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Schiff Rolls Out New “Impeachment Forever” Strategy

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In a recent article I discussed the three bad options that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is left with due to allowing the sham impeachment inquiry to take place. Option 1 is to impeach President Donald Trump and turn things over to the Senate – which would end badly for the Democrats. Option 2 is to hold an impeachment vote, but have just enough Democrats vote “No” that the effort would fail – which ends badly for them. Or Option 3, don’t hold a vote and pretend the whole thing never happened – which would enrage her base and end badly. But now the Democrats have managed to come up with an Option 4. Figures.

The plan was outlined on the Fake Tapper show on the ultra-reliable CNN news network. Impeachment ringleader Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jennifer Granholm – former Democrat Governor of Michigan and now CNN talking head – laid out the plan.

I have to admit, it’s a better option than any of the first three options they found themselves left with after painting themselves into a corner. Only a team of lawyers in DC could have come up with this plan. Here it is:

Just impeach Trump forever!

How would that work? Shifty Schiff opened up the possibility with this comment:

“We have continued to learn more information every day. And I think that is going to continue. We may have to file addendums to that report. We may have other depositions and hearings to do.”

The goal of the special different-than-any-other-impeachment proceedings against President Trump is to have Schiff’s committee issue a report to the full House – and then the House will vote on whether to impeach Trump when it has all the “evidence.” But Schiff is now hinting that his report is… gonna take a while to complete. Take that, America!

There are an additional 375 White House employees that he could interview, on the off chance that maybe one of them has, at some point, seen Trump commit a crime. It’s 340 days until the election, as of this writing, and they can’t hold the impeachment vote until after Schiff has deposed all of the potential witnesses.

Granholm then gave that plan the CNN stamp of approval, with an additional caveat:

“I was glad to hear that Adam Schiff said there is other information, and this is not the end of things. And people are saying before you toss it over to the Senate, why don’t you take your vote on what you’ve heard and just hold it. Seal it, like a sealed indictment until you’ve gathered what you think is necessary to convince the jury.”

Right. “People are saying” that. Hold the impeachment vote, keep the results secret – and then continue interviewing witnesses forever. There’s sure to be a crime that they will uncover eventually, right?!

This gives the Democrats the option to continue “impeaching” President Trump in order to appease their wingnut base. This would allow Adam Schiff – the guy who said he had “more than circumstantial evidence” of Russian collusion for two years – to go on TV and say “We’ve impeached Trump for very real crimes. We just can’t show those crimes to anyone yet because we don’t have all the information, plus we need to protect the witnesses!”

The constitutional promise of a speedy trial, of course, does not apply to President Trump because nothing legal or constitutional can apply to him in the minds of Democrats. Trump has upset the status quo that has enriched DC for so many years, so they will smash any norm, institution or tradition that they need to in order to oust him from power.

Thinking back to civics class, I must have missed the part where the House can vote on impeachment of a president, but then sit on the Secret Articles of Impeachment and never transmit them to the Senate. Looking at how badly support for impeachment has plummeted since Schiff moved the proceedings out into the light of day, what do Democrats think is going to happen if they adopt an “Impeachment Forever” strategy?

Pelosi once famously told us that she had to pass Obamacare so that we could all see what’s in it. Now she may hold an impeachment hearing – but she’s going to tell us that they have to vote on it so that we cannot see what’s in it.

Then again, impeachment one-way-or-another is the only hope that the Democrats have left. Both Rasmussen and Emerson polls are showing that Trump’s approval rating among black registered voters is a 34.5% — the highest it’s been since the 1950s. That makes it a numerical impossibility for any Democrat to beat Trump in 2020, so here we go. It looks like it will be “Impeachment Forever.”

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