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Obama Holdover Lets Coronavirus into America (Against Trump’s Wishes)

admin March 3, 2020 News Comments Off on Obama Holdover Lets Coronavirus into America (Against Trump’s Wishes)

President Trump and officials at the CDC thought it would be unwise to evacuate Americans in Wuhan, China and on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan and then bring them back to America. Why not allow them to go through a quarantine period over there before bringing them back to America?

Trump explicitly told his cabinet he though it was a dumb idea to bring them back here. Doctors from the CDC agreed with him. So naturally, an Obama holdover in the State Department evacuated 1,174 people and brought them back to the US, and now we have coronavirus all over the place.

The one thing we can say with certainty is that the fake news media is hoping to hang the coronavirus response around Trump’s neck so that they can be rescued from him in the 2020 election. They hope that this will be Trump’s Hurricane Katrina. And after three-plus years of Russiagate, Ukrainegate, impeachment-gate and everything else they’ve pulled, we know that Never-Trumpers in the federal bureaucracy are willing to do anything to help that along.

That’s why Dr. William Walters overruled the CDC and the President of the United States to give us this current coronavirus outbreak. Walters was an Obama appointee who runs something called the Directorate of Operational Medicine in the State Department’s Bureau of Medical Services. Because of Dr. Walters’ quick-thinking #Resistance action, we now have coronavirus in Rhode Island, Florida, every West Coast state and who knows how many additional states.

For the record, Walters is proud of this. He bragged to Congress about it:

“The [State] Department executed the largest non-military evacuation of U.S. citizens in its history. The safe and efficient evacuation of 1,174 people… is a testament to the agility, proficiency, and dedication of our workforce to accomplishing our core mission – advancing the interests of the American people.”

Uh huh. Advancing our interests… by giving us coronavirus?

Behind-the-scenes reports indicate that Trump was furious that those 1,174 were evacuated and brought back to America and he didn’t find out about it until after the planes had landed.


For those who didn’t know (which was most of us), Dr. Walters is the same bureaucrat who decided to bring American aid workers with the Ebola virus back from Africa during Obama’s reckless eight years in the White House.

The Obama administration didn’t even use basic quarantine protocols on those people. Fortunately for the rest of America, the aid workers were all medical professionals and managed to not spread Ebola around for the rest of us to catch. American tourists who were in Wuhan apparently didn’t do as great of a job, apparently.

Not that Barack Obama was ever concerned about infectious diseases that could exponentially expand federal power. During Obama’s first year in office the H1N1 pandemic spread around the entire world. Funny how that wasn’t a big priority to the government or the media!

That was the illness the media initially called “swine flu,” although the press in Israel and South Korea were honest enough to label it “Mexican flu” after its country of origin. The victims who suffered the worst from it were children and young adults. After one million Americans had contracted H1N1 and more than 1,000 of our fellow citizens had died from it, Obama finally sprang into action! Just in time for the virus to dwindle away completely from the world stage. He took credit for it anyway.

President Trump aggressively sought to prevent coronavirus from spreading in the US – and the media acts as if he’s running around personally injecting people with coronavirus. The stock market rebound seems to disagree with that assessment.

Remember the SARS outbreak of 2003? It was nasty, but we only ended up with less than 200 Americans catching it. (This coronavirus is a SARS variation with a much lower mortality rate.) The outbreak got into full swing worldwide in February of 2003. As soon as it got hot outside by mid-July, the outbreak went away completely. That’s likely to be the case again this time. Like flu, SARS virus strains enjoy cold and wet weather. This could all be over by summertime.

Meanwhile, I have a suggestion for how President Trump can trim the federal budget even further: Eliminate the State Department’s Directorate of Operational Medicine. It seems like a wildly redundant federal department. And given the fact that it just overruled the President and the CDC and allowed the coronavirus to spread here in the US, I think we can do without it.

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