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Potential Coronavirus Cure: Dems Complain Trump Not Enough of a Dictator

admin March 19, 2020 News Comments Off on Potential Coronavirus Cure: Dems Complain Trump Not Enough of a Dictator

Make up your minds, Democrats! After four years of telling us that Donald Trump is “literally Hitler” because of his Twitter feed, economic prowess and love of freedom, suddenly you are complaining that Trump is not Hitlering enough to suit you. Which is it? Is he literally Hitler, or not Hitler enough? Some clarity on this question would be nice.

For those who haven’t figured it out, Trump is taking a series of uniquely American approaches to fighting the Red Chinese Wuhan Kung-Flu from China™. He wants to soften the economic blow from any temporary shutdowns on everyday Americans. His approach of slashing regulations while providing bailouts to the American people first – rather than Wall Street, if you can imagine that – is sort of the exact opposite of what an authoritarian Hitler-type would do.

If you want to see the types of Hitler-like responses to the coronavirus that liberals are pining away for, just look at what many liberal mayors are doing and compare that to Trump.

For example, there’s the human dumpster fire/“mayor” of San Francisco, London Breed. She didn’t even bother chatting with her state’s governor to try to figure out a humane response to the Chinese Wuhan flu. Ms. Breed simply locked down her entire city and declared all “non-essential” businesses to be shut down overnight. Tens of thousands of service employees immediately lost their jobs or had their hours drastically slashed, in the most expensive housing market in the entire country. For liberals, that’s a feature and not a bug of any public policy.

That’s also the exact type of Hitlering that liberals suddenly want Donald Trump to engage in. Other mayors are doing similar wildly unconstitutional Hitler-type shutdowns, doing things like banning the sale of firearms and ammunition, and letting convicts out of prisons. The only surprise is that none of them have started appropriating toilet paper shipments for themselves while telling us it’s “for the public good.”


One of the reasons why we were assured that Trump was “literally Hitler” was for attempting to impose a travel ban against Iran months ago. But the open borders lobby sued the Trump administration, found a sympathetic judge and received an injunction to stop that particular travel ban.

Lo and behold, New York state is now the hardest hit by the Chinese Wuhan China virus from China after sick Iranian travelers brought it into their state. Nice going, open-borders dorks. Every single coronavirus death in New York is on your hands.

Speaking of New York, one of the few governors who has been surprisingly good throughout this outbreak has been Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Normally, Cuomo is just another Trump-hating weirdo and I have to kick the television screen in whenever he talks (sorry, honey), but he’s been a very solid leader. He provides clear communication to the people of his state, he’s not being an authoritarian jerk for the most part and has consistently been honest in his praise for President Trump’s stellar response to the virus.

New York is doing a great job of coordinating with the feds in the response, and for once, Cuomo is sniping with New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio instead of President Trump. It’s weird, but I’ll take it.

The big question that everyone now has is whether Trump will impose a nationwide lockdown over this virus. The latest news on this front has been surprisingly good. First, Italy has announced that 99% of the deaths from the Chinese Wuhan flu from China had an underlying infection. The average age of the people dying from it remains at 81 in Italy, and 99% of them were already sick with another illness, such as diabetes, cancer or were a smoker.

That’s not good news for vulnerable elderly folks, but it’s extremely good news for anyone who is younger and/or healthier. This bug is not nearly as bad as the global response to it has been.

Likewise, you may remember that just a few days ago I mentioned that Trump is not going to sit around if we find an existing drug that helps fight the Chinese Wuhan China virus from China. Guess what? A common anti-malarial drug that’s been around for years – Hydroxychloroquine – has been found to be 100% effective in curing coronavirus patients in Italy. Not 70%, not 80%… 100 glorious percent!

And because the drug has been around for years, we already know that it is highly safe for people to take.

So, President Trump slashed all the red tape at the FDA and made Hydroxychloroquine immediately available for doctors to prescribe for people who test positive with coronavirus.

Well… you know who else slashed red tape at the FDA? Hitler!

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