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Reporter Unearths Papadopoulos Collusion Transcript

admin April 9, 2020 News Comments Off on Reporter Unearths Papadopoulos Collusion Transcript

The slow drip of factual information surrounding the FBI’s frame-up job against the 2016 Trump campaign continues. Unfortunately, none of the information slowly coming out is coming from Attorney General Bill Barr or the Department of Justice. They’re busy or something. But a reporter has unearthed the classified transcript of a phone call between an FBI informant and minor Trump campaign figure George Papadopoulos.

We should warn you ahead of time, the contents of this transcript make candidate Donald Trump look really bad.

Ha! Just kidding!

As usual, this new evidence makes it clear that there was never any Russian collusion and that the FBI and the CIA were the real villains, who colluded with the Clinton campaign to try to destroy the presidency.

Catherine Herridge is the reporter who got her hands on the transcript and published it at CBS News, of all places. It’s really a shame that Fox News couldn’t have worked out a deal with Herridge to keep her on staff a few months ago, because she really is one of the last remaining fair and honest reporters on the national stage. She’s so unbiased that she looks like a raving right-winger when you compare her to many of the other hacks suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome these days.

I accidentally clicked on CNN the other day while Fredo Cuomo was sputtering with rage in his basement, screaming about “Trump’s lies” and wondering why there aren’t US Marines on the streets breaking up little kids’ birthday parties. I thought he was having another one of his coronavirus hallucinations, but it was just his regular show.

Anyway, kudos to Catherine Herridge for another big scoop on this one.


The remarkable thing about the Papadopoulos transcript is that it makes it clear that the FBI and the CIA made multiple runs at the guy to try to frame Donald Trump. The call was recorded two weeks before the 2016 election. Papadopoulos even references the Destroyer of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets, Stephan Halper in the call, and how that guy had tried to get him to admit to colluding with Russia as well:

Confidential Source Sent by Peter Strzok to Frame Papadopoulos: “But you don’t think anyone would have done it [helped the Russians hack the DNC emails], like under, undercover or anything like that?”

Papadopoulos: “No, I don’t think so. And you know what’s interesting? A guy, when I was in [Redacted], the guy was, I did this [Redacted] for, for [Redacted], he’s asking [Redacted] at [Redacted].”

This is Papadopoulos referencing Stephan Halper, who paid Papadopoulos to travel to Europe and write a research paper with him. Halper, you’ll remember, approached Papadopoulos with an unidentified flirty spy whore who tried to seduce Papadopoulos like in a really low-budget movie plot.

Papadopoulos has remarked, with hindsight 20/20, on how weird that entire experience was. And we already know that Halper was paid more than $1 million by the Obama administration for his attempt to frame Papadopoulos.

But in the secret transcript, Papadopoulos continued to unload on Halper:

Papadopoulos: “And he [Halper] was like a big adviser to [Redacted]. He asked me the same question. And he actually was probably like, going in to tell the CIA or something if I’d told him something else. I assume that’s why he was asking. And I told him, absolutely not. There’s absolutely no reason – First of all, it’s illegal, you know, to do that ****.”

The next thing that Papadopoulos tells the undercover informant is the most telling part of the transcript, in my opinion:

Papadopoulos: “No one would f***ing put their life at risk of going to jail for 50 years to hack some BS that may mean nothing.”

Why is all of this important? Because this transcript, where Papadopoulos says nothing suspicious and in fact exonerates himself, was hidden from the FISA court. This is just a portion of the exculpatory evidence that the FBI had in its possession, but which was illegally withheld from the court when James Comey’s team attempted to frame Donald Trump.

They never had any evidence that there was Russian collusion, Russian hacking or Russian anything.

A hilarious moment in the transcript happens when Papadopoulos suggests that a “Bernie supporter” (Seth Rich, who was murdered three months prior to the call) may have hacked the DNC. The FBI snitch quickly and guiltily interjects that it couldn’t possibly have been a Bernie supporter.

Here’s the full transcript of the Papadopoulos phone call at Scribd, if you’d like to read it yourself (language warning, they are a bit potty-mouthed).

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