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ObamaGate Treasury Whistleblower: “This is Shady Stuff”

admin May 21, 2020 News Comments Off on ObamaGate Treasury Whistleblower: “This is Shady Stuff”

In our last update we started to unpack a whistleblower report from a former Treasury Department official who alleges that spying on candidate Donald Trump and other Americans kicked into high gear in December of 2015. If you missed that initial report, it’s here.

A lot of Deep State co-conspirators now know they’ve been caught, so they want to limit the blowback damage to the FBI under James Comey. But there was a lot more spying going on in the ObamaGate conspiracy and it involved much more than the FBI.

When it came to using government agencies to spy on his political enemies, Barack Obama was like J. Edgar Hoover on steroids (but in a much slimmer cocktail dress). Think about how many government agencies have sensitive personal information of yours, which is supposed to have all sorts of privacy protections around it. Obama was using each and every agency available to spy on his enemies. Whether it was blackmail dirt or simply knowing what his opponents were going to do ahead of time, Obama gave his cabinet members and agency leaders blanket permission to ignore the civil liberties of Americans.

America’s allies were not off limits to this practice, either. Remember German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s furious phone call to Barack Obama back in 2013? WikiLeaks published proof that Obama had authorized the NSA to surveil the phone calls and emails of hundreds of leaders and employees in allied NATO countries, including Merkel. Obama had been spying on Merkel’s personal cellphone calls for three years when she finally found out about it. She accused Obama of using the NSA like his own personal Stasi. I’ll bet that would have been a fun phone call to listen in on!

The point is that Obama had his lackies spying on everyone and he wasn’t exactly shy about it.


President Trump just held a closed-door meeting with GOP Senators and told them to finally take the gloves off on this ObamaGate scandal. Acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell shared a bombshell with President Trump – and Trump dropped it on the GOP in this meeting. Here it is:

A bunch of Obama administration losers unmasked Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. on inauguration day in 2017. The very last day that the Obama administration was in power, they dug through Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr.’s phone calls to try to find something – anything – that they could use against President Trump and his family. Team Obama knew that their “case” against Gen. Mike Flynn had already fallen apart, so they were trying to find something else before they left power. We know they failed to find anything actionable because they ran with the Russian collusion fairytale for the next three years.

Which brings us back to this Treasury Department whistleblower. She alleges that Treasury Department wonks were unmasking the Trump campaign, Members of Congress “and other US citizens.” There was no legitimate reason for this.

In the paperwork, she claims that Treasury nerds were accessing and unmasking individuals in an unauthorized location – something she calls “the black box.” Then, they would take the information (unmasked names) that they found in the black box and use that to access information in the Treasury Department’s authorized intelligence source – “the white box.”

By skirting around the rules in this way, Treasure Department employees were able to spy on the Trump campaign through a backdoor method that left no paper trail. They didn’t have to apply for FISA warrants or anything, because they were sneaking into an intelligence resource they didn’t have permission to be in (the black box) and then making it look like a legitimate inquiry in the white box.

This is why there are so many Treasury Department bureaucrats on the list of people who unmasked Gen. Flynn. We’re supposed to believe that a bunch of government nerds with master’s degrees in accounting were hunting Russian spies, I guess? Really?

Obama’s Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew unmasked Flynn, and so did Acting Assistant Secretary Danny McGlynn, Acting Deputy Assistant Mike Neufeld, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Sarah Raskin, Under-Secretary of Treasury Nathan Sheets, and Acting Under-Secretary of Treasury Adam Szubin.

Oh, and if you’re connecting any dots here, Sarah Raskin at the Treasury Department is the wife of Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland, who was a member of Nancy Pelosi’s House impeachment team.

That’s pretty weird in itself. All of those Treasury Department wonks unmasked Gen. Mike Flynn in his phone call with the Russian ambassador. But according to the whistleblower, they were unmasking a bunch of other folks, too.

Who were the “Members of Congress” that the Treasury Department was spying on? Well, that’s easy. I haven’t seen proof of this yet, but here’s my best guess:

  • Rand Paul
  • Ted Cruz
  • Marco Rubio
  • Lindsey Graham

They were the four Members of Congress who were running for the GOP nomination for president in December of 2015 when the ObamaGate spying originated, according to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). Come to think of it, they were probably spying on Sen. Bernie Sanders to help Hillary out as well.

I’m certain that Obama’s media protectors will end up claiming that there were legitimate reasons for a laundry list of Treasury Department bureaucrats to spy on US Senators, the Trump family and others. (They were looking for checks signed, “V. Putin!”) If you buy into that argument, keep in mind that we haven’t even begun to talk about why people in the Department of Energy were unmasking campaign workers and Trump family members!

But this is inexcusable. It makes the Watergate burglary look like a historical non-event. Historians will owe Richard Nixon an apology if ObamaGate is brushed under the rug without consequences. Obama was spying on everyone. He had every federal agency subverted and spying on his political opponents to subvert the 2016 election. He wanted Hillary to win in order to keep his legacy intact.

“Russian collusion” was the smokescreen that they threw up to distract Americans from the fact that the Democrats were spying on all of the rival political campaigns, so they could stay in power. Trump wasn’t the main original target, but one of more than a dozen targets that they were spying on. They had to finally zero in on him with the Russian collusion BS when it dawned on them that he might actually be able to beat Hillary.

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