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Nude Democrat with Nazi Tattoo, Smoking a Bong, “Too Boring” for MSM

admin October 25, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Nude Democrat with Nazi Tattoo, Smoking a Bong, “Too Boring” for MSM

Katie HillYou know it’s been a crazy week in America when nude photographs of a sitting Member of Congress smoking a huge bong full of dope appear online – and that story was too boring to make the news. Of course, maybe the media’s double standards and bad gaslighting attempts are working to protect Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA).

Keep in mind, this is the second nude photo dump of Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA) to appear online this week. Oh, and just as a word of warning, Katie Hill is not a very attractive person, so you might not want to look up those photos where President Trump’s friend Piers Morgan published them at

As of this writing, Fox News doesn’t have a single story on its homepage about the photos of Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), who is pictured fully nude and smoking a bong. (Good luck suppressing those SEO search terms, Google!) MSNBC finds the Katie Hill nude-and-smoking-a-bong story equally boring and hasn’t published a single item about it.

CNN has one story about Katie Hill, which is written in the most boring terms possible. The Fake News Network alerts its viewers that Katie Hill is under an ethics complaint deriving from an affair with a staffer, which was a result of her split from an abusive husband and blah blah blah.

You practically have a wear a liberal media decoder ring to discover that Katie Hill’s affair was actually with a female subordinate. #MeToo alert about yet another exploitive relationship between a powerful person and an underling!

CNN does mention the first batch of nude photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA) that appeared online but takes Katie Hill’s word for it that the photos were released by “Republican political operators.”

The media disinterest in Katie Hill nude and smoking a bong is particularly strange when you compare it to how Republican Members of Congress are treated in similar situations. When a single nude photo of Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) appeared online in 2017, he ended up retiring from the House of Representatives in shame. The media coverage was wall to wall and unending.

Unlike Katie Hill, Barton was separated from his spouse and going through a divorce when the photo was apparently taken. This is not to excuse Barton’s behavior, only to illustrate the hypocritical media double standard.

Katie Hill was part of the batch of despicable socialists that swept into office in the 2018 midterms, thanks in large part to illegal alien ballot harvesting in California. She was hailed part of the wonder “diversity” of the Democrat Party, since she was the second openly bisexual Member of Congress. So, her bizarre decision to have a threesome with a female subordinate in her office shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Hill and her husband were apparently living as part of a “throuple” when the photos of her were taken. Yeah, I had never heard that word before in my life, either. Conservative champ Kurt Schlichter defines “throuple” in his usual florid style as, “Sort of like a 3-way, but with way more talking.”

Say, wasn’t it supposed to be a like a huge danger to national security that the Russians had all those photos and videos of Donald Trump with Russian hookers?

It’s obvious to most people that compromising nude photographs of politicians are a major possible source of blackmail – both to political enemies and foreign powers. Fake, non-existent photos of Donald Trump and Russian hookers were the gravest possible threat to our national security. But when actual photos of a Democrat nude and smoking pot surface, the media gets really sleepy and decides they should talk some more about impeachment.

Total Side Note: Does anyone know why Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) still hasn’t held a single hearing in his committee to investigate the origins of the Russian collusion hoax, despite promising to do so for months? Asking for a friend.

Even though the media finds the nude photographs of a Member of Congress smoking a federal controlled substance to be extremely boring, you’d think that her Nazi tattoo might have made them perk up. Wait, what?

Oh, right. Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA) has a tattoo of the Nazi Iron Cross located near her… uh… well… it’s down by her… uh… her “wide open southern border,” shall we say? (Sorry. That metaphor went sideways in a hurry, didn’t it?)

The Iron Cross started out as a Prussian military medal in the early 1800s. It had been phased out by Germany after World War I, but a certain fellow named Adolph Hitler brought the medal back in three versions in order to honor Nazi service members.

The Iron Cross has of course been used as a countercultural symbol for years in America by biker gangs, but in our modern days of woke politics, the Iron Cross is considered to be just as evil as the Swastika and the OK hand symbol. The appearance of the Iron Cross is literally intolerable to liberals.

A few months ago, an ICE agent nearly lost his job when liberals on Twitter lost their minds over his tattoo of a Maltese Cross, the symbol often associated with firefighters’ associations. It looked like an Iron Cross according to liberals, so the federal employee should lose his job for being a white nationalist racist Hitler supporter.

A cop in Philadelphia nearly lost his job in 2016 when a DNC staffer noticed his Maltese Cross tattoo – and insisted it was a Nazi Iron Cross that would be visible anytime the officer “put a person of color in a chokehold.”

Noted identity politics expert and Mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, also knows that the Iron Cross is an intolerable symbol of neo-Nazism, white supremacy and hatred. When Amazon plastered New York City subways with promotional posters for its fictitious show “The Man in the High Castle,” De Blasio ordered Amazon to take the posters down. The reason? Because the posters featured an Iron Cross in them.

De Blasio told Amazon it was “irresponsible and offensive to World War II and Holocaust survivors, their families, and countless other New Yorkers.” Amazon complied.

If the media is not interested in talking about nude photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill, or nude photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-CA) violating federal law by smoking a controlled substance in a bong, you’d at least think that her tattoo of a Nazi war medal would raise some questions. But, no. Crickets. Let’s get back to impeachment instead.

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