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Not-Crazy-at-All Democrats Yell at Ceramic Chicken to Get Trump

fake ChickenProving once again that they are sensible adults who deserve to be running the country, elected Democrats in Congress brought a ceramic chicken to a House Judiciary Committee hearing and yelled at it. Attorney General Bill Barr wisely decided that it would be a waste of taxpayer money to subject himself to a second day of lies and smears from the Democrats, so he was a no-show at the hearing.

The Democrats set the ceramic chicken in front of what would have been Barr’s microphone and proceeded to yell at it while stuffing their mouths with Kentucky Fried Chicken. And then it started to get weird!

Democrats are now furious because – they say – AG Barr is part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to cover up the Trump-Russia collusion that Mueller actually found. Another lie being peddled by Judiciary Chairman Jerald Nadler (D-NY), when he’s not yelling at a ceramic chicken, is that Barr is covering up the actual contents of the Mueller Report, by not letting anyone see the unredacted version. This is all lies, of course.

The full unredacted copy of the Mueller Report is available in a locked room for Members of Congress to go read. However, they have to sign in and they’re not allowed to make copies of it or even take notes as they read it. Democrats are mad about this, because Barr and the DOJ have prevented them from leaking the unredacted Mueller Report, which would serve their interests of embarrassing Trump associates who were spied on by the Obama administration. Democrats can read the full report if they want to. They’re just too lazy and dishonest to walk across the street and read it.

Why wouldn’t a Democrat cross the street to read the Mueller Report? Because he was yelling at the ceramic chicken!

Democrats also don’t understand the legal process (or they pretend not to) and they don’t understand the meaning of the word “exonerate.” Democrat Senators repeatedly scolded AG Barr in a Senate hearing the day prior to ChickenGate, accusing him of “exonerating” Trump. We the people have exonerated President Trump, because of the Mueller findings.

If Trump had gone on trial and a jury had found him Not Guilty, that would have been a legal “exoneration.” But a prosecutor cannot and does not “exonerate” someone. They can only look at the evidence and make one of two determinations: Charge someone with a crime, or not. Barr cannot “exonerate” Trump under any circumstance. That is another lie.

Here’s a simple example of this principle in action. Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and other tech companies are working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs for facial recognition right now. The AI programs are still in their early learning stages. All that they can do is a scan a photograph of a person’s face and then, looking at the available evidence, make one of two determinations: This is a man, or this is a woman.

It can only make one of two recommendations based on the evidence – which is exactly the same legal rule that AG Barr has to operate under. Charge, or not charge, based on the evidence.

Here’s a point that none of the legal experts on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News have brought up yet, in the entire two-year Russian collusion hoax. Mueller’s grand jury did not charge President Trump or anyone else with Russian collusion or obstruction of justice. That’s incredibly significant and when things eventually settle down, I think we’ll start to hear more about the grand jury proceedings.

Serving on a grand jury, for those who don’t know, is nothing like regular jury duty. For one thing, prosecutors can’t rig a jury the way that they – and defense attorneys – attempt to do during jury selections. If you’re selected for grand jury duty, tag – you’re it. No one gets out of grand jury duty.

Grand juries tend to have smarter jurors because of this. In regular jury duty, the more intelligent people can often talk their way out of it, resulting in things like the “OJ jury.” But if you get picked for grand jury duty, that’s it. You’re on the jury, you cannot opt out for any reason, you can kiss three months or more of your life goodbye, and your identity is kept secret.

The prosecutors bring their best evidence to the grand jury. Here is what this person said, here is what they did, here is what the law surrounding this potential crime says. Then, the grand jury deliberates and determines whether to charge the person with the crime and send it to trial. There are no defense attorney present and no exculpatory evidence for the accused is presented. Because of this and because prosecutors and police don’t typically try to frame people, it is extremely rare for a grand jury to not indict someone and send them to trial.

Speaking from personal experience, I once served on a grand jury for three months. We made determinations on dozens of criminal cases, and there was only one instance during that stint when the jury chose not to indict a suspect.

Mueller and the Hillary Clinton Fan Club of liberal prosecutors on his team took their best evidence of Russian collusion to the grand jury. They voted time and time again to not charge President Trump or the people on his campaign with Russian collusion or obstruction of justice. Mueller’s “evidence” of collusion must have been every bit as flimsy as we have known it to be all along.

So, there is a method to the Democrats’ madness. They want the unredacted Mueller Report because it could potentially identify the grand jury members who would not indict the president. Those people who served on the jury can then have their lives destroyed by the media for not playing along with the hoax.

I don’t really care who was on the grand jury. The process worked. There was no collusion and no obstruction. Those jurors did their patriotic duty, as far as I’m concerned. And I’m just guessing that they’re not the sort of people who would ever verbally abuse a ceramic chicken.

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