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Really, Democrats? Stormy Daniels Is Your October Surprise?

admin July 9, 2020 News Comments Off on Really, Democrats? Stormy Daniels Is Your October Surprise?

The US Supreme Court has decided it wants Americans to yawn, shrug and say, “I don’t care” once again. The court made two separate rulings on Thursday. In one ruling the court denied Adam Schiff and Jerald Nadler access to Trump’s tax returns. In the second ruling, the court declared that the corrupt New York City prosecutor’s office can have Trump’s tax returns. There are two specific types of people that I have never encountered in America, despite their prevalence on the news. The first is “A person who has had coronavirus.” The second type is “A person who actually cares about Trump’s tax returns.”

Some are declaring this to be one good ruling by the court (denying Trump’s tax returns to Congress) and one bad ruling (granting NY prosecutors Trump’s tax returns). But it’s all bad. It’s another terrible day for the court, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts who may or may not be on an Epstein tape somewhere. Does anyone really believe that Trump’s tax returns will be less likely to be leaked to the media by the corrupt New York prosecutor’s office than by Democrats Congress?

In case you think this persecution of Donald Trump is anything other than political, let’s review the sterling reputation of New York prosecutors over the past two decades.

Eliot Spitzer used to stuff his flexible Russian mistress in a suitcase in order to sneak her into his apartment. He didn’t want the neighbors or the paparazzi to expose his adultery to his wife. When Spitzer later became Governor of New York, he resigned in a prostitution scandal which was unrelated to the flexible suitcase mistress.

Spitzer’s successor to the throne of sleaze – another Democrat, obviously – was Eric Schneiderman. That’s another name that has mysteriously disappeared from the lips of the media! Schneiderman resigned in shame after four of his mistresses accused him of physically abusing them. One of Schneiderman’s mistresses says that he used to call her “my little brown slave” as he beat her with a belt. Schneiderman was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, by the way.

This is the source of the sterling law-and-order prosecutors of New York, who are now going to pore over Donald Trump’s tax returns. Their goal is to try to see if they can charge Trump with a crime because of anything that Trump’s backstabbing former attorney (and convicted felon) Michael Cohen did in paying off extortionist Stormy Daniels.

Yeah. Stormy Daniels is the Democrats’ October Surprise… again! Second time will be the charm! Hey, Democrats: When Stormy backfires on you again, maybe you could have Michael Steele generate some hot new “Russian dirt” about Trump. Something about collusion or a possible potty tape?


As further proof that this yet another political witch hunt, Donald Trump is the first politician to ever be extorted by a gold digger like Stormy Daniels – only to then be painted as the villain in the crime!

Just to be clear: Stormy Daniels went to a presidential candidate and threatened, “I’m going to reveal a secret about you before the election unless you pay me money.” That is textbook felony extortion. Donald Trump was the victim of that crime.

And also to be clear, there is no law that prohibits a person from paying off an extortionist. That would be crazy. It’s not illegal to pay someone if they are extorting you. One could argue that it’s immoral or unethical – but it is definitely not a crime, which is what the New York prosecutors are trying to make it by obtaining Trump’s tax returns.

The same philandering, girlfriend-beating, slave fetishist prosecutors who are harassing Donald Trump for political reasons have never suggested that Stormy Daniels committed a crime. And that tells you everything you need to know about the prosecutors and the liberal wing of the Supreme Court that now includes John Roberts.

The court ruled that Congress’ subpoena of Trump’s tax returns was illegitimate, because there was no legislative oversight function to requesting his returns. Congress isn’t considering any changes to the tax laws based on Trump’s tax returns – and Congress is not a prosecutorial branch of government. But the court should have ruled against the New York prosecutors on Trump’s tax returns as well.

If any investigation of payments to Stormy Daniels was to take place, Donald Trump should not be the target of that investigation – because he was the victim in Stormy Daniels’ extortion scheme. Any guesses as to how quickly the prosecutors will leak Trump’s tax returns to MSNBC, once they receive those confidential documents?

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