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Nadler Announces Formal Impeachment Probe in Giant 2020 Birthday Gift to America

admin September 12, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Nadler Announces Formal Impeachment Probe in Giant 2020 Birthday Gift to America

Jerry Nadler_2Many of us have said since the earliest days of 2017 that the Democrats have an easy path to victory in 2020. All that liberals would need to do is not behave like stark raving mad lunatics, and they could easily unseat Donald Trump.

We’re now four months away from the first Democrat primary votes, and here’s what’s on the Democrat menu: Free health care for illegal aliens! Ban fracking! Allow partial birth and third trimester abortions! Transgender abortions! Ban cow flatulence! Completely open borders! Outlaw NRA memberships! Impeachment for Stormy! Universal Basic Incomes for not working! Let’s all live in shipping containers! Way to dial down the crazy, guys. You’ve got 2020 in the bag!

Meanwhile, Trump supporters can’t stop laughing as the professional pollsters who embarrassed themselves terribly in 2016 are at it again. Have you seen a single 2020 poll yet in which Donald Trump actually wins reelection? Even on Fox News?

Instead, matchups between Donald Trump and every single candidate on the Democrat side shows Trump losing. One poll from last week had Trump losing to Andrew Yang by 8 points. Andrew Yang!

The same Andrew Yang who wants to force Americans into shipping container apartments so they can afford housing. This is obviously just more of the mainstream media’s magical thinking and voodoo, in which they hope to convince us all to stay home on election day.

The Official Campaign Blog for Elizabeth Warren for President – also known as the “Drudge Report” – keeps telling us that Fauxcahontas is drawing “massive” crowds for her rallies. Really?

The proof for this claim seems to be every single news outlet in America telling us that Chief Lying Bull drew a crowd of “15,000” people to a rally – while refusing to show Americans any video or photographs of the event “at the Seattle Center.”

The main video of the “massive” Warren campaign rally, posted on YouTube by KING channel 5 in Seattle, shows stock footage of Elizabeth Warren talking to the Iowa State Fair.

Huh? The news reports of this “massive” rally all claim that it took place at the Seattle Center, making it sound like she filled the stadium where the SuperSonics used to play their NBA games.

But in a cellphone video posted by an attendee, the rally actually took place at a high school football field outside the Seattle Center. The crowd couldn’t possibly have been larger than 1,500, based on the only available video of it. Yet every single news story about the event claims it had 15,000 attendees “at the Seattle Center.” Great job, fake news!

Meanwhile, every Trump campaign rally continues to look like a new version of the PlayStation being released on Black Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. People camp out two or three days ahead of time at the venues and thousands have to watch the rally on big screens outside because they can’t get tickets.

Trump’s overflow crowds are bigger than any Democrat frontrunner’s campaign rally so far. The presumed frontrunner Joe Biden is speaking to small rooms with tens of voters showing up. Not tens of thousands. Just tens.

Just when you thought that 2020 couldn’t sound more like giant birthday present to America, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) says he is charging ahead full speed on impeaching President Trump. To be fair, “full speed” for Jerry Nadler won’t exactly be setting any land speed records. And he’s already botched the legal process for it!

Proving that Democrats are Pillars of Professionalism and True Leadership, and thus ready to rule over the United States for eternity because of their elite qualifications, Nadler announced to the media that formal impeachment investigations are under way – but he forgot to actually have the Judiciary Committee vote to do so.

This drew a hilarious rebuke from ranking member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA). He says the Judiciary Committee under Nadler’s leadership “has become a giant Instagram filter. It’s put in there to look like something, but it’s really not.”

Despite not holding a legal vote to launch an impeachment probe, Nadler says he’s going to impeach Trump for making a payment with his own money to Chastity Daniels (Real name: Stormy).

Nadler has failed to notice the fact that Trump did nothing illegal in that financial transaction, but in fact was the victim of an extortion scheme carried out by Chastity and CNN’s 2018 Lawyer of the Year Michael Avenatti. Nadler is likely to get poor Chastity arrested for that crime at long last if he pokes that bear with a stick.

Setting that aside, impeachment proceedings offer nothing but wins for President Trump and the GOP in 2020. Let’s look at the various scenarios.

Scenario 1: Nadler is doing this all for show. He’ll drag it out until after the election without holding an actual impeachment vote, which infuriates the Democrat base for 2020.

Scenario 2: Nadler holds an impeachment vote as an October Surprise in the Judiciary Committee, which passes along a party line vote. Pelosi refuses to hold a full House vote, which infuriates the Democrat base for 2020.

Scenario 3: Nadler passes an impeachment vote, and Pelosi succumbs to her base to hold an impeachment vote on the full House floor. That vote fails when Pelosi and her moderate allies try to stave off an election bloodbath, which infuriates the Democrat base for 2020.

Scenario 4: House Democrats vote to impeach Trump. This results in the greatest political bloodbath in American history, with the GOP capturing the largest vote advantage in the House of Representatives ever, and a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate. One month later, the Supreme Court invalidates the impeachment vote because Nadler violated the rules of the House by failing to vote to initiate impeachment proceedings.

There’s absolutely no downside to Nadler trying to impeach Trump. The Democrats have desperately wanted to impeach a Republican President for decades, as revenge for Bill Clinton being lawfully impeached for the very real crimes of suborning perjury, witness tampering, perjury and flashing Hillary’s personal nightmare at a female campaign staffer.

All the Democrats had to do to get rid of Trump was not be stark raving mad lunatics. So, go ahead, Democrats. Impeach our president. We’ll bring the popcorn.

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