reported by the Daily Mail. The day after that, the Daily Express reported that a 12-year-old girl became the youngest person to “die from the virus” in Belgium. All three news reports used the same photograph of the same child. Apparently, the same kid keeps moving from country to country in Europe, switching genders and dying from coronavirus. Stay home, brat!

Remember the 17-year-old who died in California, becoming the youngest person to “die from the virus” in America? He died from sepsis. They tested his body for coronavirus after he died, and it came back positive. Therefore, doctors and the media listed him as a coronavirus casualty. He was asymptomatic for coronavirus.

What’s really happening? Hospitals have been promised federal money for every coronavirus patient or casualty, so they’re testing everyone who dies to see if they had the virus. If you get run over by a bus, they will test your body for coronavirus right now and declare that to be the cause of death, even if you have no symptoms at all (which is the case for about 95% of all carriers). Even a baby that tragically suffocated in the crib last week was listed as a coronavirus death by doctors and the media. It’s a scam and a lie.

For whatever reason, our children are safe from this virus. And don’t get me wrong – I am not saying the virus is not serious. It is. It’s dangerous and nasty for many people who catch it. I happen to personally be in a high-risk group due to a pre-existing condition that I have. It would be terrible for me to catch this. But the “cure” of shutting down the economy is not worth it to protect me any more than it is worth it to protect an 86-year-old with emphysema.

We’ve thrown somewhere between 20 and 30 million Americans out of work thanks to the recommendations of federal doctors who can’t lose their jobs. Countless small businesses that have been built up over decades are collapsing or going under right now. Was this worth it? I don’t think so. The ripple effects from this are going to be catastrophic and will be felt for years. What happens if supply chain disruptions get even worse, and instead of shortages of rice and flour we have shortages of basically everything? I don’t even want to think about how bad that’s going to make things.

Mr. President: Reopen the economy now. We must find a different way to fight the virus.

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