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Riots & Chaos: Trump Needs to Fire These Advisors So He Can Be Trump Again

admin June 2, 2020 News Comments Off on Riots & Chaos: Trump Needs to Fire These Advisors So He Can Be Trump Again

More than 60 Secret Service agents were injured as rioters attempted to breach the White House fence on Sunday night. As President Trump was being escorted to the White House bunker, Jared Kushner allegedly leaked the president’s location to a reporter. Let that sink in for a moment. This is why Jared Kushner is just one of the White House policy advisors that President Trump should fire for the good of America.

Now that America is entering its election-year summer of riots that we all should have seen coming (it’s what the left does during election years now), we need President Trump to revert back to being Candidate Trump. The president is now suffering from the phenomenon of “too many chefs in the kitchen.”

It happens to every conservative administration. Part of the issue is that there are very few extremely solid people on the right who are drawn to go work in a cesspool like the White House Office. There are so many roles to staff in the White House that a conservative president like Trump must fill a lot of positions with people who were never fully on board with the America First proposition – and never will be. The result is a sort of institutional brain drain, so now instead of a MAGA leader in the Oval Office we have this sort of indecisive mush that can’t make up its mind on how to respond to riots in American cities.


Democrat administrations don’t have this problem. They’re a communist hive mind and every single member of the hive is on the same page. That’s why the Obama administration didn’t have to ask for volunteers to carry out the Russian collusion conspiracy against the incoming Trump administration back in late 2016. Everybody in the Obama administration was on board. Even bureaucrats at the Department of Energy were unmasking Gen. Mike Flynn.

When he was just Candidate Trump, with a lean advisory team that you could count on the fingers of one hand, Trump was unstoppable. His instincts were rock solid, he was fierce, and he never made a misstep. Now, whenever Trump needs to make a quick and decisive move, he has to first wade through a sea of bad policy advice.

Last week, after the Minneapolis Police Department demonstrated its commitment to law and order by putting on their track shoes and running away from a mob, it was time for Trump to make a quick and decisive move. Trump wanted to address the growing violence and unrest in Minneapolis before it spread to other cities. But on a policy conference call with the White House team, at least two of Trump’s top advisors warned against saying anything. They were concerned that Trump’s speech would be perceived as “racist.”

Spoiler alert: If Trump says something or says nothing, he’ll still be smeared as a racist by the fake news media.

For the record, Trump’s advisors who advised him to say nothing last week were Brooke Rollins and Ja’Ron Smith. Smith serves as Assistant to the President for domestic policy. Smith is a nice enough guy, but he’s a neocon Bush acolyte. If he was a foreign policy advisor, we might have a massive troop presence in Syria right now, in violation of another one of Trump’s campaign promises.

Brooke Rollins is Trump’s acting domestic policy director. She used to be Gov. Rick Perry’s ethics advisor in Texas. She was one of the driving forces in the White House for the First Step Act – you know, the law that let a bunch of criminals out of prison. How sound does that advice appear today, as we have cities literally being burned to the ground by criminals?

Trump should have fired Rollins and Smith before the call was over and simply followed his instincts. “You’re fired!”

In Washington, DC on Sunday night – far from Minneapolis where the riots began and were allowed to metastasize from – there was an organized attack against the White House. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says it was so well organized that the attack should be considered an act of insurrection. Ten Secret Service agents were sent to the hospital and dozens more were hurt. Protesters threw bricks, rocks and bottles of urine at them, and shot fireworks at them.

In a moment like that, the Secret Service must get the President of the United States to a safe and secure location. The rest of us aren’t supposed to know where the president is during a moment like that. But we all knew where President Trump was, because his son-in-law allegedly sent a text to a reporter.

We didn’t vote for “President Rollins” or “President Smith” or “President Kushner” in 2016. We voted for President Trump.

And America desperately needs our MAGA President back right now.

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