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MSM’s New Hot Take: Walls Don’t Work Because Illegals Walk Around the Ends

admin June 7, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on MSM’s New Hot Take: Walls Don’t Work Because Illegals Walk Around the Ends

border wall constructionHordes of illegal aliens are now walking around the ends of our walled sections of the southern border. In the latest hot take from the mainstream media, they’re pointing at these groups walking around the walls and shrieking, “See?! Walls don’t work!”

Most Americans would beg to disagree; the walls that we already have are working fine. Cowardly politicians who lack the political will to defend their fellow citizens from an obvious and impending doom are the problem.

Republicans in Congress are like a guy who turns up his television when his neighbor’s house is on fire. “Why is everyone outside yelling? I’m trying to watch The Bachelor!

Liberals are especially angry over the We Build the Wall organization, which has now put up a section of privately funded border wall in Texas and New Mexico. Buzzfeed “News” is really mad.

You remember Buzzfeed, right? They’re the cat blog that originally published the fake Russian potty dossier that all other news outlets in the country had passed on because it was so obviously fake.

Buzzfeed’s reporting is so catastrophically bad that even Special Counsel Robert Mueller had to step in and correct one of their stories about President Trump’s former lawyer. Anyway, Buzzfeed is furious about We Build the Wall, so they set out to prove that the wall doesn’t work.

Buzzfeed traveled to Sunland Park, New Mexico, (right next to El Paso) where We Build the Wall just put up a mile-long section of border wall on the edge of town. Now that the wall is up, illegal aliens are prevented from traveling on the well-worn path outside of town, where the cartels had been directing them. Instead, they’re crossing the border through some other gap and ending up in liberal neighborhoods.

Democrats in Sunland Park are furious, because now the illegals are showing up on their doorsteps, knocking and asking for help at all hours of the night. “It’s a bunch of bulls**t,” one resident told Buzzfeed.

So… illegal immigration was not a problem when the illegals marched through in another location. But now that illegal immigration is having a very up-close-and-personal impact on your life, because the new wall is diverting them to your area, it’s bullsh**t?


Meanwhile, the dog and pony show led by the cowardly congressional GOP leadership continues. It’s like the fake votes to repeal Obamacare all over again.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says his caucus is fully on board with Trump’s tariffs against Mexican goods. He’s gung-ho! Believes the president is on the right side of history, doing the right thing for the American people, yadda yadda yadda. And of course, the majority Democrats are opposed to the tariffs.

But over in the Republican-led Senate, Mitch McConnell’s caucus is wildly anti-tariff. Look for House Democrats and Republican Senators to vote in lockstep to try to block Trump’s tariffs. Doesn’t this look familiar by now?

When the Republicans controlled the House but not the Senate, they held a vote every five minutes to repeal Obamacare. Because it didn’t matter – they knew that the Senate Democrats wouldn’t vote to repeal.

We’re all supposed to believe that Kevin McCarthy is all gung-ho and has Trump’s back on the tariffs. Sure you do, Kevin. Sure you do. And if the balance of power was revered, with House Republicans in the majority and Senate Republicans in the minority, we’d be seeing Mitch McConnell gung-ho for tariffs, with Kevin McCarthy opposing them.

These guys are totally worthless. They did nothing on the border for two entire years while Republicans were in the majority with the wind at their backs. Trump tries to actually do something to fix the border, and it looks like Mitch McConnell just received a shot of adrenalin in his heart. “We must stop these tariffs!”

Is there any really good news on the border situation to report? Not much. 500 Africans – many from Ebola-stricken nations – have entered in the past few days. The Border Patrol has purchased 2.2 million diapers; they’ve all but given up. One headline says we’re on pace for 1,072,000 captured illegal aliens this year. The uncaptured total? We’ll never know.

The new acting Border Patrol chief, Mark Morgan, is starting to talk a good game. He says ICE is looking at ways to step up mass deportations of illegal aliens who falsely ask for asylum, including families. Morgan hopes that actually enforcing the law by kicking out people who lied on their asylum applications (which is 99% of them) would be a big disincentive. So, he’s looking at ways to round them up and humanely send them back to their countries of origin.

I have a suggestion to help with the acting director’s plan: Start with Obama’s Dreamers. We already have their names and addresses. They’re not “in the shadows.”

In fact, we can’t get them to shut up. Every time you turn around there’s another arrogant, smarmy illegal alien Dreamer holding a press conference and demanding amnesty.

There was a total of 1.2 million illegal aliens who were dumb enough to put their names and addresses on a government list when Obama unilaterally (and unconstitutionally) offered them work permits. That would be a good chunk of illegals to start with.

It would also be wildly popular with Trump’s base. Plus, imagine what it would do to ease the skyrocketing housing rates. Hey, I can dream too, can’t I?

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