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What to Buy in June

Nancy Patterson May 30, 2012 Easy Street No Comments on What to Buy in June

June is two days away. I don’t know about you, but the older I get the faster the years go by. I swear it was just Valentine’s Day last month!

June represents the official start of summer. Grilling out, pool parties, summer vacations…retailers know there are a lot of activities keeping us out of their stores. That’s why retailers roll out the sales promotions to entice us back inside. As you know timing is important when looking for a good deal. There’s a best time to buy everything, and June is no exception. If you know where to look, you’ll find quite a few good deals to be had.


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More people buy condiments and things like napkins, paper plates, salad dressings and other things for outdoor barbecues in the summer months than they do at any other time during the year. Go figure, since this is when these items are in high demand. Retailers offer discounts and coupons in May and June hoping you’ll buy multiples of their brand and forget about their competitors for a few months.

Gym memberships

Most people join a gym at the beginning of the year, promising themselves that this will be the year they lose the extra weight. By the time summer rolls around everyone has forgotten their New Year’s resolutions and gyms are a bit more desperate for members. Gyms don’t often run a lot of specials this time of year but it is an easier time to haggle yourself a good deal and the gyms won’t be very crowded either.


With June being the peak of wedding season, champagne makers are in serious competition for your dollars. You’d think this would be the worst month to buy Champagne since the demand is high, but competition among champagne producers is so fierce that many stores lower prices. This is also true in December, right before New Year’s Eve.


More people do D-I-Y projects like painting in the summer months than in winter. Retailers know this and run promotions on paint to draw you into their particular store. They hope to make up the money by charging you full price on painting accessories like paint brushes, edging tools, painters tape and drop cloths.


Stores lower the prices of tools just one time a year, in June, because of Father’s day. In the first three weeks of the months you’ll find discounts and promotions galore for these gifts for Dad. Ironic isn’t it that we buy our Dad’s tools for fix it projects on the one day he should be relaxing and taking it easy.


This one has the potential to save you a couple hundred dollars. New models arrive in the summer time so stores discount last year’s models and their current stock to make room for the new arrivals. Discounts are usually big so waiting till this time of year is worth the wait. Buy in early June because by the end the new models start to arrive.

Bottled Water

This one has similar reasoning to the condiments advice I gave you earlier. Stores often drop the price of bottled water in the summer because they know it’s in higher demand this time of year. If you’re addicted to bottled water now is a good time to stock up and save.


Buying a house in June won’t actually save you any money per se, but it is when more and more homeowners start listing their houses for sale. The summer months are the peak of the home buying season. As the season progresses you’re more likely to get into bidding wars and face a declining availability. Buy now and you can avoid all that.


June is the start of hurricane season for the Caribbean. It also is the start of the rainy season and some very hot and humid temperatures. For all these reasons you may be able to get a deal at some of the islands throughout the region. Check out Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas since this time of year is considered their off peak season. Just stay away from Mexico, as this is the start of their busy season.

If it’s international travel you’re interested in check out Russia, specifically Moscow and St. Petersburg.  In June the weather is pleasant and they’re lots of festivals and carnivals to attend. From mid-June to early July St. Petersburg experiences daylight twenty-four hours a day, leaving you more time to check out the city’s grand architecture.

Cookware & Kitchen Accessories

Graduations and weddings abound in June. Stores put these popular gifts on sale to coincide with these two major life events. Even if you’re not getting hitched or receiving your diploma you can take advantage of the great deals that abound on everything kitchen related.

Enjoy all the great bargains this month!


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Keeping Money in Your Pocket,

Nancy Patterson

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