Trump Rips Up the Cruddy UN Arms Treaty to Make America Great Again

Trump at 2019 NRA MeetingIt’s difficult for many Americans to pay close attention to President Trump’s major recent victories such as 3.2% GDP and a 3.8% unemployment rate. That’s because we’re all too busy having jobs, becoming more prosperous and planning for our children’s futures. This is way better than Obama’s “Goodbye to the Middle Class” policies, incidentally.

But here’s a big victory that President Trump has just delivered, which we should all sit up and applaud: He ripped up another garbage UN treaty that President Obama tried to force on America without the consent of the people.

President Trump announced that he will be revoking America’s signature from the UN Arms Trade Treaty while he was delivering a speech at the NRA convention. Not only did President Trump make the promise to the pro-gun audience – he kept it, right then and there.

Before the speech was over, Trump pulled out the document and signed it, effectively ending US participation in a multinational treaty that would have undermined your personal gun rights. He then threw the pen into the crowd. It was another rock star moment from one of the greatest presidents in American history. I’m just glad we weren’t there to see the moment in person, because my wife threw her bra at the television. Awkward.

The UN Arms Trade Treaty now becomes yet another globalist agreement that Obama signed to give away your freedoms and wealth, which Trump turned around and ripped to shreds. Bravo, Mr. President!

Before we talk about what a pile of garbage the Arms Trade Treaty is (was), let’s look at some of the other rotten deals that Trump has rescued America from.

NAFTA: Bill Clinton’s junk “free” trade deal with Mexico and Canada – the North American Free Trade Agreement. This moronic treaty was the beginning of the decline of America’s middle class. From logging to ranching, farming and manufacturing, NAFTA gave every advantage to Mexico and Canada. Smaller family operations were crushed overnight when our southern and northern borders opened for this anti-American deal.

The critics all claimed that Trump would collapse our economy if he tried to rewrite NAFTA to get a better deal for American workers and family-owned businesses. The only thing that collapsed when Trump renegotiated the deal was the credibility of the “experts.”

Al Gore’s Big Fat Green New Deal Paris Lie: Also known as the “Paris Accord” or simply “Obama’s Global Warming Treaty.” This was Michael Moore’s second-favorite treaty after the UN Arms Trade Treaty, so you know it was a really bad deal for America. The Paris Accord was effectively an affirmative action deal for countries, with vague platitudes about fixing the weather a long time in the future.

Here’s the Paris Accord in a nutshell: America has more money than other countries, which is not fair (to all those other countries). To alleviate this unfairness, America will give all its money to the UN. Then, the UN will disburse the money to all the other countries in a “fair” way.

America and some European countries would have to abide by strict “green measures,” while all the developing countries get a pass to dump their garbage and sewage in the ocean. China would have been receiving American taxpayer money under the deal, because the UN considers it a “poor” country.

Meanwhile, all disputes would be settled by newly-established “climate tribunals,” helpfully administered by the UN. If another country suddenly starts dumping its garbage on the beach in Hawaii, the US Congress, the Executive branch and our courts couldn’t do anything about it. We’d have to send people to the climate tribunal and abide by whatever they said.

And if we abide by Obama’s global warming treaty, we will be repaid with better weather in the year 2267. Trump’s response: Nope!

Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal: What a joke. And again, this was an international treaty despite Obama’s best efforts to not call it a treaty, which would have required Senate ratification. The deal: Iran gets nukes, America gets nothing. Sweet! No wonder Trump called it one of the worst deals of all time.

The Transpacific Partnership: The TPP was a 12-nation deal that would have created a “Pacific trade zone.” Basically, Obama was creating a Pacific version of the European Union, complete with an autonomous group of unelected foreign bureaucrats to tell us pesky Americans what to do.

Obama was ready to give Brunei a free trade deal under the TPP. You’ve probably seen recent news reports about the Sultan of Brunei. Stumpy little Islamic dictator running the most brutal and repressive Sharia regime on the planet? His nation openly practices human slavery of non-Muslims, often kidnapping them from neighboring countries when he needs more “employees.” Likes to kill gays, thieves and Facebook users with rocks, because it’s cheaper than sharpening a sword? Ring a bell? Yeah, that guy. Saudi Arabia looks at the Sultan of Brunei and says, “Damn! Lighten up, bro!”

Obama and Crooked Hillary would have made the Sultan of Brunei a full partner with the United States under the Transpacific Partnership. Good luck competing with literal human slaves when it comes to wages and benefits, American factory workers! Fortunately for America, Trump took one look at the deal and ripped it up, sabotaging years of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s hard work. Hahaha!

Which brings us to the wretched UN Arms Trade Treaty, which Obama willingly signed America up for. Like almost every UN treaty, this one was a direct threat to the American traditions of gun ownership, self-defense, and not living under the oppression of foreign dictators. (Democrats loved the treaty for some reason!)

The treaty would have required the establishment of a national gun registry. Even though a gun registry is against US federal law, Congress and America would have been forced to comply. You would have been asked to register as a gun owner and to register every one of your individual firearms with the UN.

Well, they would have asked, but most Americans hopefully would not have complied. We don’t even like having our own Democrats in charge, let alone the pack of rabid Democrats at the UN. The deal also would have required micro-stamping of all ammunition, which is awful for a host of additional reasons.

No matter. President Trump just sent us – and the rest of the world – a reminder as to why “we the people” elected him. He’s fighting for our rights and freedoms, and we should remember that because every Democrat running against him would have willingly signed any of the above treaties.

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