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Republicans Rank Trump Above Abraham Lincoln in Polling

admin December 3, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Republicans Rank Trump Above Abraham Lincoln in Polling

For the first time in its history as a nation, Communist China has agreed to import rice from another nation: America. Pause for a moment to consider that. President Donald J. Trump has convinced Communist China, through trade negotiations, that it is in that nation’s best interests to purchase rice – a major Communist China export product – from America.

Trump sold rice… to China. How much of a legend do you have to be to accomplish that? It’s no wonder a majority of Republicans now consider Donald Trump to be one of the greatest presidents in American history.

In a recent Economist/YouGov poll, 53% of surveyed Republican voters said that Donald Trump was a better president than Abraham Lincoln. 47% of Republicans still prefer Lincoln as the better president.

I would only note that Donald Trump has not gotten 600,000 Americans killed in a Civil War over issues that could have been settled peacefully at the ballot box in a few years, but that’s just me.

For those 47-percenters who are worried that we 53-percenters are going to start defacing Lincoln statues, settle down. We’re not your enemies. We have no intention of chiseling Honest Abe off of Mt. Rushmore. We’re not Democrats, so we realize that there is plenty of space to add a fifth visage up there.

Selling rice to China is great and all, but if there is one area where I think President Trump has surpassed most if not all of his predecessors in the GOP, it’s in the area of the judiciary. Snore. I know, it’s not the most exciting topic, but it’s an important one.

It’s an area that shows us Trump’s seriousness when he says he wants to Make America Great Again. Within the federal court system, Trump has been planting trees under which he will never enjoy the shade. This is a long-term transformation of America and a legacy for Trump that will last many, many years.

Some dual credit is also due here. Trump’s judicial nominees are all selected by The Federalist Society, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) deserves credit as well.

In his first three years in office, President Trump has appointed, and successfully seen confirmed, 112 District Court judges, 44 Circuit Court judges and two Supreme Court judges. He may soon be appointing a third Supreme Court judge during an election year. 25% of active Appeals Court judges have now been appointed by President Trump. And the process is only accelerating.

Trump is expected to have more judges confirmed in 2019 than he did in the two previous years combined. The Third and Twelfth Circuit Courts of Appeal have been flipped from liberal majorities to constitutional majorities.

The infamous Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – the most liberal judicial body in the history of the US – will likely flip before the end of Trump’s second term in office. Instead of being bastions of liberal stupidity that seek to fundamentally transform America into Venezuela, the courts will once again be instruments of justice and liberty.

Under the recent makeup of the federal courts, we have seen things as outlandish as gay marriage becoming the “law of the land,” despite voters overwhelmingly voting against gay marriage time and time again. Imagine how different a hypothetical legal scenario could be after Trump has transformed the Obama/Bush/Clinton judiciary into a constitution-honoring institution:

A pair of ACLU employees sues a Christian baker for refusing to bake them a cake. The ACLU employees have a co-worker file a lawsuit against the baker on their behalf. The District Court judge then yawns and tosses out the case as a frivolity.

Enraged, the ACLU then appeals the case. A Trump-appointed majority Appeals Court then yawns and writes a one-paragraph decision upholding the District judge’s decision.

Furiously hopping mad, spitting with rage and with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC in tow for moral support, the ACLU then takes the case all the way to the Supreme Court.And the Trump-appointed Supreme Court majority yawns and writes a one-sentence decision upholding the Appeals Court decision.

We’ve all been frustrated with the slow pace of arrests of certain former FBI Directors, former CIA Directors, former Attorneys General and former presidential candidates. But maybe the Trump administration is just waiting until they get enough fair and impartial judges appointed before they start locking all of the big fish up and throwing away the key. It wouldn’t do any good to arrest them if they’re just going to be released and exonerated by Obama-appointed federal judges, now would it?

That’s some nice food for thought as we await the IG report on December 9. Trump is transforming the federal judiciary, and he’s more popular than Abraham Lincoln. Oh, and he sold rice to freakin’ Communist China.

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