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‘Pragmatic Moderate’ Kamala Harris… Well… Yeah, She’s Pragmatic

As soon as Joe Biden issued his staged proclamation and announced that Kamala Harris is his running mate, the media rushed right to their talking points from the DNC. They all declared in lockstep that Kamala Harris is a “pragmatic moderate.” This is halfway true. She’s definitely pragmatic. Kamala Harris might be the most pragmatic politician in the US Senate today. But “moderate?” Not even close.

And let’s not kid ourselves. The reason why we’re talking about “pragmatic moderate” Kamala Harris so much, and why the media is gushing over her so enthusiastically, is that this is now a Trump-Harris race. Joe Biden could literally fall and break his hip on his way to the swearing-in ceremony next January, and Kamala Harris would be president before you could even think, “25th Amendment.”

2020 has also been a great example of why you should never refer to the Democrat Party as the “Democratic Party.” This is a party that has no interest in voting or the “democratic” process. The nomination was stolen from Bernie Sanders voters (for a second time), and the “pragmatic moderate” Kamala Harris is now the effective nominee, despite the fact that she dropped out of the race before a single vote had been cast.

She didn’t have to bother with running a full year-long campaign, fundraising, and that antiquated concept of “getting people to vote for her.” She just cut to the head of the line. That’s very pragmatic. Shortest distance between two points and all that.


Harris’s entire career has been pragmatic. Sure, she could have gotten a job in a prosecutor’s office when she first graduated from law school, worked hard and eventually through perseverance and an ethical adherence to the law, she could have become the DA of San Francisco and later the Attorney General of California. But that wouldn’t have been pragmatic.

It was much more pragmatic to insert herself into the middle of a powerful man’s marriage. That resulted in Kamala Harris being introduced to the most powerful elites in California – sometimes in rather compromising situations – and cutting to the head of the line once again. She made hundreds of thousands of dollars in what amounted to basically no-show, Hunter Biden-style jobs on state boards, thanks to pragmatically latching onto a powerful married man.

That doesn’t seem very moderate, especially when you think of all the amazing women who still manage to have impressive careers while working hard, having babies and raising their own children (all tasks that Kamala Harris was too pragmatic to carry out herself during the course of her career). But it was very, very pragmatic.

Kamala Harris identified herself as an Indian-American throughout her entire career, denying her Jamaican father’s side of the family. (Tamil Indians, like Kamala’s mother, frequently identify their race as “Caucasian.”) It was only after she ran for president in 2019 that she suddenly started calling herself an “African-American woman of color,” when she realized that that description would score more diversity Pokémon points with her woke base of voters. Being able to change your race on a political whim is about as pragmatic as it gets.

Harris was not the most pragmatic woke candidate to run for the Democrat nomination this year. It was impossible to top Julian Castro nearly breaking into tears while vowing to provide taxpayer funded abortions to transgender dudes who can never get pregnant. But Kamala was a close second!

“Free” taxpayer-funded health care for life for any illegal alien who wins a game of Red Rover with the Border Patrol? Check! Banning red meat? Check! Banning airplanes? Check! Banning guns? Check!

And nothing screams “moderate” quite like Kamala Harris’s “Equality Act” in the US Senate, which would have amended the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include a person’s sexual identity as a protected status – no matter how weird they are. If passed into law, this bill would have… well… let me explain it in “pragmatic” terms.

If a hairy adult male pervert at your young daughter’s middle school says that he feels like a woman today, then the school has to allow him to shower with the girls’ volleyball team after practice. If any school administrator, your daughter, or you as a parent complain about this abomination, then the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division would charge you with a hate crime, fine you and your local school district hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possibly toss you in the clink next to Paul Manafort and Julian Assange.

That’s an incredibly pragmatic piece of legislation. Especially if you’re the sort of hairy adult male pervert who wants to shower with young girls on school property. Doesn’t get much more pragmatic than that. Jump right into the shower with the volleyball team and if anyone complains, the full weight of the federal government will hammer your opponents into oblivion. But… it also doesn’t sound very “moderate,” does it? Sounds pretty insane to most normal people, but that’s Kamala Harris’s big contribution to civil rights.

As for me, I think I’ll stick with President Donald Trump’s visionary America First pragmatism. As a parent, Kamala Harris’s self-serving “Me First” pragmatism is a little too creepy for my comfort level.

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